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Proposal 'brand profile'  nokia pitch
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  • 1. Proposal ‘Brand profile’
  • 2. What is a Brand Profile?
    A product made specifically for the corporate market
    A compilation of all marketing and advertising activities done by a brand in Pakistan
    The content featured is a vast source of information for existing and future marketers to be utilized in:
    • Projects
    • 3. Presentations
    • 4. Marketing/advertising competitions and challenges
  • Brandsynario’s objective?
    Use Brand Profiles to assist in showcasing the work of a brand which may otherwise be scattered over different mediums
    To provide integrated opportunities for the digital promotion of brands
    To provide a 360 degree platform for digital communication which is in this day and age is the most effective tool to build brand awareness
  • 5. How does a Brand Profile work?
    A dedicated ‘micro site’ for brands to showcase themselves through interactive web content that is ‘stimulating’ and takes consumer experience to an entirely new level through:
    • Interactive Applications
    • 6. Online interactive content
  • Brand Profile- Front page
  • 7. What does a brand profile include?
    Brand Gallery| Featured campaigns
    Webcasts| Live brand manager video feeds
    Latest News and Events
    Advertising library| Ad library
    Brand Activations| Experiential marketing campaigns
    Promotions| Latest promotional schemes
    Case Studies|
  • 8. Brand Gallery
    This section will showcase the featured campaigns that are being initiated by a brand. The section will also include a banner with the choice of visually selecting the different variations of the featured campaigns.
  • 9. Brand Gallery
  • 10. Webcasts
    This section will include high quality video interviews of brand managers and other top managers who will be talking about upcoming campaigns and the dynamics of the brand’s core values
    The section will also provide a visual outlet for the brand managers to express their associations with the brand with possibilities of a live video stream (U stream) for the consumers/fans to interact with the brand manager
  • 11. Webcasts
  • 12. News and events
    This section will showcase all the latest news and happenings related to a brand such as any upcoming press conference or launch ceremony
    The events section will showcase and provide coverage for all the on ground events related to a brand such as press conferences, new product launches and brand award ceremonies etc.
  • 13. News and Events
  • 14. Ad library
    This section will include a complete Print Ad and TVC archive of the brand
    The archive will contain high resolution advertisements of the brand which will be categorized according to the different time eras. The eras will displayed visually in a highly thematic manner
  • 15. Ad Library
  • 16. Brand Activations
    This section will showcase on ground brand activations of a brand which will be represented through high resolution visuals
    The section also offers the possibility of showcasing the experiential marketing campaigns of a brand through videos
  • 17. Brand Activations
  • 18. Promotions
    This section will include all the latest price promotions, bundle offers and any other form of consumer promotions showcased both visually and with text content
    The section could also showcase the possibility of any CSR efforts that might be associated with the brand
  • 19. Promotions
  • 20. Case Studies
    Keeping in view the high student turn out on Brandsynario, this section will showcase case studies dedicated to the brand
    The case studies could be management developed or developed by 3rd party contributors
    Teachers could be engaged to develop case studies and side projects as a part of their curriculum
  • 21. Case Studies
  • 22. Web to SMS integration
    SMS updates of the latest happenings on every brand profile section to the registered fans
    SMS trivia, voting and interactive competitions to be engaged
  • 23. SMS promotional updates
  • 24. SMS trivia/competitions
  • 25. How will brand profiles be promoted?
    The brand profiles will be showcased on web banners on Brandsynario’s landing page
    Bulk email promotions to all the members of Brandsynario
    The brand profiles will also be showcased on the official brandsynario face book page and on the brand’s official face book fan page
    Possibilities of integrating the content on brand profiles through facebook applications
  • 26. Nokia web banner
  • 27. Landing page banner
  • 28. Brandsynariofacebook page landing
  • 29. How will the brand benefit?
    Vast opportunities for Digital branding and Digital promotions of the product
    Possibility of on ground POS promotions through student brand ambassadors
    Possibility of digital activations and promotions through student digital brand ambassadors reaching out to a target audience of 17.5 million internet users
  • 30. Basic package:
    Rs 30,000/ month- minimum 12 month contract
    Exclusive of:
    • Brandsynario developed digital interactive applications
    • 31. Brandsynario developed case studies
    • 32. Web-SMS integration
    • 33. Brandsynario developed promotions
    How much will it cost?
  • 34. How much will it cost you?
    Value added web-sms package
    Rs 60,000/month