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If you are representing a large brand how do you appropriately handle representing them on social media? This presentation discusses how to look at social media communication therapeutically, how to know your audience, how to focus on the people while protecting the brand, how to define your own outlook, how to be prepared for times of crisis, how to plan for community and also how to focus on self preservation.

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  • Everyone has a right to an opinion.
  • In therapy a counselor should be concerned with keeping the client returning & not ostracizing them. If you are handling social media customer service for a big brand saying the wrong thing can result in bad publicity and lost customers.
  • I will talk more about feelings later, because you will have a lot of them.
  • What is your outlook for your brand?
  • Everyone has bad days. It is shocking how reacting in positive and helpful manner results in a Every day I deal with someone angry or upset, and so will you.
  • Remember that whatever you, and they, say is being seen by others. You have to be careful about what you say and how you say it. If you don’t someone could write an article about what you have done or you will end up in one of Lisa’s presentations.
  • This tweet looks bad and Moz didn’t need any other negativity by this person. By communicating offline we were able to calm the person down and minimize the negativity others could see.
  • So this is all happening, the community team is still in bed and when they wake up
  • The community is just awesome.
  • People burnt out start responding negatively to friends, co-workers, family and even people on social, but your bad day on social can really hurt your brand. You are communicating for hours. The brain gets tired.
  • a good job while you are angry is hard.Find a way to get in a better mood.D
  • a good job while you are angry is hard.Find a way to get in a better mood.D
  • Social PR Therapy - Pubcon NOLA 2014

    1. 1. Social PR Therapy How to deal with tough situations. Melissa Fach @SEOAware
    2. 2. About Me • B.A. and M.A. – Psychology & Mental Health • Owner of SEO Aware, LLC • Associate on Community Team at Moz • Writer • Twitter Addict • Volunteer with Big Cats • Survived Raising a Teenager @SEOAware
    3. 3. My Tasks at Moz • East Coast – 7ish – 12:30 • Tasks: – Answer Questions – Manage Customer Service Issues – Help – Meet Needs – Watch, Observe – Handling Nightmares (recent DDoS attack) – Protect Moz
    4. 4. Dealing w/Tough Social Situations • Look at things therapeutically. • Know your audience. • Focus on the people and the brand. • Define your outlook. • Be prepared for difficulty. • Have plans in place. • Community planning. • Self preservation. @SEOAware
    5. 5. Moz Social #’s • Twitter - 290,000+ followers • Facebook - 148,000+ fans • Google+ - 90,000+ @SEOAware
    6. 6. Who reaches out to Moz? • Customers - pay for tools. • Readers/Researchers • Many like the brand and just want to interact. • Some people have heard of Moz for the first time. • Some are angry, some are rude, & some don’t like us. They are all treated the same way, with respect. @SEOAware
    7. 7. Melissa’s Social Basics
    8. 8. But first some truth….. I am a geek and… @SEOAware
    9. 9. I am a defender. Mama bear syndrome! Hardest thing for me to learn… I am not a defender on social. I am there to take feedback with a smile.
    10. 10. Therapy 101 First thing we were taught in counseling classes: • Make the person speaking to you comfortable. • Say or do NOTHING that could push them away. • Your first shot could be your last. Seriously applies to social media management. @SEOAware
    11. 11. Set Guidelines for Yourself Use psychology & care when speaking on social. • What professional standards would you abide by? • What do you want the person to walk away with? • How do you avoid causing harm? • How would you want to be treated? • How can you make them a brand advocate? @SEOAware
    12. 12. Social Media Management Must be focused on what is best for the person reaching out to the brand. • What you need or want doesn’t matter. • What you feel doesn’t matter… • The person reaching out to you matters. (rude or not) @SEOAware
    13. 13. My Outlook at Moz People are paying for the use of our tools. When something goes down they have every right to be upset. They DESERVE & are owed an appropriate & respectful response! My job is to help them. @SEOAware
    14. 14. Want to be good at Social Media? Your Job - see every person that reaches out as: • Important • Valuable You have to: • Be understanding • Be objective • Take nothing personally While you work you are the brand! @SEOAware
    15. 15. • React in a positive way and show you are eager to help. • Try to find a way to meet their needs. • 95% of the time the upset person is no longer upset. Why? Someone actually cared about their feelings. Customers just want someone to care about their concerns and validate their feelings. @SEOAware Dealing with Angry People
    16. 16. For the 5% That Stay Angry You are being watched! • Try to steer it offline – email or DM. #respond • If they refuse remember that you are representing a brand. • Do the best you can & reach out to your team. @SEOAware
    17. 17. Example Person tweeted: “Raised a query with @moz on 25th November and they still haven't bothered to refund the $960 they owe #worstcustomerservice” My response “Can you DM me your email address so I can check into this for you?” Something didn’t sound right, not Moz like. I took it offline…later found out the real story…people on Twitter won’t though – get it offline fast! @SEOAware
    18. 18. Part of your job is to protect the brand. Stay focused on this! If the brand is focused on what is best for the customer you work for a good company. @SEOAware
    19. 19. Stressful Events Are a Given
    20. 20. YOU MUST BE PREPARED! - Planning - Community - Team - Be well physically and mentally - Knowing your audience is a must to succeed. @SEOAware
    21. 21. More Truth 1. I am not a “Stay Calm” kind of person. 2. In fact, I am extremely high-strung. 3. There are times when I get really stressed. 4. You will get stressed too and it is okay. 5. What is not okay? Letting your stress show.
    22. 22. Crisis Management Made Easier To really be able to handle a real crisis you need plans in place. • At Moz there are teams for every possible issue. • There are guides for what to do in different situations. • Everyone is eager to help each other! This is my backup! These teams & plans are my safety net. @SEOAware
    23. 23. Crisis Management Made Easier • To manage a large brand on social effectively you have to have plans in place, especially in a crisis. • Plans, tools and teams - you need them like you need a good computer and wifi. • Anticipate the worst and plan for it ahead of time. • Reflect and learn from the hard times. @SEOAware
    24. 24. Let’s Look at Examples @SEOAware
    25. 25. Tools Issues or Completely Down • A tool goes down…there are 1,000 tweets about it. • I panic a bit and then stuff it. • Half of those tweets are angry. Everyone needs a response. • The right Moz team needs to be notified. • People need and want updates, often. • Strive to meet their needs. • Validate their feelings as much as possible. • I try to protect Moz. @SEOAware
    26. 26. Feb 26, DDoS Attack Moz was completely down! Site and tools! • People use content for research! • Tools for work! • I seriously freaked- my job was to help people and protect Moz. • Knew we were being attacked, but we couldn’t announce it yet. • KNOWING THE AUDIENCE WELL HELPED ME KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT!!! @SEOAware
    27. 27. Step 1 – Notify the community @SEOAware
    28. 28. Step 2 – Distraction I underestimated the response… @SEOAware
    29. 29. Step 2 – Distraction continues… @SEOAware
    30. 30. While Distracting… Keep observing! What are people saying? What do they need? People kept asking about updates. Mentioned… @SEOAware
    31. 31. Behind the Scenes People got up out of bed to help! Thanks Jen Lopez! The team checked & changed social sharing schedules. One email thread was 76 messages long. <- WE ALL WATCHED Moz interacted with other companies experiencing same attack. Social never stopped.
    32. 32. Response From the Community • Supportive • Empathetic • Angry for us • Kind Interesting – what we try to do for our community they gave back during our crisis. @SEOAware
    33. 33. r Remember when I said people will be watching?
    34. 34. The Next Day… @SEOAware
    35. 35. Week later, I see this tweet….and clicked @SEOAware
    36. 36. Decide Now Do you want to be a successful case study? Or do you want to be in a PR nightmare article or presentation? @SEOAware
    37. 37. Community Creating a “feeling” and a path. Moz excels at this!
    38. 38. What Do You Want? ***What you give you will often receive. What kind of community do you want? Moz figured out what they wanted….
    39. 39. TAGFEE Code reflects core values at Moz. T - Transparent A – Authentic G – Generous F – Fun E – Empathetic E – Exceptional We give this, our community gives it back! @SEOAware
    40. 40. Moz Community Knows What to Expect So we CANNOT deviate from our core values. The core values are a guide to how we handle everything – it is expected. This truly makes tasks and interactions easier for everyone involved. @SEOAware
    41. 41. FYI, Transparency is Really Hard No skirting around issues. The truth is what it is and sometimes it sucks. • When you tell one “lie” it often leads to others. • Lies always come out. • Trust in companies is lost. • PR nightmares ensue… @SEOAware
    42. 42. Self Preservation Critical if you want to be an effective handling social.
    43. 43. Self Preservation • Again, social isn’t easy. • It can be emotionally draining. • Therapists are taught to notice when they are getting burnt out. • You need to watch for burn out, recognize it and recoup.
    44. 44. The Power of Team I don’t think you can handle a large brand WELL without a team. - Support - Back up – I am often clueless! - Managing shifts - Sickness – Appointments - Someone that understands @SEOAware
    45. 45. Give Moz the Credit on This One • Moz has a system for hiring at Moz. • Like-minded individuals with very similar core values. • Team that believes in & wants the same things = a strong team. • Strong teams do better jobs. @SEOAware
    46. 46. Moz Cares About Their Staff So what do they get? A team of people ready to do anything to protect Moz and its reputation. Businesses, you have to treat your social team really well! @SEOAware
    47. 47. Self Preservation cont. Eat well, hydrate and start your day off with a little goofiness. When you represent a large brand you must try to be at your best. • Turn that frown upside down. • It is better to take a day off then take risks on social media. • Lean on your team! • We ALL have bad days. @SEOAware
    48. 48. Recap – Avoid Nightmares! Brands - Focus on creating a strong team with similar values. - Be focused on what is best for the team. - Create guidelines and plans to make things easier. - Have core values that everyone can follow. - What kind of audience do you want? Social Folks - Know your strengths & weaknesses. - Create guidelines & an outlook of your own. - Be prepared. - Know who your audience is. - Focus on self preservation! @SEOAware
    49. 49. Thanks for coming! Melissa Fach @SEOAware Presentation at @SEOAware
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