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LocalBizNetwork's Services

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LocalBizNetwork offers Web Services from Design to Marketing all within a small business owner's budget.

LocalBizNetwork offers Web Services from Design to Marketing all within a small business owner's budget.

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  • 1. We are a professional company with in-house software engineers, internet marketing experts, writers in various vertical markets, graphic designers, network engineers and managers you will love working with. There is no other organization for small business owners like ours in this space. We have been in business for over a decade! You will love working with our team, who will hand hold you throughout your project.
    _________________________________________________________21040 Homestead Road, # 205 | Cupertino, CA 95014 Tel: (408) 359-2452 | info@localbiznetwork.com
  • 2. Check Out What We Offer!
  • 3. LBN offers web design and development from simple static to dynamic websites
  • 4. LBN specializes in Custom made Web Applications
  • 5. Appointment Calendar, Child Care Facility Application, E Commerce, Event Calendar, Event Registration, Bulletin Board and Customized Dashboard
  • 6. Internet Marketing is our forte
    Social Media
  • 7. LBN has various Internet Marketing packages to suit your Budget
  • 8. What is Internet Marketing?Promoting/Branding your products/services online
    • Blogs/Online Reviews
    • 9. Link Exchanges
    • 10. Online Press Releases
    • 11. Landing Pages
    • 12. Website Optimization
    • 13. Online Radio
    • 14. Online Video
    • 15. Online Image Repositories
    • 16. Online Newsletters
    • 17. Email Blasts
    • 18. Social Networking Branding
    • 19. Digg, Delicious, Technorati
    • 20. Twitter & Facebook
    • 21. Direct Marketing for active user participation
  • 22. E Newsletters
    All our newsletters are custom designed with constant clientinput.
    All our content is proprietary content written by our excellent marketing writers.
    Our expertise is to showcase products and services in the most eye-catching manner for the target audience.
  • 23. EMAIL Marketing
    Sending discounts and specials
    Sending Christmas and Thanksgiving greetings
    Sending Tips and Tricks that are common to your target market
    Email IDs in a database (this is powerful)
    5. We provide a CRM to keep track of database
  • 24. Video Blogging
    Our in-house staff videographer will shoot custom commercials for your business that will be promoted via blogs and other social media.
  • 25. Web Templates
    LocalBizNetwork brings you professionally created HTML websites categorized into various business categories. Nowhere in the world will you find such good quality templates with CSS ready to download and use at such rock bottom prices.
  • 26. Web Hosting
    LocalBizNetwork offers quality Linux hosting services. We offer the best combination of power, flexibility and service for your web hosting needs. We have a 24x7 dedicated team to take care of our servers.
  • 27. LBN Business Directory
    1. Search for any service provider anywhere in the world. 2. Use LBN’s easy to navigate search feature. 3. There are thousands of businesses listed in our database. 4. Search by Country, State, City, Business Category or Zip code. 5. It’s totally FREE to add your business as well as do a search.
  • 28. LBN Event Calendar
    1. Check out any small business event in your locality. 2. Add your small business event.3. It’s totally FREE.
  • 29. BLOGS
  • 30. Blogs
    1. Articles/Write-ups about your business
    2. Write a list of keywords and keyphrases about your business
    3. Hyperlink URLs to your website and other blogs
    4. Hyperlink keywords in the blog
    5. Tag the blogs with keywords
    Example: Thanksgiving fruit centerpieces
    Nov. 4th, 2009 at 8:44 AM
    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and everyone in your family is getting ready for the big celebration dinner. This is the perfect time to create unique decorations by arranging the season’s organic fruits on your table for the Thanksgiving dinner. They will look attractive and also are healthy to eat. To order fall fruit baskets without going grocery shopping, call Hi5 Produce at (408) 778-6476. They will be delivered right to your workplace, free of delivery cost.
    The reason why people choose Hi5 Produce is because their fruits are freshly produced without using harmful chemicals and pesticides to grow them. Their incredible fruit baskets are neatly packed and delivered to areas in and around the California bay area. Fabulous gift boxes are delivered all over America at only $59.00 and it consists of an assortment of seasonal fruits. So order fresh fruits from Hi5 and enjoy the season’s bountiful harvest.Tags: california bay area | fall fruit baskets | fresh fruits | healthy to eat | hi5 produce | incredible fruit
  • 31. Online Reviews
    Angie’s List
    AOL Yellow Pages
    Chef Moz
    City Search
    Insider Pages
    Judy’s Book
    Yahoo! Local
  • 32. Link Exchanges
    *Example - APPLE - the computer/fruit*Incoming and Outgoing Links*25 links per month
  • 33. Online Press ReleasesPublicity is more effective than advertising
    1. Submitted to various trade magazines, newspapers, content websites
    2. High visibility on the search engines
    (Free-Press-Release.com) September 22, 2009 -- Hi5 Produce strives to provide fresh fruits to individuals at their offices with just a click of a button. Sounds unreal? So, if you are in a lurch as to what you would like to send some friend, colleague, business associate or even family member for any occasion, you should try the gift fruit boxes on offer from Hi5 Produce. Not only are these boxes very healthy but are available in a very attractive basket packaging that makes it really worth gifting. Hi5 Produce P.O. Box 2216 Morgan Hill, CA 95038 www.hi5produce.com Ph: 408-778-6476 | Fax: 408-782-6052
    http://www.mathtutorsbayarea.com/press_release/2011/January/ http://www.cateringcompanybayarea.com/press_release/2011/January/
  • 34. Landing Pages
    1. Mini websites hosted on a different IP address2. Use it for email blasts, link exchanges3. Use it for Lead Generation
  • 35. Online Radio
  • 36. Website Optimization
    1. Make sure you site is not completely in flash
    2. Site needs at least 250 words on the homepage
    3. All images to be tagged with sensible words that pertains to the business
    4. Make sure the website does not contain too many large image files
    The <title> tag – Most important in website optimization
    Do not put the name of the site first, unless the name contains the essential keyword phrase. Instead of <title>Alfred's Reading Emporium</title>, go for <title>Used books, magazines, periodicals, posters and postcards from Alfred's Reading Emporium in Boulder, Colorado</title>.
    The <meta> tags – This describes the website to the search spiders
    <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="old and used books paperbacks periodicals magazines newspapers papers postcards post card poster old prints"><META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT=“Alfred's Reading Emporium in Boulder, Colorado offers you a large collection of used books, paperbacks, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, prints, posters and postcards.">
  • 37. Web Analysis
  • 38. Marketing Collateral
    LBN designs logos, brochures, business cards, datasheets and print ads which your business might need.
    http://www.localbiznetwork.com/logos.jsp http://www.localbiznetwork.com/banners.jsp
  • 39. Social Networks - The Future
    take a deep breath… and imagine a world without email!
    What used to be mail messages are now posts, tagged and targeted and secure. Your PDA, mobile phone, or desktop readers are instantly
    notified of the communication directed at you, and you can
    immediately navigate to it so you can read it and
    respond either to a single person or
    to a whole community! 
  • 40. Business Networking Sites
    Linkedin.com – Business Networking
    Meetup.com – General and Business
    Meettheboss.com – Business Networking
    Ryze.com – Business Networking
    TalkBizNow.com – Business Networking
    Xing.com – Business Networking
    Yammer.com – Business Colleagues Networking
    Yelp.com – Business Reviews
  • 41. Social Networking Sites
    Badoo.com – very popular in Europe – 13 million users
    Bebo.com – Worldwide – 40 million users
    Facebook – Worldwide – 200 million users
    Friendster – Worldwide – 90 million users
    LinkedIn – Worldwide – 40 million users
    MySpace – Worldwide – 253 million users
    Orkut – Popular in Asia and Europe – 67 million users
    Twitter.com – Worldwide – 12 million users
  • 42. What is Social BookMarking?
    It is tagging a website and saving it for later. Instead of saving them to your web browser, you are saving them to the web. And, because your bookmarks are online, you can easily share them with friends.Digg ~ Del.icio.us ~ StumbleUpon ~ Reddit
    Sphinn ~ Yahoo Buzz ~ Tip’d ~ kirtsy
  • 43. TwitterWhat is Twitter?
    1. Twitter is ‘twittering’ (talking) to potential customers for your business,
    getting ideas/help/solutions for your business, branding your business in
    your target sector (geographically too!)
    2. Twitters are short blogs with 140 characters or less.
    3. You can market your business or get connected with other power partners
    for your business from your cell phone from anywhere.
    4. Instant public messages – kind of like advertising on the radio for free.
  • 44. TwitterAdvantages of Twittering for Business?
    1. Hard to get responses in blogs – but, people do respond to tweets
    2. You can tweet from anywhere and grow your business by constantly talking
    to people in your sphere
    3. You can wonder about issues/future plans about your business aloud – and
    get instant responses
    4. Be in touch with your colleagues/coworkers constantly wherever you are –
    this avoids a lot of miscommunication within a company
  • 45. Twitter
  • 46. TwitterAdvantages of Twittering for Business?
    1. Hard to get responses in blogs – but, people do respond to tweets
    2. You can tweet from anywhere and grow your business by constantly talking
    to people in your sphere
    3. You can wonder about issues/future plans about your business aloud – and
    get instant responses
    4. Be in touch with your colleagues/coworkers constantly wherever you are –
    this avoids a lot of miscommunication within a company
  • 47. FaceBookBenefits of Business
    Raise visibility.
    - By consistently and congruently showing up, posting relevant information, and being a thought leader, you can
    increase visibility and credibility as the expert in your area.
    Develop your personal brand.
    - The lines between business and personal have become blurred. You can reveal as much or as little about
    yourself as you wish, allowing you to personalize your brand.
    Target your niche.
    - Users volunteer vast amounts of information about themselves that you can readily access. These kinds of
    demographics, psychographics, and technographics would previously have cost fortunes to access.
    Get rapid top Google placement.
    - Create a Page for your business and share information with your fans. Pages (for business) and Profiles (for
    personal) are indexed for optimal search engine positioning.
    Place targeted ads.
    - With Facebook Social Ads, you can test out extremely targeted advertising for minimal cost.
  • 48. FaceBook
  • 49. Business Dashboard
    What is it? It’s the most common business needs combined into one, easy to use interface!
    It’s your own private website where only YOU, and others you authorize, can login and see the information
  • 50. Benefits of your own Dashboard
    It’s customized for YOUR business requirements
    It can improve the flow of communication
    It helps you find the contact information for any client or prospect, and can provide status for any project
    It will provide a record of your customers that can be used to market additional services in the future!
    It is ready now via any internet connection.
    You don’t have to “program” it
    It is customized to meet your needs and is supported by a local provider
  • 51. How do I get started?
    Getting your own Business Dashboard built involves a few steps and a
    little time, but none complex or difficult!
    LBN will meet with you to discuss your online information needs, then provide a proposal which can include a regular website, if needed.
    There is an one-time charge for design and set-up, then a monthly recurring charge for hosting the data.
    Once the agreement is completed, we will draw up detailed Layout Diagrams showing all button-names and drop-down box fields, then populate some employee names, etc., to get you started tracking your business projects.
  • 52. _________________________________________________________________21040 Homestead Road, # 205 | Cupertino, CA 95014 Tel: (408) 359-2452 | info@localbiznetwork.com