January 28 (English Express)
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January 28 (English Express)






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January 28 (English Express) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Cows moo in different ways depending on where they are from (like dialects with human language). A. B. True False
  • 2. If you do not have it, bring it on Thursday!
  • 3. The entire class must agree that we have made it past a destination. I will have you click in and if I find out you have lied to make the class feel good and move on, you will be in big trouble.
  • 4.     How to register your i>Clicker online  You must register before tomorrow Cheating policy Forgotten clicker Broken/lost clicker
  • 5.     Please go to Moodle and take the “Habits of Mind” reading quiz You are not allowed to look at the reading You are not allowed to talk during your first two attempts You can take the quiz as many times as you like, but your final grade will be the average of all your attempts
  • 6.  Write two paragraphs based on the following prompt: Which habit from “Habits of Mind” do you already have? Give specific examples of how you demonstrate that habit in your learning.  Which habit do you want to have (but don’t currently)? How might you develop that habit in your learning?   When you’ve finished your two paragraphs, submit them to Moodle
  • 7.      What does analysis mean? What does it mean to have a “questioning frame of mind”? After you have broken down the reading (analysis), what is your next step? What is a critical lens? What is the overall purpose of writing a critical analysis?
  • 8. 5 minutes
  • 9. If you did the puzzle, what motivated you to do it?  If you didn’t do the puzzle, why not? 
  • 10. Read as a class
  • 11. Begin reading as a class and then break into small groups for critical reading of the rest of the chapter and discussion
  • 12. 1. 2. 3. Blood donation is completely voluntary Participants are paid a small amount for giving blood Participants can take the small amount for giving blood or donate it to a children’s cancer charity
  • 13. A. B. C. D. E. iClicker introduction “Habits of Mind” writing and discussion “Critical Analysis” breakdown and discussion Drive introduction Drive first chapter
  • 14. A. B. C. D. E. iClicker introduction “Habits of Mind” writing and discussion “Critical Analysis” breakdown and discussion Drive introduction Drive first chapter
  • 15.       Read “Critical Analysis” Part 2 Finish reading Drive Chapter 1 Read Drive Chapters 2 and 2a (and prepare for a reading quiz and discussion) Participate in the weekly discussion (post due Thursday and replies due Sunday) Complete the assignment to ask for help— you will need to write about the experience on Thursday Study pictures and names for Thursday’s quiz