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PR-Net JHB Community building
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PR-Net JHB Community building


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Published in: Business
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  • SM is a individual skill / speciality
    Bridge the gap
    Add value
    Take advantage of the variety of content channels

  • Typical Social Media Map / Plan.

    Success requires a combination of these factors.

  • Who is the ‘Media’?
    Build real relationships.
    Start to shape & influence the conversation. Carnegie, Dale on Communication

  • One shot
    Pick your timing
    Attention grabbing
    ‘Spin’ it
    Cut through the clutter

  • There is a community / interest in almost everything that exists.
    Find them.

  • •HUMAN
    •manage channels audit modify
    •Have ` puropose / aim / objective
    embod that
    breed trust
    social contract
    set a precedent
    internal policy to manage responses
    evolve and audit progress and channels
    response times
    cast a wide net / but focused quality
    use / involve the community
    you can say sorry / thank you

  • Transcript

    • 1. How to build & manage Online Communities without pissing people off PR-Net Johannesburg 2 Aug 2010 Melissa Attree -
    • 2. Strategic Planning Conversation Content Community
    • 3. Targeted Authenticity Influence Listen Originality Balance Consistency Transparency
    • 4. Conversation
    • 5. ★ LISTEN to the conversation (ORM / Tracking tools ★ Map the trends. ★ Start engaging with key fans / haters and opinion leaders ★ Start to shape & influence the conversation.
    • 6. Content
    • 7. ★ Content is King ★ Add value / make it sexy ★ Original / Use a variety of channels ★ Targeted / pitch ★ Context = 2 way convo ★ Great content travels. Help it
    • 8. Find The Fans
    • 9. ★ Listen ★ They have Names & Faces ★ Categorise people - Do Your Homework ★ Everyone wants a soapbox - UGC
    • 10. Communities
    • 11. "The royal road to a man's heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most." Dale Carnegie
    • 12. Community Management ★ Establish purpose / objective ★ Must add value to marketing mix ★ ID suitable channels ★ Cast a wide net but maintain focus ★ Develop an internal policy (who? how? when?)
    • 13. Community Management ★ Be true to your initial purpose ★ Set a precedent ★ Balance - 2 way Conversation ★ Content adds context ★ Track mentions / links / related queries ★ Response times
    • 14. Community Management ★ Breed trust ★ Involve the community ★ Harness the collective ★ Say Sorry // Say Thank You ★ Manage channels and audit progress -
    • 15. What is the shortest word in the English language that contains the letters: abcdef? Answer: feedback. Don't forget that feedback is one of the essential elements of good communication.
    • 16. Melissa Attree Social Media Consultant, Blogger, Brand Strategist GetOn eMarketing // melattree on twitter MelissaAttree on delicious Melissa Attree on Facebook Melissa Attree on LinkedIn melattree on skype MelAttree on FriendFeed Presentation is online at