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Possibility potluck
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Possibility potluck


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Published in: Business, Design

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  • 1. ?! POSSIBILITY POTLUCK a neighborly meal in an empty storefront Exploring a Vibrant Lawrence Corridor August 2013
  • 2. “A community is the mental and spiritual condition of knowing that the place is shared, and that the people who share the place define and limit the possibilities of each other's lives.” WENDELL BERRY ?!
  • 3. Possibility Potlucks are neighborly meals in empty storefronts that set the table for connections between people, places, & possibilities. These dinners were started in 2012 by the League of Awesome Possibilities as a more human way to explore urban vacancy. Guests include neighbors, friends, local business owners, property owners, community leaders, activists, and designers. We believe that activating spaces with the of creative conversation, new connections, and community centered ideas can jumpstart a transformation from vacancy to vibrancy. ?!
  • 4. This summer’s main potluck was co-hosted by the Ravenswood Community Council and The League of Awesome Possibilities. It took place along the Lawrence Corridor in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. Slated for exciting investment over the next three years, we explored what it meant to start activating Lawrence today. We asked: What do we love about & hope for this neighborhood? What are our neighbors needs & wants? How can we promote the conditions for small businesses and local character to thrive?
  • 5. We worked with to capture neighborhood ideas and translate into usable data. Special thanks to Dan and Tom from Neighborland for their awesome ongoing support. online mobile 773-828-4004 Neighborland
  • 6. During the first weekend of August 2013, we spent the weekend transforming three storefonts on Lawrence Avenue at Hermitage. This exercise in placemaking transformed people’s perceptions of the persistently vacant corner. We did a graphic facelift of the facade – inviting people to pause & interact. We created a parklet for people to gather, captured interactions with 200+ pedestrians and we hosted a possibility potluck with 100+ neighbors & friends. ?!
  • 7. A volunteer board captured the placemaking & potluck projects & needs Neighbors pitched in with core Ravenswood Community Council and Awesome League of Possibilities volunteers to transform the space. Special thanks to Adam, Danielle, Cecilia, Charles, Jared, Emily, Marco, Jenny, Ray, Lizzie, Cindy, Susan, Alex, Nishi, Max, Jess, & many others.
  • 8. Texture & color helped fill once empty storefronts, giving a hint at what they could be. Special thanks for Haiser Design for the cut vinyl installation, Jenny Beorkrem for the neighborhood map & design assistance, SSA #31 for signage funding, and Melanie Kahl for design.
  • 9. A forgotten lawn was replaced with bright colors and light, creating a place for people to gather. Special thanks to Patch Landscaping for the parklet, flower lending, and chalkboard installation. And to the neighborhood children who helped decorate the space with pictures of their community.
  • 10. ?! POSSIBILITY POTLUCK a neighborly meal in an empty storefront Exploring a Vibrant Lawrence Corridor August 2013
  • 11. The Potluck on Sunday August 4th, had over 100+ guests stop by for conversation, connection, and the exchange of ideas. Upon entering, you could grab a passport that acted as a guide for the evening, circulating folks from the gallery to neighborland installation, community cork board to madlib station. ?! MEET A SMALL BUSINESS Learn more about what fuels our shops, studios, and local economy. #localfaves WANDER AROUND There’s so much to love around here. Where do you love to wander? #walkyourcity SHARE YOUR STORY We’re collecting faces and stories of our neighborhood. #madlib GIVE A FRESH IDEA What do you want to see in the neighborhood? Share your needs, dreams, ideas! #neighborland GREET YOUR NEIGHBORS From block clubs to block parties, learn how people build stronger blocks. #hineighbor APPRECIATE LOCAL DESIGN Art and design fills Ravenswood. Learn more about our creative culture & see art! #printlocal #neighborly #chidesign Your Passport
  • 12. Civic Designs Delicious Design League Draplin Design Co Dylan Allread GIGART Heads of State Joe Mills Kelly Pratt Kevin Lucius Little Canoe Matte Stephens Ork Posters Orange Beautiful Ryan Kapp Starshaped Press Steve Shanabruch Studio Chris A gallery of place Chicago in print ?! Jenny Beorkrem Steve Shanabruch Curator Collaborator
  • 13. Jenny Beorkrem A gallery of place Chicago in print
  • 14. A gallery of place Children’s drawings of Chicago
  • 15. Begyle Brewing Company Brew Camp! Cafe Selmarie Casa Dolce Jo Snow Spacca Napoli Troquet & Neighbors & Friends Pottery from Lillstreet Art Center Succulents from Alapash Home Potluck Partners Food & Drinks
  • 16. INTERIORS Design Within Reach Friends at Cannon Design The Griffin Company Interface Morlen Sinoway Atelier The Rüder Group Shaw Contract Group SUPPLIES & PLACE C. Bachmann & Associates Crafty Beaver Ravenswood Event Center Patch Landscaping SSA #31 Haiser Design LillBug Design Potluck Partners Design & Place
  • 17. A Possibility Potluck is a start to a larger conversation. How do we measure success? We capture the numbers, ideas, & insights, but also measure in creative collaborations, new connections, & continued activation. We will continue share insights Share your ideas Keep in touch: Melanie: Charlie: What next? Open to possibilities