NAM Communications Internship 2009


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PowerPoint from exit presentation given to NAM staff

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NAM Communications Internship 2009

  1. 1. Meghan French<br />Communications InternshipMay 26- July 31<br />
  2. 2. Office Duties<br />Media List: Energy, Healthcare, International/Trade, Budget/Tax and Manufacturing<br />Deloitt Media List and 32 lists for Commending Democrats for Opposing Climate Legislation<br />NAM Daily News Hits<br />Social Media Competitive Tracker<br />Website Document Saving<br />National Summit Media Report<br />NAM Policy Staff Media Hits<br />
  3. 3. Official Business Outings<br /><ul><li>Lunch with Lisa Lerer @ The Source
  4. 4. Lunch with Hank @ Oceanaire
  5. 5. C-Span to watch Gov. Engler
  6. 6. Gov. Engler’s Testimony on trade</li></li></ul><li>Meetings and Events @ NAM<br />Weekly Communications Meeting<br />Weekly NAM Staff Meeting<br />Weekly Trade Forum<br />Branding Meeting<br />Congressional Insight<br />Intern Lunch with Engler<br />Lamar Alexander on NP<br />
  7. 7. Outside the Office<br />Played on the NAM softball team<br />Coordinated daily lunches and other social events with the NAM interns<br />Wrote for the NAM Quarterly Newsletter<br />
  8. 8. Run Manufacturers<br />
  9. 9. Journalist<br />STORY BEHIND THE STORY:<br />NAM Run Manufacturers?<br />The NAM’s Run Manufacturers have been a part of the U.S. House Softball League since the league’s inception in the summer<br />of 2006. Our team coach, Bob Shepler, wanted a name that combined our association’s mission with a familiar baseball<br />term. “If you know baseball, then you have certainly heard of the term ‘manufacturing runs,” he said. Hence the name, “Run<br />Manufacturers”. “Of course, we always hope that we are the ones manufacturing runs and not our opponents!” Shepler<br />added. Our name couldn’t have been more accurate than in our last game against Los Burros. We manufactured 25 runs to<br />their mere 6 runs. Los Burros, which translates to “the donkeys,” is just one of the many teams in our league that represent<br />the House and Senate offices, state associations, media outlets and trade associations.<br />Each season starts in the beginning of May and runs through late August. After suffering through several rained out games<br />this summer, Mother Nature has only allowed us to play five games. We are currently 3-2 and are ranked 49th out of 121<br />teams. Our best year was 2006, when we finished ranking 38th out of 115. With the help from our interns this summer, we<br />hope to end the season ranking higher than that.<br />Our interns aren’t the only new or unfamiliar faces you may see in the team photo. For years now, we have incorporated<br />skill from all over D. C. to make up our team. We have staff from Senator Richard Shelby’s (R-AL) Banking Committee, personal<br />staff for Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) and committee staff for the House Energy and Commerce Committee and<br />the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, just to name a few. The essence of our team is said best by Bob<br />Shepler, “Though we would like to be competitive in the league, our foremost goal is to have fun”. Tyler Allen (Public Affairs<br />Intern) and I witnessed this spirit first hand in our game against Los Burros. It has been a long time since Tyler and I were<br />young tykes playing softball, but our lack of skill was not important to them, and for that we are eternally grateful.<br />If you would like to share in the glory of the Run Manufacturers team by either playing or cheering, please contact Bob Shepler.<br />
  10. 10. Future<br />More exposure to press releases<br />More legislative exposure<br />