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World Biofuels Markets 2011 full agenda
World Biofuels Markets 2011 full agenda
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World Biofuels Markets 2011 full agenda


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World Biofuels Markets 2011 full agenda

  1. 1. www.greenpowerconferences.com +44 (0)20 7099 0600 6THANNUAL EUROPE’S LARGEST BIOFUELS CONGRESS & EXHIBITION EVENT 22-24 MARCH 2011, ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS WHERE THE BIOFUELS INDUSTRY MEETS TO DO BUSINESS KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Ruud Lubbers Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands WE GUARANTEE TO DELIVER: Jeremy Rifkin Founder and President A TRACK RECORD OF DELIVERY • Industry Leaders: Hear first hand experiences of Foundation of Strategic Thinking 250 experts, including 50 CEOs and Presidents, 2000 Tim Yeo who are driving the future development of biofuels Member of Parliament • Market Insight: In-depth analysis on advanced UK Government Environmental Audit Committee 1500 biofuels, aviation, algae, trading, finance, energy crops, biorefineries and biobased chemicals Philip New Chief Executive Officer • Networking: Connect, exchange ideas and do BP Biofuels 2000 1000 business with 2000 leading biofuels executives, Heikki Malinen corporate partners and investors President & Chief Executive Officer 1425 1300 Pöyry PLC 1200 • Exhibition: Interact with the market 1100 Andrew Owens 500 leaders showcasing their latest technological Chief Executive Officer developments Greenergy 440 • Awards: Celebrate with the industry front- Jan Ernst de Groot 0 runners at the 3rd annual Sustainable Biofuels Board Member 06 07 08 09 10 11 ed et BM BM BM BM BM BM KLM g ar Awards reception *t W W W W W *W Platinum Sponsors: Gold Sponsors: Silver Sponsors: Organised by: Visit www.worldbiofuelsmarkets.com
  2. 2. . Following my value that it brings me Dear Colleague, e it takes against the in a conferen ce, I weigh up the tim making sustain able bioenergy and going to participate elerating change and When I decide if I am ress really leads to acc I have no doubt that this Cong attendance last year nt opportunity both ss industries a reality . Rotterdam is an excelle bioma ubtedly worth my time and coming to ry can be combined to congress that is undo y. Biomass and forest World Biofue ls Markets is the one next generation of energ be a solution to Europe’s to really develop the ‘Lula’ model and also Congress and the city rseas in the so called for attendees of the ople and farmers ove ome for both local pe provide sustainable inc firing biomass for en ergy can clean energy need s. carbon fuels and co- le pa thways to liquid low rk the Netherlan ds has done d the new sustainab am proud of the wo to climate change an be sustainable and I 2 Port for new Biomass is a solution er energy. Biomass can it is evolving to a CO of clean and clean energy port and pro vide us with a source y certification sys tems. Rotterdam is an ment of the necessar so far in the develop is Congress is not jus t about sustainable forms of energy. ve done recently? Th not, just ask yourse lf: what have you ha ing. Rotterdame rs are famous for whether to attend or ually doing someth If you are in doubt of and suppliers and act t about meetin g partners, customers a part of it. enjoyable speeches bu w global industry. Be and help build this ne others at World Biofue ls Markets. doing and I urge you to attend you join me and 2000 nt you can attend this year, make sure If there’s only one eve See you there, Rudd Lubbers the Netherlands mer Prime Minister, Keynote Speaker & for To build your own World Biofuels Markets agenda, please refer to www.worldbiofuelsmarkets.com/agenda.World Biofuels Markets (WBM) is the leading annual industry networking event where the leaders of thebiofuels world meet to drive innovation and do business. Over 5465 high calibre executives from 80 countrieshave attended to date. World Biofuels Markets 2011 Agenda At A Glance 22nd March 23rd March 24th March AM Keynotes Downstream Biofuels Global Biodiesel Sustainability, Certification and iLUC Aviation Biofuels Biofuels Policy 20 20 20 Global Bioethanol Advanced Biofuels Algae Biofuels Partnerships Biorefinery Platforms Energy Crops Automotive Futures Military Biofuels BioEnergy Finance and Investment Biofuels Standards Trading Biofuels Port of Rotterdam Tour Biofuels Shipping, Storage and Logistics Biofuels & Developing Nations BioPower Generation BioPower Generation ETBE The Biofuels NGO Debate & Improving Bio-Based Chemicals Bio-Based Chemicals Biofuels Communication and PR Biogas Utility & Biogas Utility Biofuels from Forestry Developer Forum and Developer Forum and Industrial By-products Transport Biofuels Biomass for Carbon Markets 101 Market Brief Biogas and Power Gala dinner and Networking Drinks Reception Close of WBM 2011 Sustainable Biofuels Awards Register today at www.worldbiofuelsmarkets.com
  3. 3. “I get more customer meetings done in 2 days at WBM than I would do in a month of travelling” Inspectorate What’s new for World Biofuels Markets 2011? Meet the entire biofuels world in just 3 days• 19 specialty sessions including new focused sessions on World Biofuels Markets 2010 was the biggest event yet with over Bioenergy and Investment, Military Biofuels and Trading Biofuels 1400 attendees from 56 countries – 35% of these were C-level industry leaders.• Co-located with full 2 day conferences on BioPower 2011 promises to be even bigger with 2000 people expected in Generation, Bio-Based Chemicals and Biogas Rotterdam over 3 days of high-level content and unrivalled networking opportunities.• 250+ industry-leading speakers with more case studies than The World Biofuels Markets congress and exhibition brings together ever before the entire biofuels world, from suppliers, producers and oil majors to investors, regulatory bodies and academics. Plus, co-located• The most networking time of any global biofuels event: events covering bio-based chemicals, biopower generation and 25+ hours over 3 days biogas make World Biofuels Markets the must-attend event in the bioenergy calendar. No c bru 21 m los ar st in e y Fe at io ns Categories for 2011: 20 11 • Sustainable Bioethanol Award @ World Biofuels Markets 2011 • Sustainable Biodiesel Award • Sustainable Biofuels Technology Award Recognising excellence in sustainable biofuels development • Green Shoots Award Judged by an elite panel of independent industry experts, the Sustainable Biofuels Awards are • Biofuels Adoption Award designed to recognise the tremendous innovation that is taking place in the development of truly sustainable and renewable fuels. • Biofuels Leadership Award The awards ceremony will take place during the World Biofuels Markets Gala Evening on 23rd March 2011 and will provide an opportunity for the industry to get together and celebrate companies and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Past winners include: sustainable biofuels. Make your nominations online at Abengoa, Argent Energy PetroAlgae, Project Gaia, SBAE Industries, Sekab, www.worldbiofuelsmarkets.com/awards Solazyme, Sustainable Oils Nominations close 21st February 2011 To sponsor one of the awards or to reserve a table, call Chris Lewis on +44 (0)20 3355 4224 Strategic Event Partners Supporting Organisations AB Media Partners To book your place call: +44 (0)20 7099 0600
  4. 4. Platinum Sponsors: CATED CO-LO T EVEN Utilities, developers and investors will share best practice for developing biomass power generation plants,Keynote speaker biographies: financing projects and developing fuel supply chains. Conference Day One Jeremy Rifkin is President of the Foundation on Economic Trends and the author of seventeen bestselling books on the impact of scientific and technological changes on Keynote: Scaling Up Biopower Production the economy, the workforce, society, and the environment. Mr. Rifkin is the principle • Understand how to recognise the cost gap with fossil fuels • Can biomass replace coal? How fast will the biomass industry grow and to what scale? architect of the European Union’s Third Industrial Revolution long-term economic • How do the latest developments in EU biomass legislation affect utilities? sustainability plan to address the triple challenge of the global economic crisis, energy Moderator: Raoul Oberman, Director, Leader of Sustainability and Resource security, and climate change. Productivity Practice, McKinsey Ruud Lubbers was Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 1982 to 1994 and is now Mark Bugler, Head of Energy Technology and Innovation, British Gas an activist for the preservation of the environment. Mr Lubbers currently Chairs the Sean Ebnet, Director of New Business, Drax Board of Trustees of the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN) and the Thomas Maite, Director of Supply, Dalkia Rotterdam Climate Initiative. Jonathan Hoopes, President and Chief Executive Officer, GreenHunter Tim Yeo is Member of Parliament for South Suffolk, UK. His previous roles include Bioenergy Regulation and Policy Minister of State for the Department of the Environment, with responsibility for climate • What legislative policies really stand out in EU countries? change and energy efficiency policy and Member of the Shadow Cabinet, shadowing • What further improvements need to be made to achieve RES targets? • Overcome the non-financial constraints of a biopower project: planning, grid connection Agriculture, Trade & Industry, Health, Education, Environment and Transport. Hans van Steen, Head of Unit, Regulatory Policy and Promotion of Renewable Heikki Malinen was appointed President and CEO of Pöyry PLC in 2008. Over the Energy, DG Energy, European Commission years, he held various management positions including Executive Vice President, Caroline Season, Senior Policy Adviser Bioenergy, Strategy at UPM-Kymmene Corporation and President, UPM North America. UK Department of Energy and Climate Change Philip New has led BP’s Biofuels business since its inception in 2006. Since joining BP from Jules Kortenhorst, Chief Executive Officer, European Climate Foundation Oxford University in 1983, Philip has worked across BP in roles in Europe and Asia as well as Calliope Panoutsou, Vice President, Technology Management, BP’s business-to-business sales and marketing operations in Europe and North America. Imperial College London Andrew Owens set up Greenergy in 1992. The company has grown rapidly to become Wood-to-Biopower Production one of Britain’s largest fuel suppliers, selling one sixth of all road fuel in the UK and • What is the market potential of wood-based feedstocks: forestry and saw mill residue, pros and cons of about a third of its biofuel. Greenergy sources biofuel globally with a particular focus on wood pellets or wood chips? Brazil through Greenergy Brazil, and owns and operates a biodiesel plant in the UK. • Selection and optimisation of power plant technology & optimisation of fuel through the use of torrefaction • How can forestry companies capitalise on integrating bio-energy production with existing operations? Jan Ernst de Groot is Managing Director and member of the Board of Management • Co-firing applications in wood-to-energy plants of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. He joined KLM in 1992. Over the years, he held various Gil Patrao, Member of the Board, EDP Bioelectrica* management positions including commercial alliances, labor relations, Schiphol strategy, Yves Ryckmans, Chief Technology Officer Biomass, GDF-SUEZ Group environment and corporate center. Calum Wilson, Managing Director, Forth Energy (part of Scottish Southern Energy) Luis López-van Dam, General Manager of Energy and New Projects, Ence Catherine L. Phillips, Vice President, Sustainable Forestry, WeyerhaeuserKeynote Session Building Robust Regional and International Supply Chains • Security of biomass supply: how can you create a solid contract with your supplier?09.00 -10.45 23rd March 2011 • What is the domestic potential in Europe and what are the barriers to sourcing feedstock from overseas? • Developing sustainable supply chains through agricultural/forest residues and short-rotation energy cropsKeynote Session – Towards a Global Sustainable Goran Lundgren, Head of Biomass Venture, VattenfallBioeconomy Jorrit Hachmer, Vice President of Biofuel Trading & Development, RWEThis Keynote Session brings together global leaders and thinkers to share their views on key issues of the Douglas Bradley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Bioenergyday that impact the rapidly maturing biofuels industry: climate change, global economy, oil price volatility, Association *trade barriers, innovation and energy demand.• Have we entered a new era of greater Government involvement in markets?• What are the key externalities likely to impact the development of the biofuels industry? Conference Day Two• How can business adapt to the changing environment? World Biofuels Markets Keynote Session 1Jeremy Rifkin, Founder & President,Foundation of Strategic Thinking Biopower Finance and Investment • What are investors’ current perspectives on the landfill gas, municipal waste-to-energy, wood-to-powerRuud Lubbers, markets and new biopower technologies?Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands • What is the cost of equity in these deals? • What are the technical, political and supply chain risks?Tim Yeo, Member of Parliament, Neil Bailey, Head of Biomass Procurement, RWE NpowerUK Government Environmental Audit Committee Joost Declerck, Deputy Managing Director, Dexia LeaseHeikki Malinen, President & Chief Executive Officer,Pöyry Plc Case Study: Convert Coal to Biomass • What are the incentives to convert to biomass and what regulatory framework needs to be in place to encourage more projects? • Technical issues behind biomass conversion: grinding and feedstock treatment, furnaces and retrofitting11.15-12.45 23rd March 2011 Peter Thomsen, Power Commercial Business Development, DONG Energy PowerKeynote Session – Towards Global Sustainable BiofuelsGlobal biofuels leaders and a prospective consumer will share their insight on how the biofuels industry is Scaling Up the Use of Cogeneration • Combine heat and power to maximise resources and energy efficiencydeveloping and tackling the critical issue of creating cost effective, low carbon fuels from a variety of • The applications of gasification technologies and pyrolysis oilsustainable sources. • Application of heat for CHPDH and industrial applications• How has the biofuels industry matured over the past year? Björn Fredriksson Möller, Project Manager Gasification Development, E.ON• What is the impact of the RED Sustainability Criteria? Lars Ehrlen, Manager of Heat & Power, VEAB - Växjö Energi• What is the true pace of innovation in the fuels industry?Philip New, Chief Executive Officer, Energy-from-WasteBP Biofuels • Government incentives for EfW: from levy exemptions to Renewable Obligation Plans • Do the benefits of CHP outweigh the extended procurement process to produce heat from your EfW project?Andrew Owens, Chief Executive Officer, • Changing corporate strategies in the paper and pulp industry to create new revenue streamsGreenergy • Closed loop systems and integrated waste cycles Hansjörg Roll, Managing Director, MVV UmweltJan Ernst de Groot, Board Member, Ella Stengler, Managing Director, Confederation of European Waste-to-KLM Energy Plants (CEWEP) For multiple booking discounts please email graham.swanson@greenpowerconferences.com
  5. 5. CATED CATED CO-LO T CO-LO T EVEN EVENConsumer brands, government representatives and chemical producers will discuss how to increase bio- This conference will explore the latest developments and business opportunities in the European biogas market.based chemical competitiveness through advances in policies, consumer attitudes, conversion methodologiesand scale up methods. Conference Day OneConference Day One Utility Biogas Strategies • How are utilities integrating biogas into the energy mix?The Status of the Bio-Based Chemicals Market • Hear utility perspectives on local and regional biogas power and grid development• In which sectors and for which products is there the biggest appetite for bio-based products? • European biogas grid and distribution challenges• Oil and carbon cost forecasts and the niche this creates for bio-based products Klaus Dorninger, Managing Director, Erdgas OÖ• Have bio-based chemicals demonstrated they can be cost competitive? Klaas de Jong, Senior Technology Advisor, Essent WarmteDoug Cameron, Founder and Managing Director, Alberti Advisors Mark Bugler, Energy Technology & Innovation Manager, British GasTon Runneboom, Chairman, Biobased Raw Materials Platform Marc Perrin, Project Manager, Energy Plant Service, GDF SUEZJonathan Lowe, Commercial Director, EMEA, Arizona Chemical Pasi Torri, Head of Business Unit, GasumCurrent and Required Legislation Needed to Drive the Pan-European Biogas Roadmap • EU policy for organic residues, landfills, wastewater and farm energy generationBio-Based Chemicals Market • Which support schemes and legislations are in place in different member states?• Europe wide and national proposals for pushing public procurement, standardisation, labelling & certification • How are public sectors helping the industry move forward?• Lessons to be learnt from the US Lucy Hopwood, Land & Agriculture Manager, NNFCC• Carbon targets in light of Cancun and forecasts for the impact on target sectors Gerrit Volk, Head of Grid Injection Division, BundesnetzagenturRoel Bol, Programme Director Bio-Based Economy, Ministry Agriculture, (Federal Network Agency)Nature and Food Quality Caroline Marchais, Delegue Generale, ATEE Club BiogazChristian Patermann, Advisor on Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy, Senior Representative, European Biogas Association*Land Government of North Rhine–WestphaliaPeter Schintlmeister, Chair, Ad-hoc Advisory Group on Bio-based Products, Farm Based Anaerobic Digestion & Organic RecyclingLead Market Initiative & Austrian Federal Ministry for Economics, • Latest updates about sustainable biowaste recycling and energy recoveryFamily and Youth • What are the best ways to reuse the agricultural and animal residues for biogas? • What are the socio-economic contributions of biogas for dairy/hog/poultry/fish farmers? • How to combine composting and biogas for a more profitable businessConsumer Brands Driving the Bio-Based Chemicals Market Mikael Runeson, President, Nordisk Etanol & Biogas• What are the key criteria behind selecting bio-based chemicals for product lines: is price the sole Torben Ravn Pedersen, National Specialist, Biogas & Slurry Separation, consideration?• Have bio-based chemicals demonstrated advantageous characteristics over petrochemicals and can this Morsø Bioenergi demand a premium? Gunilla Nilsson, Head of Biogas & Landfill, NSR• Projections for future strategies and timelines relating to bio-based content and sustainability goals Pål Bråthen, Chief Executive Officer, BioWaz• Case studies of successful marketing campaigns to incorporate bio-based chemicalsBob Crawford, Science Area Leader, Processing and Supply Chain Futures, Municipality Solid Waste and Wastewater for ADUnilever Home & Personal Care R&D • MSW collection, separation and pre-treatment for AD • Benchmarking: landfill methane and wastewater sewage sludge biogas to biomethaneCees van Dongen, Director Sustainable Packaging Solutions, Coca Cola • Lifecycle assessment of biogas and MBT syngasAndy Sweetman, Business Development and Sustainability Manager, Innovia • What are the solutions for MSW AD digestate?Films & Chairman, European Bioplastics Association Tico Cohen, Biogas Senior Process Manager, Rhodia Energy ServicesGlenn Barrett, Chief Executive Officer, Ortholite Stefan Kromus, Chief Executive Officer, Enbasys Randy Mott, President, CEERESDeveloping an Effective and Secure Supply Chain Margaret Heavey, Head of Strategic Planning, Greenstar• Options including co-location, partnerships and offtake agreements• The current gaps in bio-based supply chains and how to bridge them Conference Day Two• Competing within and working with established supply chains in the chemical industrySpeakers to be announced World Biofuels Markets Keynote Session 1Conference Day Two Finance and Investment • Hear about the opportunities and challenges for investing in biogas projectsWorld Biofuels Markets Keynote Session 1 • What are banks and investors looking for in a promising business plan for an AD plant? • What are the hidden costs for on-farm AD and MSW/wastewater investment?World Biofuels Markets Keynote Session 2 Andreas Glatzer, Managing Director, Renewable Equity Department, Renergie Further speakers to be announcedNew Conversion Platforms to Develop Bio-Based Chemicals• Examination of approaches including enzyme and chemical catalysts, fermentation methodologies & Biogas in the Transport Sector synthetic biology • What is the reality of mass use of biogas in vehicles and what incentives are there in different EU states• Advances in microbial strain development and technology for Natural Gas Vehicles?• How can you ensure you will have a winning technology? How mature is the platform? Is it scalable? • Biomethane as a road transport fuel: a solution for low carbon transportation? What will economics at a commercial scale look like? • Innovations in transportation biogas production, storage, fuelling and distribution• Ensuring comparable purity, functionality, and contaminant profile to petrochemicals Peter Boisen, Honorary Chairman, NGVAJohan Sanders, Professor of Valorisation of Plant-Based Production Chains, Mattias Hennius, Head of Communication, E.ONWageningen UR Michael Köttner, Director, International Biogas and Bioenergy Centre of CompetenceScaling Up and Improving Yields of Bio-Based Chemicals• Recovery and purification methods of individual compounds including direct precipitation, extraction, ion Biogas Project Development and Plant Operation exchange, membranes, and esterification • Hear how to overcome planning and permitting issues• Technology selection, cost reduction & achieving economies of scale • How can developers limit potential risk mitigation in biogas projects?• Case studies of taking production lines from bench to pilot to commercial scale • Process control strategies of biogas yield stabilitySpeakers to be announced • Biogas cleaning and upgrading Guido Bruch, Leader of Biogas, GASAG (Berlin Gas Corporation) Anneli Petersson, Research Manager, IEA Task 37, SGC Janne Buhaug, Project Manager R&D, Lindum To book your place call: +44 (0)20 7099 0600
  6. 6. Build relationships and drive sales at World Biofuels Markets 2011 Take advantage of unprecedented access to over 2000 strategic decision makers from the biofuels industry, by investing your marketing budget in a sponsorship or exhibition stand at World Biofuels Markets 2011. The combination of a high level congress and expo creates an ideal platform for you to meet the right people face to face. Sponsorship will provide an excellent opportunity to build relationships with a high calibre group of potential customers and generate numerous new business leads in just 3 days. REGISTRA Make the right connections to ensure the future success of your business. n Gain access to an unrivalled audience of top quality leads n Shorten the sales process by speaking directly to decision makers n Save time and money by meeting potential clients in one place 3 n Meet new clients and reaffirm relationships with existing ones n Build new business partnerships and influence policy makers 10 13 n Benchmark your strategy with other major solution providers 9 12 11“It’s very important for us to be COFFEE 22 23here. WBM is one of the dates in 21the calendar that we would 6 5always select. It’s large, it’s a CATERING 32 8 31fantastic meeting place, the 7amount of networking that 18 15goes on is incredible” 14 20 19BP Biofuels 17 16Platinum Sponsors: 29 28 24 39 30 26 36 35 38 COFFEE 37Gold Sponsors:Silver Sponsors: CATERING Register today at www.worldbiofuelsmarkets.com
  7. 7. EARLY CONFIRMED EXHIBITORS Evonik ............................................1-2 Port of Rotterdam..............................4 Enbasys ..............................................6 Sponsored by BDI BioEnergy ..................................8 ENTRANCE Dyadic ................................................9 John Wiley ......................................11 LMC ..................................................15 Novozymes ......................................18 Saybolt ............................................22TION Arizona Chemical ......................25-27 Poyry ................................................30 MAIN AUDITORIUM Greenergy ........................................64 HyGear B.V. ......................................33 MEETING POINT Peterson & Control Union World Group ........................36 Choren Industries ............................38 SGS ..................................................41 JOil ..................................................43 LIFTS KEMA ..............................................48 COFFEE C.M.Bernardini ................................52 Pangea..............................................54 TRADER’S LOUNGE “The right audience, the right people, the right 47 TO CONFERENCE SESSIONS environment” 46 Greenergy 4534 64 58 “This is the place to be. 57 63 As a networking event, 56 it’s hard to find anything 62 55 61 71 similar” 41 60 70 Poyry 40 53 “I came here with a list of 42 people I wanted to meet and I’ve met them all” 48 Vecoplan 66 49 52 65 51 If your company is looking to develop new business in the future 50 bioenergy markets, our sponsorship and exhibition packages are designed to help you meet your business objectives. If you are MEETING/STREAM ROOMS looking to win prospective clients, strengthen existing relationships or enhance your company profile - contact us today Please contact: Chris Lewis on Tel: +44 (0) 203 355 4224 Email: chris.lewis@greenpowerconferences.com Jason Taylor on Tel: +44 (0) 203 384 6211 Email: jason.taylor@greenpowerconferences.com Alternatively visit www.worldbiofuelsmarkets.com/sponsor To sponsor or exhibit call: +44 (0)20 7099 0600
  8. 8. Hear from 250 Experts and 50 CEOs driving the futureSustainability, Certification and iLUC Aviation BiofuelsBiofuels producers and sustainability experts will address the latest developments in the environmental Airlines, next generation fuel developers and plant developers will share best practice and outline strategiesimpact of biofuels including iLUC modelling, sustainability policy, and the first certification schemes. for future development as this exciting new market develops pace.Sustainability Developments of First and Second Commercialisation of Aviation BiofuelsGeneration Biofuels and Bioenergy • What is the current status of aviation biofuels development?• What is the potential in terms of a sustainable bioenergy and biofuels offering? • What hurdles must be overcome for aviation biofuels to become a commercial reality?• To what extent are the guidelines being met and which aspects of the RED criteria are proving the most • What are the expected timelines for commercial bio-fuelled flights? challenging? Thijs Komen, Director of Business Innovation, KLM• What is the Commission’s stance on the promotion of biofuels exhibiting high green house gas savings, Jonathan Counsell, Head of Environment, British Airways and what does this mean for the industry? Joachim Buse, Head of Aviation Biofuel, LufthansaElmar Baumann, Chief Executive Officer, Verband der Deutschen Martin Porsgaard Nielsen, Manager, Environment and Sustainability, SAS GroupBiokraftstoffindustrie Joe Bauer, Director of Asset Management, Net JetsMartina Otto, Head of the Energy and Transport Policy Unit, United NationsEnvironment Programme Policy and CertificationDr. Stefan Bringezu, Senior Fellow and Director, Department for Material Flows • What are the latest developments in aviation fuel policies?and Structural Change, Wuppertal Institute • Which steps are required to support the development of sustainable aviation fuels?Patrick Lynch, Biofuel Sustainability Manager, Greenergy • How is certification for Bio SPK as an aviation biofuel developing? • What are the main technology and safety challenges and how can they be overcome?Analysis of EU Sustainability Policy Thomas Roetger, Assistant Director, International Air Transport Agency (IATA)• How to supply biofuels into the EU during the period of regulatory uncertainty, as sustainability schemes Lourdes Maurice, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor, Environment and Energy, are implemented Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)• What potential incentive structures can ensure sustainability compliance? Paul Nash, Head of New Energies, Airbus• What are the latest developments and implications of biofuels certificate policies? Darrin Morgan, Director, Sustainable Biofuels Strategy, BoeingDieter Bockey, General Manager, Union for Promoting Oilseed and Protein Plants Jonathan Hart, Environment Strategy Manager - Civil Aerospace, Rolls-RoyceJuan Marco Alvarez, Director, Economy and Environmental Governance Group,International Union for the Conservation of Nature Developing New Sources for Sustainable Aviation FuelsAusilio Bauen, Director, E4Tech • How can sustainability of feedstocks be guaranteed? • How can new energy crops be harvested effectively to supply the aviation market?Certification Schemes – Implementing the Renewable • Which sources are likely to become available and over what timeframe: virgin oils for example algae, jatropha, camelina, waste biomass?Energy Directive Sgouris Sgouridis, Engineering Systems & Management, Masdar Institute of• How will recent developments in certification schemes fit within EC criteria?• How have the schemes been received by the industry? Science and Technology• Establish definitions and key measurements to create comprehensive and compatible benchmarking Volker Gollnick, Head of the Institute of Air Transport Concepts and TechnologyBastien Sachet, Development Director, TFT Forests Evaluation, German Aerospace Center (DLR)Alwin Kopse, Executive Secretary, Roundtable for Sustainable Biofuels Further speakers to be announcedAaron Berry, Head of Carbon & Sustainability, Renewable Fuels AgencyNorbert Schmitz, Project Director, ISCC System Conversion Technologies and Processing FeedstocksDavid Glenister, Sustainability Expert, SGS for Aviation • Which conversion processes are suitable for developing aviation fuel?Practical iLUC Modelling and Monitoring Strategies • Which demonstration and early stage plants are being built and what are lessons for future development?• How is iLUC being measured and is it being done effectively? • What are the future perspectives for next generation technologies?• How can future iLUC modelling be made more consistent and reliable? Dirk Kronemeijer, Managing Director, SkyNRG• What policy decisions would support a reduction in iLUC? Is the iLUC factor/number the best option? Further Speakers to be announcedUwe Fritsche, Head, Energy & Climate Division, Oeko-InstitutNorma Tregurtha, Senior Policy Manager, iSEALAndre Faaij, Professor, Copernicus Institute for Sustainable DevelopmentLászló Máthé, Bioenergy Coordinator, WWF International Biofuels Policy 20 20 20 Policy experts will debate the value of current policy and how the targets will be measured and met.Global Biodiesel Biofuels Policies Analysis Session – Towards 20 20 20Join global biodiesel leaders to discuss the key issues, including global trade, regional policy and forecasts • Overview of current targets, relevant policies and what they mean for the industryfor the future. • Key metrics, including the use of ‘carbon per tonne’ measuring systemsGlobal Biodiesel Leaders Roundtable Discussion • How to create the second generation biofuels market, is there sufficient regulatory support?• What effects do sustainability criteria and trade policy have on the growth of global trade? Moderator: Tammy Klein, Assistant Vice President, Global Biofuels Center,• What evolutions are needed in regional policies to drive markets forward? Hart Energy• What are the impacts of Government support and what can be expected in the future? Ralph Brieskorn, International Policy Manager Biofuels,Jean-Francoise Rous, Director of Innovation, Prolea Dutch Ministry of Housing Spatial Planning & the EnvironmentJosé Carlos Aguilera, Chief Executive Officer, Brasil Ecodiesel Alan Hecht, Director for Sustainable Development, Office of Research and Development,Erik Rietkerk, Managing Director, WILMAR Europe Holdings US EPAFurther Speakers to be announced Senior Representative, European CommissionGlobal BioethanolIndustry leaders will meet to discuss global opportunities and challenges as the market for bioethanol develops.Global Bioethanol Leaders Roundtable Discussion Biofuels Partnerships With the huge wave of advanced biofuels innovators looking at the many different possible pathways to low• What effects do sustainability criteria and trade policy have on the growth of global trade? cost, low carbon, low impact fuels, this session will look at the importance of partnerships and alliances.• What evolutions are needed in regional policies to drive markets forward?• What are the impacts of Government support and what can be expected in the future? Advanced Biofuels Partnerships and SecuringAlexei Ablayev, President, Russian Biofuels AssociationRob Vierhout, Secretary General, ePURE Feedstock Supply • How to secure finance and strategic investorsRichard Stark, Advocacy Manager, Renewables, British Sugar • How to integrate the upstream value chain to ensure energy crops supply, transportation and pretreatmentRicardo Arjona, General Director, Abengoa Bioenergia • How to construct a highly efficient, cost competitive biorefineryGrant Pearson, Commercial Director, Ensus Group Nicolas Denis, Partner, McKinsey Register today at www.worldbiofuelsmarkets.com
  9. 9. Platinum Sponsors:of biofuel development Algae Energy Crops Experts will meet to reveal the latest developments in algae research, the newest harvesting, dewatering Bioenergy plant experts and agronomists examine developing plant science and feedstock system and modification techniques, and debate how the process can be scaled up. development for a new range of energy rich feedstocks. Scaling Up Algae Production to Commercially Viable Levels Moderator: David Glass, Director, D. Glass Associates • Identifying product partners that ensure the financial viability of algae • What are the logistical implications of scaled-up production in terms of cost, supply of nutrients, water High Powered Energy Crops and CO2? • Overview of new high-yielding energy crops such as switchgrass, miscanthus, energy cane, sorghum, • What role will biorefineries and co-products play in the commercial future of algae? camellina and coconuts Claudio Rocchietta, Managing Partner, Biofuels Partners • What is the value of the feedstocks - possible yields, cropping density, propagations and genetic improvements? John Benemann, Consultant, Benemann Associates Mario Tredici, Department of Agrarian Biotechnology, Florence University Caroline Midgley, Head of Biofuels & Biomass, LMC Olaf Kruse, Professor, Bielefeld University A Focus on Jatropha • What is the impact of growing Jatropha on the wider environment and water resources? Optimising Efficiency in Algae Harvesting and Dewatering • What is the price of feedstock? • What are the latest developments in optimal harvesting techniques? • What is the potential yield and scalability of the biofuel? • How can energy consumption be reduced during the dewatering process? Sriram Srinivasan, General Manager, Strategy & Marketing, JOil • What is the potential for cost efficiency in large scale projects? Thilo Zelt, President, Jatropha Alliance Marco Brocken, Managing Director, Evodos Kirk Haney, President and Chief Executive Officer, SG Biofuels Enrique Espí, Senior Technologist, Repsol Henk Joos, Science and Technology Director, D1 Oils Identifying and Creating the Ideal Strain Feedstock Systems and Cropping • How do developments in synthetic and genetically modified algae impact productivity? • Learn how energy crops can be harvested effectively • How to find and nurture algae strains that can be grown and harvested cost-effectively on a worldwide scale • How can sustainable agricultural systems be modified such as greater adoption of no-till cropping? • CASE STUDY: a detailed look at recent work on algae strains • How can collection and delivery of agricultural residues be improved? Ben Graziano, Technology Commercialisation Manager, Innovations, Gavin Maxwell, Senior Partner, Coolfin Partnership The Carbon Trust Raffaello Garafolo, Executive Vice President, European Algae Biomass Next Gen Plant Biotech: Plant Science and Genetic Association Developments Rene Wijffels, Bioprocess and Engineering Group, Wageningen University • What modifications can be made to plants, breeding and crop traits? & Research • How can key plant genes be improved to make crops achieve greater yields and higher quality? • Developing high yield cellulosic biomass crops that need less water David Glass, Director, D. Glass Associates The Regulatory and Legal Landscape • What is the status of funding and regulatory benefits, tax incentives, subsidies and other financial benefits currently given to other ‘incumbent’ feedstocks? • How can effective policy stimulate the market for algae biofuels? • What is the actual sustainability of algae taking into account food, feed, water security and biodiversity? Kyriakos Maniatis, Deputy Head of Unit, Regulatory Policies and Promotion of Biorefinery Platforms Renewables, DG ENER, European Commission A look at the heart of the biofuels, biochemicals and bioproducts industry and its evolution - the biorefinery. Maelle Soares Pinto, Director Biofuels Europe and Africa, Hart Energy Business Models Multi-Product Platforms • How do biorefinery product categories differ for biofuels & biochemicals, agro & forestry, pulp & paper, sugar & starch, chemical, and traditional refining? Advanced Biofuels • What really are the proven business models for biorefiners? • What potential challenges and opportunities lie ahead? Leading experts who are driving the commercialisation of advanced biofuels will examine latest Klaus Neumann, Vice President, Business Development, Borregaard Industries developments in cellulosic ethanol, biobutanol, renewable diesel, synfuels and solar fuels. Mikael Hannus, Vice President, Biorefinery & Bioenergy, Stora Enso Scaling Up Cellulosic Ethanol and Reducing the Costs Biorefinery Partnerships and Case Studies • How to overcome the issues of biorefinery finance, feedstock and enzyme costs • How can single process plants and multiple-process sites optimise their processes and multiple product • What is the global picture for the industry? Where are production units under construction? lines by working in partnership with advanced biofuels and other biobased product companies? • How will US plants overcome the blend wall restriction? • What can we learn from the early adopters and initial developments? Jim Lane, Editor, Biofuels Digest • Why are new partnerships crucial to the success of biorefineries? Mark Emalfarb, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Dyadic Senior Representative, BioMCN Poul Ruben Anderson, Global Marketing Director, Novozymes Birgit Kamm, Scientific Director, Institute Biopos Ad de Laat, Director, Cosun Biobutanol Unsung: Track the Steady, Unheralded Progression and Development Optimise Biorefineries and Integrate Biomass Utilisation • What are the advantages of this pathway? • Best practice in optimising the running of biorefinery units • When will biobutanol become commercially viable? • How can biorefineries minimise their environmental footprint and be energy efficient? • Can cellulosic biorefineries be retrofitted? • Which new innovations in process engineering are leading to productivity gains? James R. Hettenhaus, Director & Co-founder, CEA Inc René Van Ree, Program Manager Bioenergy, Wageningen University & Co-Chair, European Biofuel Technology Platform Gasification, Pyrolysis and Biomass to Liquids Jobien Laurijssen, Project Leader, EFORWOOD, Dutch Association of Paper • Alternative thermo chemical and Fischer Tropsch pathways to extracting oil from ligno cellulosic feedstocks & Board Industries • What business models and co-products are possible? Koert Ackerman, Director, VION Food* Matthias Rudloff, Head of Business Development, Choren The Future of Biorefinery Evolution “Drop In” Fuels, Solar Biofuels and Consolidated Bio- • What is the market potential for commercial biorefineries? • How are policy and legislation affecting the industry? processing Fuels • How will biorefineries fit in the changing economy and society? How will the sector evolve? • What are the likely production costs for ‘drop in’, CBP and other solar fuels? • What are the advantages compared with other biofuels pathways? Ed de Jong, Co-Task leader, IEA Bioenergy Task 42 on Biorefineries • What barriers to commercialisation remain and when would production be realistic? Gerfried Jungmeier, Energy Research, Joanneum Research Michael McAdams, President, Advanced Biofuels Association Hermann Stockinger, Sales Director, BDI – BioEnergy International Hermann Stockinger, Sales Director, BDI BioEnergy International AG Stefan Kromus, Chief Executive Officer, Enbasys For multiple booking discounts please email graham.swanson@greenpowerconferences.com
  10. 10. “Quality of people who attend is very high. The rightaudience, the right people, the right environment.”GreenergyAutomotive Futures ETBEVehicle manufacturers will examine recent advances in biofuel technology and discuss the challenges that This session will look at this important and often underrated bio component, how it complements ethanol and in which markets it is growing.they face for biofuels to become a commercial reality. • Which are the major ETBE markets?Automotive Futures – Options Towards Sustainable Mobility • What are the latest sources of production? • How will the global ETBE market develop?• What are the technical impacts of biofuels on engines?• What are the challenges for vehicle manufacturers? Moderator: Sunanda Banerjee, Secretary General,• How can powertrain be optimised for alternative fuels? European Fuel Oxygenates AssociationModerator: Kenneth Rose, Technical Coordinator for Fuel Quality and Emissions, Further speakers to be announcedConcaweKjell AC Bergström, Chief Executive Officer & President, GM PowertrainUrban Wästljung, Corporate Environmental Affairs, Scania Biofuels StandardsFrank Seyfried, Head of Research, Fuel Cell and Fuels, Volkswagen Global Biofuels Standards Roundtable • Hear the global counterparts of Brazil, EU and USA give an update on developments in BiofuelsDorothee Lahaussois, Manager, Toyota Motor Europe, Toyota Standards, towards consensus • Understand the repercussions taking place globally for biodiesel and bioethanol • Discuss the current issues for global trade Speakers to be announcedBioEnergy Finance and Investment Biofuels Standards for Road TransportKey players from different parts of the financial value chain will examine the appetite for investment in the • Hear biodiesel and bioethanol updates on CEN, ASTM and ANP Standardssector and the risks and opportunities in second generation biofuels investment • Understand the volatility issues at higher ethanol concentrations • Fuel Quality directiveBiofuels Economics Speakers to be announced• Analyse the factors that affect the economics of biofuels• How can the biofuels industry cope with oil price and feedstock volatility? Biofuels Standards for Aviation and Advanced Biofuels• Update on the latest forecasts for oil prices, commodities indexes, and the pricing of “waste” streams • Understand the progress being made in various areas on biofuels for the aviation industry to include useJoe Dewhurst, Equity Research, European and Global Sector Chemicals, UBS in existing equipment, as well as new standards, new fuels, and new engines and aircraft development • Hear perspectives on the opportunities and challenges for integrating biofuels in the aviation supply chainInvestment Bank Speakers to be announcedJos B. Peeters, Managing Director, Capricorn Venture PartnersExpansion Capital for Next Generation Biofuels Platforms Military Biofuels• What are the upstream investment opportunities in the bioenergy value chain? Defence Organisations around the World are beginning to factor in peak oil threats and look at ways to• How to avoid key risks highlighted during the first generation build-out minimise supply chain costs.• What role should public funding play? • Are biofuels a key strategic priority?• Are investors returning to biofuels processing and who is financing the build-out of next generation biofuels? • What are the scale and importance of military fuel supply chains?David Berry, Partner, Flagship Ventures • How can biofuels projects be integrated into military organisations?Harry Boyle, Senior Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy Finance Speakers to be announcedMarcel Gerritsen, Global Head of REIF, Rabobank Military Biofuels ProjectsPedro Herrera, Senior Vice President, HSBC Several early military biofuels projects and collaborations will be discussed. • Military aviation biofuels • Land vehicles biofuelsVenture Finance, IPOs and Exits • Navy biofuels• How can biofuels investors ensure optimal ROI? Speakers to be announced• The role of multi-product business models in the future of biofuels investment: do they present the more attractive prospect?• What can current IPOs demonstrate regarding investor’s appetite for biofuels?Rob Whylie, Partner, Wheb Ventures Biofuels and Developing Nations This stream will examine the opportunities that biofuels can provide to the developing economies of Africa,Denis Lucquin, President, Sofinnova Partners Latin America and Asia. How can biofuels help bolster domestic energy autonomy, insulate fragileMarc Schmid, Vice President, Renewable Energy Investment Banking, Credit Suisse economies from oil price shocks, provide jobs and industrial development and create new export products? Moderator: Jeremy Woods, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT),Biofuels Dragons Den Imperial CollegeA series of bioenergy businesses have 7 minutes each to pitch their idea to a panel of leading bioenergy investors. Creating New Oil Economies and Improving Trade DeficitsCheck the website for further details • How can developing countries best develop their biofuels resources? • What are the key questions to consider on promoting a biofuels industry? • What key lessons can be learnt from the 2008 oil price hike, how did it impact developing economies and what must be done to avoid a repetition?Biofuels Shipping, Storage and Logistics Meghan Sapp, Secretary General, PangeaThis session will bring together major logistics, storage, shippers and maritime companies to examine the Rocio Diaz-Chavez, Research Fellow, Imperial College Londonphysical supply chain issues of biofuels shipping and storage Ministerial Panel: Biofuels, Poverty and Growth• What upgrades are required and possible to improve biofuels logistics and reduce costs? • How can biofuels create jobs and bolster economic development?• What are the correct storage handling techniques? • What case studies are there of successful job creation from the biofuels industry?• How is the world’s maritime fleet planning for the development of the biofuels industry? • What agricultural policy is best for development?Douglas Bradley, President, Climate Change Solutions Salvador Namburete, Minister, Mozambique Ministry of Energy Carlos Manuel Pedroso Neves Cristo, Chief of Staff, Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign TradeDownstream Biofuels Financing Models for Biofuels in Developing Countries • How can biofuels projects secure financing and funding?This key session will bring together leading biofuels distributors to examine the integration of biofuels into • Are there successful examples of partnerships?the fuel supply chain. • What are the opportunities for carbon finance and climate adaptation funds?• What are the regional and national challenges of achieving retail availability? Geoffrey Manley, Principal Investment Officer, African Development Bank• Are alternative fuel infrastructures required and achievable for low to high blends? Gloria Visconti, Senior Climate Change Specialist, Inter-American• How are they meeting the challenges, the fuel quality standards, legislation and biofuels blending? Development BankMaelle Soares Pinto, Director of Biofuels Europe, International Fuel Quality Centre,Hart Energy Learn from Practical Case Studies • Hear best practice and lessons learned from existing projects • What is the best method to organise the means of production: outgrower vs. centralised? • How are key challenges overcome? Mike Lu, President, ABPPM (Brazilian Jatropha Growers Association) Christine Adamow, Chief Executive Officer, Africa Biofuels Martijn Veen, Advisor, SNV Hugo Verkuijl, Chief Executive Officer, Mali Biocarburant Vincent Volckaert, Business Development Director, D1 Oils Register today at www.worldbiofuelsmarkets.com