Mcdonalds final!- mehak


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  • Much higher degree of adaptability.
  • Mcdonalds final!- mehak

    1. 1. 1. Drive-Thru, Auto-Mac, Pay and Drive, or McDrive2. Solid Gold McDonalds3. McCafé4. McExpress5. McStop
    2. 2. One’s upon a time When I was a Baby10/31/2011 consumer behavior 3
    3. 3. So, Let’s go, Listen toMy story, AGENDA of My story is
    4. 4. COMPANY DESCRIPTION Established in California during 1940s by two brothers, named Richard and Maurice McDonald. The brothers used assembly line procedures in their kitchen for mass production. Prices were kept low. Speed, service and cleanliness became the critical success factors of the business. By mid-1950s, the restaurants revenues had reached $350,000. The brothers’ success, in 1955, Entrepreneur Ray Kroc bought the right to franchise the McDonald’s System, and Renamed the McDonalds Corporation in 1960.
    5. 5.  Kroc focused his marketing effort on the family meal and children, spending heavily on television advertising which promoted the smiling clown face of its child-friendly brand mascot, Ronald McDonald. Today, the McDonald’s franchise exceeds 30,000 restaurants globally and serves over 50 million people in more than 121 countries each day.
    6. 6. "McDonalds vision is to be the worlds best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile."
    7. 7. COMPANY’SOBJECTIVES! •Customer driven, global oriented •Achieving sustainable ,profitable growth •Designed to increase restaurant visits and grow brand loyalty among new & existing customers • McDonalds is committed to maintaining and developing the best food products in the quick service restaurant market.
    8. 8. McDonalds-global Fast Food Powerhouse• 2004-world’s largest marketer of fast food• Serves in 120 countries• 31,000 restaurants• Employs 360,000• 47 million customers per day10/31/2011 consumer behavior 10
    9. 9.  McDonalds also provided hostesses who would keep on circulating in the lobby by providing.― Napkins― Soufflé cups― Helping children― Tissue papers― Assistance required
    10. 10. Product adaptation-the Indian challenge• 40% vegetarians selections to suit Indian tastes.• Respect for local culture-no beef or pork served.• Soft serves and mc shakes are eggless• Re-formulated own products using spices favored by Indians.• Only vegetable oil used as cooking medium. 10/31/2011 consumer behavior 12
    11. 11. 10/31/2011 consumer behavior 13
    12. 12. McDonald’s in India
    13. 13. History in India• 1996 …The first McDonald’s restaurant opened on Oct. 13, at Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. It was also the first restaurant in the world not serving beef on its menu• 1997…the first Drive –Thru restaurant at Noida• 1999…the first Mall location restaurant at Ansal Plaza – New Delhi• 2000…the first highway restaurant at Mathura• 2001…the first thematic restaurant at Connaught Place• 2002…the first restaurant in a food court at 3C’s, Lajpat Nagar and the first restaurant at the Delhi Metro Station at Inter State Bus Terminus
    14. 14. mc -Strategies International Growth Forward Integration -Distribution through Franchisees Backward Integration -Local Sourcing, Cold Chain, Suppliers Market penetration & Development - McDelivery New Product Development - Aloo Tikki, Salad
    15. 15. I Love Children- Happy Meal
    16. 16. ACHIEVEMENTS• Ranked as the 8th best employer• Ranked the best fast food chain of restaurants• Ranked the 8th healthiest fast food eateries• Ranked 2nd for customer satisfaction.
    18. 18. criticism• Ecological damage• Selling unhealthy food,• Contributing to suffering and exploitation of livestock.• McDonalds=junk food, high calorie food?
    19. 19. McDonald’s SWOT Analysis Brand Equity…world-wide  International expansion 42% of US fast-food hamburger  Only serving 1% of the world’sbusiness population Consistency of food  Growing dining-out market Successful items: Fries, HappyMeal, Aloo tikki, Egg McMuffin,Promotions Overseas market Balance sheet position Declining market share  Mature/overstored industry Weak product development  Strength of competition Quality and taste of products  More health-conscious consumers  Fluctuation of foreign exchange rates; Economies