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Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
Teachnologies p bworks
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Teachnologies p bworks


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Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Teachnologies forthe classroomPBWorks
    Prof Melissa Lizmi , Oct 2010 Montgomery College
  • 2. Why online?
    Wesch videos – meaningful connections are everywhere!
    An anthropological Introduction to YouTube presented @ Library of Congress
    A Portal to Media Literacy
  • 3. Why online?
    Information is no longer SCARCE!
    Meaningful connections are everywhere
    User generated content is enormous and growing everyday!
  • 4. Why online?
    75/25 – don’t ignore students’ online life…jump into their world!
    Internet-based communication hub – all modern orgs and groups need it!
  • 5. A faculty site
    Notes, syllabus, schedule and more available 24/7
    Class list of student work
    Discussion board
    QuickTopics –
    Low cost (5 mins) ….high benefits!
    After class conversations are helpful!
  • 6. Students answer each others’ questions 24/7!
    Discussion boards
  • 7. A faculty site
    Good – but, not collaborative enough
    Students still can’t post, share, and collaborate on information.
    To truly learn from each other, students need to
    Share research and information (text, images, videos, links)
    Discuss, collaborate, analyze and organize INFOMATION
  • 8. A collaborative place to be
    Setup a website in minutes…not weeks!
    Content Management Systems (CMS)
    Blogger (push info out – good for online journals/research)
    Google Sites (collaborative)
    Wikis (collaborative)
    WordPress (advanced site creation)
    “None of us is as smart as all of us”
  • 9. Wikis
    PBWorks (formerly PBWiki)
    Specifically developed for educational use
    Simplistic, but works well
    Email notification of all changes
    Intuitive – most folks “get it” w/o assistance
    Example: web curriculum repository
  • 10. Wikis
    More complex to use
    Lots of flexibility and features!
    Let students express themselves using their profiles!
    Easy upload, doc creation and collaboration tools
    Tight student account control
    Can see exactly what each person has changed/contributed
    Ban users if needed
    Super update messages via email…including weekly bulletins of site activity
    Holds image, video and audio assets too! Not just docs
    Discussion options abound! Discuss each doc
    Example: Ocean Issues video
    Smithsonian Project
  • 11. Welcome to MC’s EduTech!
  • 12. Student View
    Receive and accept email
    Add text - add your name to class list
    Add a your own page
    Add a link to your page
    Start a discussion
  • 13. Owner View
    Create a new PBwiki
    Choose nameand templates
    Education/classroom Template
    Change colors
    Edit a page
    Update calendar
    Add a page
    Invite students
    Add a table
    Add a video
  • 14. Looking for more teachnologies?Welcome to Google World!
    Google Docs
    Free word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software
    Easy sharing and collaboration features for docs
    Google Sites
    Simplistic, but easy to get started
    Google Photo Albums – Picasa 3*
    Place to store and share photos and videos
    Easy image management and correction features
    Can make slide show movie with audio
  • 15. Blogger
    Great for research and writing disciplines
    Student journals
    Documenting independent research projects
    Repository for student writing assignments
    Best for independent work
    Uses Google sign-in!
    Students can easily express themselves!
    Combine with a CMS to form a collection of students sites and single class site
  • 16. Skype it!
    FREE live web conferencing using video!
    One-to-one real-time audio and video….did I mention it’s FREE?
    Easy download and install
    Can only web conference w/ other Skype members
    Calls to phones and text messages have a fee
  • 17. YouTube
    Add a little fun to your classes with YouTube! Your students will thank you!
    Just plain fun!
    Where the Hell is Matt?
    Everything is so amazing and nobody is happy
    Even economists can laugh
    Don’t forget Michael Wesch!
    A Vision of Students Today
    The Machine is Us/ing Us
    Women in Art!