VSU Student Commutes


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Reporting accross platforms assignment- demonstrating the ways at which I would report on VSU student commutes using a range of media including broadcast, radio, web, & print.

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VSU Student Commutes

  1. 1. Questions I would liketo Address- How far of a distance to VSU students live from the university- What are the advantages & disadvantages of living farther/closer to University- Why did VSU students choose to attend a university Far/close to home?- What is it like to have a long commute/short commute from home to VSU?
  2. 2. WEB POLLFor the Web elements of my story Iwould like to include a web poll atwhich VSU students can be invitedto take in order to better access the Source: Polljunkie.combreakdown of the distance a & VSU Studentsmajority of students travel fromhome to school http://www.polljunkie.com/NAm62k/Poll13974.aspx
  3. 3. STUDENTS DAKINIADAVIS & ALLIEPARISH DISCUSSTHEIR COLLEGECOMMUTEFor the video portion of my storyI would like to include a videorecorded interview that is adiscussion contrasting theadvantages and disadvantagesof going to school locally versesattending a university that is asubstantially far distance fromhome.I would select two students, one Interview with VSU Students & Poli.who has a very short commute Sci. majors Dakinia Davis & Alliefrom their place of residence to ParishVSU and one who had a longcommute from VSU
  4. 4. Sara Giles, senior, early childhood major at VSU travels nearly 850 miles to visit home on her breaks from school. Giles, whose permanent place of residence is North East Maryland, says its difficult being so far away from her family because they are very close. “I can’t just go grab dinner one weekend with them. We have to plan out all of the details before I can visit,” said Giles. Giles also said she spends a ton of money to go home. “While others are complaining about four hour drives to Atlanta in traffic, I’m making fifteen hour drives in traffic. Sometimes it takes her longer than a day to get home in poor traffic conditions. Source: Student, Sara GilesPhoto by Sara Giles
  5. 5. Place of origin among VSU students Georgia Other States Other CountriesWhat the perimeter of 200+ Map Graphic by Barrie Fitzgeraldmi. from VSU looks like
  6. 6. VSU Commute StatisticsSource: Institutional ResearchAnalyst, Barrie D. Fitzgeraldof the Strategic Research &Analysis department at VSU
  7. 7. Source: VSUStudents &their personalexperienceswith living far& away fromtheiruniversity.