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Social Media - Get The Fundamentals Right
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Social Media - Get The Fundamentals Right


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  • 1. Social Media- Get the fundamentals right Image credit: Guido van Nispen a Melissa J Choo presentation
  • 2. Let’s start with the fundamentals Image credit: Superrune Are you using social media first and foremost for marketing or communication purposes? Are you aware of what it entails to jump on the social media bandwagon and create an impact? Have you aquainted yourself with social media etiquette?
  • 3. Social media is essentially about embracing conversations Lose sight of the communication factor and you debauch the social in social media Image credit: Pieter Muster
  • 4.
    • Garrulous one-way conversations
    • People who do not even attempt to listen SPAM
    Image credit: Telcoserf What’s unappreciated by serious social media users ?
  • 5. If you’re sincere about engaging , people respond. Image credit: ostergaardander Are you listening to your audience? If you’re more interested in selling outright, be prepared to be ignored. Social media platforms are not channles for direct sales solicitations.
  • 6. Just as in a normal communities, there are formal/unwritten rules and etiquette in social media communities. Image credit: Enrique Mendez
  • 7. Understanding the norms + how communities of interest interact prepares you for your first point of contact with prospective audience
    • First impressions matter.
    Image credit: Kazukichi
  • 8. Take Twitter as an example Observe and follow Style Rules Spell properly instead of using numbers in replacement of words Acknowledge the original author in a Retweet Avoid being a Social Butterfly Following lots of people in the hope that some will follow you in return Image credit: Kun530
  • 9. Know what you’re getting into Social media may be cost effective because it doesn’t cost to use it Image credit: Josh Bozarth
  • 10. However, Participation takes effort + (a lot of) time and it’s continuous. Image credit: hensever
  • 11. It’s not a once off marketing campaign. It’s about engaging and enhancing your relationship with your audience over time . Image credit: rickz & Animesh Singh
  • 12. Forecast the time required for your social media efforts and commit to it Attention is quickly lost with infrequent updates and mundane posts. You’re competing with steams of people producing valuable content. Prepare to scale your resources if your social media effort becomes successful Image credit: hensever
  • 13.
    • Social media is where the action is
    With the social media frenzy, it’s easy to get carried away and hop onto various social media sites. Image credit: Slaff
  • 14. But what makes it equally if not more exciting for your audience? What’s your story? What value are you offering? our audience would ask
    • How do you intend to take your story further?
    Image credit: Asane
  • 15. Get aquainted with different social media sites. Familiarise yourself with the features and possibilities
  • 16. Strategise Focus on using appropriate social media sites that complement your objectives Image credit: Zebra Pares
  • 17. Use Social media Collaboratively
      • Be consistent in the message and tone on your various social media sites
      • Link up your social media sites instead of approaching them as individual projects
    Image credit: Detritus
  • 18. on your website or blog if you do not have these social media accounts. Image credit: Ricky Romero But do not include Not only is it unprofessional, it creates annoyance to readers.
  • 19. Give a comprehensive overview of your social media touchpoints Example 1 H&M’s Social Media Room lists the latest updates across its various social media platforms.
  • 20.
      • Example 2
      • Stylein displays Facebook updates on the blog page
      • This gives readers the ease of connecting via Facebook as well
    Link to the online shop
  • 21. Example 3 Google (similar to many other companies) adds links to other social media sites below its blog posts. This helps to spread the blog posts and connect the company with its audience across other social media platforms.
  • 22. Offer more valuable content by combining your usual topics with popular discussions on various social media sites Enhance efficiency for your readers by providing affiliate links to topics of their interest e Stretch it further Image credit: ndanger
  • 23. Be the great resource with valuable content & engaging social interactions Image credit: Choconancy1 In essence