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M eugenia 12 13

  1. 1. St. Marie Eugenie of JesusFoundress of the Religious of the Assumption WITH YOU, WE CAN 10th march, 2013
  2. 2. Who is she?She is Anne EugenieMilleret de Brou ,later to become St. SEugenie of Jesus ,the future foundress ofthe Religious of theAssumption
  3. 3. The family of St. Mª Eugenie of JesusAnne Eugenie’s father, JacquesMilleret, had met Eleonore-Eugenie deBrou in Luxembourg.Five children, three boys and two girls,were born to them.
  4. 4. The family of St. Mª Eugenie of JesusAnne MarieEugenie was bornin 1817 in Metz,into a wealthyfamily and grew upin a chateau in thesuburb of Priesch,north of Paris
  5. 5. The family of St. Mª Eugenie of Jesus She grew up in a family that had no interest inreligion or Jesus Christ, but that was privileged,wealthy and passionate about politics and social justice
  6. 6. Preisch, Metz, France
  7. 7. Anne Eugenie was baptized on October 5, 1817 in her family’s own chapel at Preisch.
  8. 8. For Anne Eugenie, Preisch meant thecountryside, an atmosphere of freedom, games with Louis, walks, the joys of childhood, the vast library, visits to the poor with her mother, parties.
  9. 9. First Communion of St. Mª Eugenie of Jesus ¡Navidad de 1829! At the age of 12, Anne-Eugénie made her FirstHoly Communion at the Church of Saint Segolene
  10. 10. First Communion of St. Mª Eugenie of Jesus “The moment I received Jesus Christ, it was as if everything I had seen on earth was only a passing shadow.”
  11. 11. First Communion of St. Mª Eugenie of JesusThrough receiving this sacrament, she experienced Through receiving this sacrament, she experiencedthe presence of God, a mystical moment, one aboutthe presence of God, a mystical moment, one about which she would talk throughout the rest of her life which she would talk throughout the rest of her life
  12. 12. For Sale In 1830, her father lost his fortune and had to put Preischup for sale. In the house in Metz, too, sheriff’s seals wereeverywhere. An even more bitterdrama was the separation of her parents.
  13. 13. For Sale Anne Eugenie went to livein Paris with her mother while Louis remained with M. Milleret.
  14. 14. In 1832, a choleraepidemic ravaged thecapital. Mme. Milleretbecame ill; within a few hours she was dead.Anne Eugenie wasfifteen, alone and in great distress.
  15. 15. Her father then sent Marie Eugenie to live with veryCatholic cousins in Paris.
  16. 16. Then God intervened. In Lent 1836, Anne Eugenie heard Father Lacordaire in Notre Dame:He spoke to her heart. Sherealised that she had to give her life to God.
  17. 17. As she said later, "My vocation dates from Notre Dame."
  18. 18. It was only the next year that chance - or the hand of God - brought her into contact with Fr. Combalot.
  19. 19. Combalot told her that he was looking for someone to help him found a religious order devoted to Mary and to theeducation of the poor, and thought that Anne-Eugénie would be such a foundress.At the age of 22, with four young companions, she founded the Religious of the Assumption
  20. 20. Fr. d’Alzon foundedthe Augustinians of the Assumption 6 years after the foundation of the Religious of the AssumptionFr. d‘Alzon becameher spiritual directorand intimate friend for 40 years .
  21. 21. And the rest, as they say, is history.
  22. 22. The foundation of the Assumption
  23. 23. April 30, 1839 : Foundation Day Religious of the AssumptionFirst apartment at Rue Ferou
  24. 24. Appartment on Rue Ferou On April 30, 1839, Anne Eugenie Milleret and Anastasia Bevier met in a small apartment on Rue Ferou, a tiny lane near Saint Sulpice. Year after year, Marie Eugenie would celebrate that anniversary foundation of the Religious of the Assumption on by recounting once more the amazing deeds of God.
  25. 25. “In the Assumption, everything is from Jesus Christ,everything belongs to Jesus Christ, everything must be for Jesus Christ.”
  26. 26. Site of the first boarding school at Impasse des Vignes which opened in the Spring of 1842 with 14 students.
  27. 27. On August 10, 1857, the Community left the heart of the city and went to Auteuil;To the Chateau was added the boarding school. The new monastery became the heart of the Congregation and would bethe House of Mother Marie Eugenie for 40 years.
  28. 28. The Auteuil property, 1857, Paris - Mother House (Original)
  29. 29. Auteuil Mother House of theReligious of the Assumption (Present)
  30. 30. March 10, 1898 Death ofMarie Eugenie
  31. 31. Beatification of Marie Eugenie February 9, 1975St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome
  32. 32. Canonization of Marie Eugenie
  33. 33. Sunday June 3, 2007 Celebration of theCANONIZATION at St. Peter’s Square
  34. 34. “The earth is aplace of Gods glory” M.M.EUGENIE
  35. 35. What inspired her? ~ Reign of God• A lifestyle and a mission lived in the following of Jesus and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.• A way of life that creates an interior order of priorities and values that structures persons and society in love, justice and peace.“It pains me to hear this earth called a land of exile. I consider it a place of glory for God.”
  36. 36. What inspired her… ~ the basis of her pedagogy … To challenge a worldly education whose instruction was superficial; An authentic Christianity and not a external piety; To give girls a formation of the whole person in the light of Christ To transform those who are too narrow-minded in their religiosity ~ “…hearts that do not beat for anything broad-minded…”
  37. 37. The Educational Project Educate to help persons transform their way of thinking and acting, to transform their Social environmentBorn from a double vision~ – The REIGN of God – beginning and end of everything – Christian Society – where God is recognized, loved and servedFormation of the intelligence enlightened by faith ~ Christianize the Intelligence
  38. 38. Social Transformation Today Education for Justice, Respect for Creation, Peace and
  39. 39. The Assumption in the Word
  40. 40. Assumption in Gijón 8-marzo-2013
  41. 41. 1907Now (2013)
  43. 43. The earth is a place of Gods glory St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus
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