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Why should you partner with RVSX?

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RVSX 2013 Sponsor Deck

  1. 1. *Road Trip * Road Movie * Road Warriors*A Filmmaking Road Trip to SXSW and BackWhat happens when a group of artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, geeks,and journalists drive an RV from Chicago to Austin — and back — for SXSW?Amazing things, that’s what! Last year our misfit crew of artists and tech nerdstook to the open road and had the time of their lives as they uncovered,discovered, and filmed all mid-America had to offer.This year, four of the original crew return to the bus with three new riders, onewho’s flying all the way from England just for the RVSX experience! We hopeyou’ll think RVSX is just as awesome and join us. RV S X 2 0 1 2 S PO N S O R S
  2. 2. OUR 2013 TOUR SCHEDULE★ March 4: RVSX Crew arrive in Chicago ★ Match 13 (4 p.m.): 4,000-year-old★ March 5 (3 p.m.): RV leaves Chicago Thermal Baths — Hot Springs, AR★ March 5th (6 p.m.): Kashaskia Dragon ★ March 13 (8 p.m.): S’mores meet- — Vandalia, IL up — Memphis, TN★ March 5 (8 p.m.): S’mores — Grand ★ March 14 (3 p.m.): Lunch at Pollard’s City, IL Collection — Salem, IL★ March 6 (10 a.m.) The Arch — St. Louis ★ March 14 (8 p.m.): Chicago!★ March 6 (1:45 p.m.) Budweiser Brewery ★ March 15: Breakfast and goodbyes at Tour — St. Louis the Heartland Cafe★ March 6 (7 p.m.) S’mores — Springfield, MO★ March 7 (10 a.m.) Going to Walmart — Bentonville, AR★ March 7 (2 p.m.) Ark Challenge Space Fayetteville, AR★ March 7 (10 p.m.): Uncle Phil’s Curb★ March 8 (8 a.m.): Waffles w/ Uncle Phil — Dallas, TX★ March 8 (noon): Arrive Austin, TX★ March 8 (7 p.m.): Crew attends “State of Now” party★ March 9-12: SXSW★ March 13 (7 a.m.): RVSX leaves for Chicago★ March 13 (11 a.m.): Lunch at the Cockroach Hall of Fame — Plano, TX
  3. 3. MELISSA Master of reinvention and agent of epiphany, Melissa Pierce is the creator of the award-winning documentary, Life in Perpetual Beta, organizer of CWDevs (a group of women interested in computer programming), founder of Pitch Refinery, COO of Everpurse, and a lover of irreverent fun, full-force Our Combined flattery, fancy festivals, and her fantastic family of five. When she isn’t planning RV trips, you can find her on Social Footprint: Twitter as @melissapierce. ALIZA Twitter following: 70,708 Silver-streaked and ready to rumble, Aliza Sherman is a web pioneer who started their first woman-owned Internet company and Internet organization for women (Cybergrrl, Inc., and Webgrrls International). Shes a serial entrepreneur with a mission to empower women and Facebook: 42,735 girls through technology. The original RVGirl, she left NYC in 2000 for a year solo on the road in a 1979 Dodge Apache. She writes, speaks and rocks karaoke. Currently, she is based in rural Alaska on theYoutube subscribers: 3,571 crossroads of the Alaska Highway with her wildlife biologist renaissance man hunter husband and their 6-year-old daughter, two Alaska sled dogs and a chihuahua. She also lives on Twitter Youtube views: 666,610 @alizasherman. PAIGE A blend of East Coast snark and Midwest sweet, Paige Worthy (yes, that’s her real name) was blogging before everyone was doing it, eating obsessively before “foodie” was a thing, and overanalyzing life and loveRVSX Social Links: long before Carrie Bradshaw made it sexy. She’s been living the flashy, high-roller freelance lifestyle since June 2011 and owns Paige Worthy LLC, her content strategy F O L LOW T H E BU S ON : business. For cats, food porn and #CAPSLOCKTHURS, she’s on Twitter at @paigeworthy. Twitter: @RVSX1 Tumblr: BLOG.RVSX.TV TIM Community Manager. Speaker. Social Media FOURSQUARE: RVSX1 Consultant. Marketing and Public Relations using New FLICKR: RVSX and Traditional Media. Digital Strategist. Content Marketing. Tim is the Founding Mentor at My Facebook: Facebook.COM/RVSX1 Community Manager, a community for community managers. He is also the community manager for Huffpost Live! He’s @tamcdonald on Twitter. FOLLOW OUR HASHTAG ON Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Vine, PHIL FLICKR AND Father of one, Phil is dedicated to building open-access popup web studios Twitter: #RVSX (cellar54.tv) and building a retreat for creatives in the poorest part of Spain. Also partial to nice cheeses, you can follow Phil on Twitter here at @philcampbell.
  4. 4. JEANNETTE Jeannette Balleza is the director of the ARK Startup Accelerator Challenge. She owns Scribe Marketing, Inc., a provider of a creative, critical approach to marketing with an emphasis on content, and is a co-founding archivist of award- winning family history website DeadFred Genealogy Photo Archive. Currently, she serves as a board member of the Northwest Arkansas Entrepreneurship Alliance, advises a number of small businesses and nonprofit organizations and is part of the team spearheading the region’s first co-working space, The Iceberg. Totes impressive.Follow Us Individually ROGER Roger is an accomplished cinematographer/editor who has spent several years working on regional and national ad campaigns as well as in viral advertising. As head of the video and photography Zirt Lifestyle he oversees all video production and photography. Roger MELISSA PIERCE also enjoys long socks on the beach. You can find him @melissapierce on Twitter at @irunfromknives. TIM MCDONALD @tamcdonald ROGER KEAN @irunfromknives JASON Youve probably never heard of Jason because he PAIG E WO RTHY works as a copy editor. He’s not famous because his job is to make everybody else look good. He’s, like, the @paigeworthy ultimate wingman. PHIL C AMPBELL @philcampbell ALIZA SHER MAN @alizasherman JASON “WINGMAN” REMUS ROB @sweatingcomas Rob Blatt is an Oscar- and Emmy-award winner, world record holder, competitive eater, digital strategist and ROB “SIDESHOW” BLATT podcaster. You might also know him as Bobby Phobia, Brooklyns fairly freaky vegan sideshow performer. Hes @robBlatt looking forward to collecting phone books to tear in half along the way. Find him on Twitter, professionally as JON ANDR EYO @robblatt, and in the sideshow as @bobbyphobia. Visit @jonandreyo bobbyphobia.com for more. JEA NNETTE B A LLEZA @netscribe JON Jon is an entrepreneur, musician, artist, and management and advertising specialist who has spent several years working in startups. He is the co-founder of Zirt Lifestyle and an aspiring martial arts action hero. Follow him on Twitter at @jonandreyo.
  5. 5. JOIN T HE CR E W We love creating media about, around, and for our partners. One of the best parts about this team of media makers: We can pretty much do anything. From tweet crafting and live events to commercial film editing, we are pros at making your brand shine as we seamlessly weave your greatness with the amazingness of the RVSX Road Trip experience. Ideal Partners: Do you have a product or Navigation service that fits on our bus? Mobile Internet Let’s talk! Food and Drink Email us: bus@RVSX.tv Data Storage Call us: (877) YES RVSX Audio and Video Tweet us: @RVSX1 Gas/Oil/Ethanol Board, Card, and Video Games Personal Care Products Anyone along our route
  6. 6. Sponsorship Levels:Our suggested sponsorship levels and compensations are as follows:$500 for one 1-3min minute video w/sponsor mention and visual product placement pushed out on our RVSX.tvfeeds including Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. As well as written/photographic tweets/FB/Tumblr/Instagram,Vine, Pinterest, Vine posts thanking sponsor or mentioning how we are using sponsors product from each teammember. Logo on website and overlay of video.$1000 for three 1-3min videos w/sponsor mention and visual product placement pushed out on our RVSX.tv feedsincluding Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. As well as written/photographic tweets/FB/Tumblr/Instagram, Vine,Pinterest, Vine posts thanking sponsor or mentioning how we are using sponsors product from each teammember. Logo on website and overlay of video.$2000 6 1-3min videos or 3 5min serial web-shorts built around product of brands choice (ie. mini-series involvingRVSX cast and crew w/brand as central plot point) pushed out on our RVSX.tv feeds including Tumblr, Facebook,Twitter, Youtube. As well as written tweets/FB posts thanking sponsor or mentioning how we are using sponsorsproduct from each team member. Logo on website and overlay of video.$5000 - Everything at $2000 plus co-titled event (i.e - we will host a meet-up at one of our stops w/brand as titlesponsor) - can work with sponsor and customize event.