The complete national geographic every issue since 1888


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The complete national geographic every issue since 1888

  1. 1. Download this document if link is not clickableThe Complete National Geographic - Every Issuesince 1888 Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 3.6 out of 5 Product Feature q 6-disc boxed set captures National Geographic magazines past 121 years (1888-2009) q Browse over 1,400 issues, 8,000 articles, and 200,000 photos exactly as they appeared in print q Zoom, scroll, archive, and print in high resolution as you relive thousands of amazing discoveries q Advanced DVD interface lets you explore topics, search photos, browse the globe, and virtually wander back in time q Includes 120-page book High Adventure: The Story of the National Geographic Society q Read moreProduct DescriptionExplore the rich treasury of original Read moreProduct Description The Complete National Geographic Browse by issue. View larger.
  2. 2. Includes 120-page book High Adventure: The Story of theNational Geographic Society.Explore Machu Picchu. Unearth the secrets of the Pyramids.Live with species rarely seen.Rediscover how courageous explorers found the remainsof the Titanic. Brave the perils of a journey down theAmazon. Explore little-known secrets of the wild panda.Then, once more, stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon.These adventures and thousands more from NationalGeographic magazines past 121 years are waiting in thisincredible 6-disc boxed set.Leaf through electronic pages,search, zoom, scroll, and print at ahigh-resolution. View larger.Browse over 1,400 issues, 8,000 articles, and 200,000photos exactly as they appeared in print. Now updated toinclude 2009 issues, our definitive collection of everyissue of National Geographic magazine invites you tobrowse, zoom, scroll, archive, and print in high resolutionas you relive thousands of amazing discoveries.From headline-making events masterfully described byexperts to thrilling adventures that took you faraway...this exquisite collection captures it all. Every issueof National Geographic magazine has been digitallyreproduced in stunning high resolution so you can readarticles as they first appeared, even back in 1888.Trivia challenges with topic-specificquestions. View larger.Take your collection of National Geographic magazinesfurther with the power and ease of digitized informationand images. The advanced DVD interface lets you exploretopics, search for photographs, browse the globe, and
  3. 3. virtually wander back in time. Never before have NationalGeographics one-of-a-kind photography andaward-winning writing been so captivating.Engaging articles. View larger.Beautiful images at high-resolution,capturing the clarity and quality ofthe original publications. Viewlarger.The Complete Collection: 1888-2009121 years of articles, photographs, maps, and evenadvertisements as they appeared in print.Hundreds of Classic MapsOur most popular maps have been scanned and digitizedfor easy searching, zooming, and printing.Easy to UseInstalls quickly! View, print, and download for easy accessanywhere, anytime.Powerful Visual Search ToolBacked by the power of Bing Maps, GeoBrowse uses theInternet to let you search nearly 5,000 worldwidelocations for articles, photographs, and maps featured inour complete 121-yearold archive.Track the Evolution of a SubjectResearch and insights are documented through the yearsby National Geographics writers and photographers.Enhanced Features:
  4. 4. Improved user interface for improved viewing of images and articles Advanced search functionality featuring Microsoft Bing technology Ability to copy DVD-Roms to local computer drives for access anytime Built-in online content upgrades to allow users to keep the archive currentRead moreYou May Also LikeEncyclopedia Britannica: 2012 DeluxeEncyclopedia Britannica 2012 Ultimate EditionThrough the Lens: National Geographic Greatest Photographs (National Geographic Collectors Series)DK 3D World AtlasNational Geographic - Lewis & Clark - Great Journey West