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BOT Presentation 2010


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  • 1. ICT Focus Group Report 2010 By the ICT Focus Team Andrea, Anna, Cherie and Ruth.
  • 2. Where We Were… In 2007: • Every full-time teacher had a laptop. • We had two digital cameras. • We had five Mac laptops with limited capabilities. • We had one video camera. • We had one data projector.
  • 3. Where We Were… In 2008 we acquired… • Eight HP desktop computers (distributed from Rooms 8 -16). Later that year we got eight more. (both through successful grants) • 5 Canon Powershot Digital Cameras (grant) and lunchboxes to keep all the accessories in. • Flash drives for every classroom. • Energiser battery chargers. • Software as per ICT contract. • PD 2008 Comic life, Kid Pix, Digital Cameras and Typography.
  • 4. 2008 These were our future directions: Ideal Classroom Resources • Computers available for students (1:8) • Laptops (pod) available to all classroom (1:2) • Interactive whiteboards with a fixed data projector in all classrooms • 1 Digital camera for each classroom (teacher use) • Digital cameras suitable for children to use as a class set (1:2) Currently at 1:9 Currently 1:3 Interactive Whiteboards are in Rooms 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Currently share 1:1.5 camera between classes. Students and teachers both use them. There is also a pod of 6 cameras that is available to book.
  • 5. Where We Were… In 2009 we acquired: • Six new Canon digital cameras. • Three Promethean Interactive Whiteboards (Grant) • More flash drives for classrooms. • Three staff attended North Island School tour. • PD on Inquiry Model, wikis, movie making, IWB training, Inquiry observations, Google and Web2.0 tools, blogs, inquiry audit, techie sessions (in house), cluster sharing. • Practicum release was 1 CRT day per term (3 days) • ICT lead teachers released to work with Megan (etime) • All staff attended a local tour. We created a Thinking Tool Folder to support staff.
  • 6. Where we’re at now July 2010 Purchases this year: • Four yellow “Easyspeak” microphones (dictaphones) • Four Promethean Interactive Whiteboards (Grant). • Six hands-free microphones for computers. • Parts for a mobile computer pod trolley (C.O.W. – Computers on Wheels). • Six USB flashdrives. • 3 canon digital powershot cameras • 8 Acer desktop PCs (Grant)
  • 7. Professional Development 2010 PD: • All full-time teaching staff attended a local tour of Schools. • GATE programme. • Etime practicum: digital Maths, digital Literacy, Kidpix, Digital art, IWB training. • IWB training in house. • 1 CRT day used each term this year. • All teaching staff use Google Calendar to book ICT equipment.
  • 8. ICT development and sustainability overview: Rubric Inquiry Model
  • 9. ICT use at Spreydon Interactive Whiteboards
  • 10. Microphones…
  • 11. Laptop pod…
  • 12. Future Direction • Equip all classrooms with Promethean Boards. Cost? $50,000 (leased to own) Actual Budget $7,500 per annum. • More desktop computers available in classrooms. • More laptops for the C.O.W. • More digital cameras (1+ per classroom). • Train a team of “Techie Kids” • ICT leaders released from classroom to repair/configure equipment and support staff in use of equipment.