Contenairization of APIs to improve Developer Experience


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APIs are not only Application Programming Iinterfaces. They define also contract between an provider and a customer/user, why we need a developer portal to define this contract, more than the interface itself.
More of that Http calls are alien into the developer code, where he is now used to use objects.
This talk shows how we could leverage containers abstraction for APIs to improve Developer Experience and simplify Developers Portals and http APIs integration, among the supply chain of "Code Delivery" into web or mobile apps.

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Contenairization of APIs to improve Developer Experience

  1. 1. Containerization of APIs to improve Developer Experience Make the API economy Bigger
  2. 2. @medjawii
  3. 3. Mashup for fun & profit
  6. 6. From Industry Supply chain management to Data Supply chain management
  7. 7. Phoenicians : 3000 BC
  8. 8. November 14th, 1913
  9. 9. November 14th, 1913
  10. 10. From 1926 to 1929, Seatrain Lines had carried railroad boxcars on its sea vessels to transport goods between New York and Cuba. #FAIL In the mid-1930s, the Chicago Great Western Railway and then the New Haven railroad began piggy-back service limited to their own railroad. #FAIL
  11. 11. 1934 : Malcom McLean creates McLean Trucks, Co
  12. 12. 1939-1945
  13. 13. “Give me Liberty or give me Death”
  14. 14. 1950’
  15. 15. Shipping costs $$$
  16. 16. - On a delivery from Chicago to Nancy, France, 48% of the shipping price is the total port cost - 75% of the cost of port cost is due when the ship is at dock. - shipping costs can go up to 25% of the goods value, so blocking the international trade to be not worthwhile
  17. 17. “As sexy as a tin can” Marc Levinson
  18. 18. 1955 : Malcolm Mc Lean sells McLean Trucks and creates Waterman Corp.
  19. 19. 1956 : price comparison
  20. 20. 1956 : price per ton shipped $5.86 $0.16
  21. 21. Shipping data and services : Containers for APIs ?
  22. 22. Classical products distribution Web service distributed via an API API
  23. 23. Classical products distribution Web service distributed via an API API
  24. 24. 1) Developers portals are a DX bug
  25. 25. http API API APIkey API endpoint documentation registration Authorization discovery integration
  26. 26. Developer Experience Programming costs $$$
  27. 27. In a Developer Experience perspective, a developer portal is a bug, not a feature.
  28. 28. “As a user, this is a bug not a feature” This is why iPhone 5s has TouchID for UX, not for security !
  29. 29. Why? Developer portals are a compromise between API providers and Developers on defining a contract.
  30. 30. - an API is not only an Application Programming Interface It is a contract.
  31. 31. - an API is an API + Service + Pricing model + Terms of service + Marketing/Branding + Humans
  32. 32. 2) http calls are “aliens” in code
  33. 33.
  34. 34. http is good for interoperability and the network, not for the DX. It is also a compromise. It’s OK. 200 OK.
  35. 35. If we had a Dev DX magic stick, APIs should be librairies. v1.0
  36. 36. If we had a Dev DX magic stick, APIs should be librairies.
  37. 37. What are the potential containers of APIs?
  38. 38. - Rest APIs abstraction - Objects - Components - Linux Containers
  39. 39.{service_provider}
  40. 40. apis.facebook.getFriends() apis.twitter.auth()
  41. 41. We strongly recommend using the client libraries listed above for building AdWords API applications. If you would prefer to use a SOAP toolkit to directly interact with the API, read these language-specific instructions for further details.
  42. 42. Developer Javascript API http calls
  43. 43. Not all languages are represented into SDK There are 2nd class Developers
  44. 44. Not all languages are represented into SDK... There are 2nd class Developers (no troll)
  45. 45. API endpoint description WSDL WADL Swagger Blueprint RAML Javascript wrappers conf.json
  46. 46. API endpoint description WSDL We could generate WADL SDK out of these Swagger API description Blueprint models for all RAML languages Javascript wrappers conf.json
  47. 47. Bonus : Code complete
  48. 48. Widgets Components
  49. 49. Linux Containers
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