Megatrax Production Music brochure and sizzle reel


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Megatrax Production Music brochure and sizzle reel

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Megatrax Production Music brochure and sizzle reel

  1. 1. 7629 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 +1-888-MEGA(6342)-555 The Leading Independent Production Music Source for Film, Broadcast, Advertising and Multimedia.Sizzle ReelRecent CreditsAbout MegatraxThe Music, Technology & ServiceExclusive LibrariesCustom MusicTV & Radio Barter Next
  2. 2. 7629 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 +1-888-MEGA(6342)-555 If you are having trouble playing this video, please click here. For the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here.Celebrating 20 years as The Sound of Entertainment® Previous Home Next
  3. 3. 7629 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 +1-888-MEGA(6342)-555 The Independent Leader We were founded by composers and are still run by composers. Our music has been featured in thousands of feature lms, trailers, television shows, commercials, promos, multimedia, and new media productions… everything from Friday Night Lights, to Entourage and CSI: Miami, from Alice in Wonderland and Inception, to Toy Story 3D, and Resident Evil 4. Despite big credits, we standout from the corporate “big guys” by being independent. This independence allows us to be exible and creative enough to deliver fresh, super high-quality music, and unparalleled personalized customer service. With nine exclusive premium libraries for your every music need, sub-published in over forty countries, Megatrax has been the top choice of major broadcast networks and Hollywood studios for over twenty-years. Megatrax truly is “The Sound Of Entertainment®.” Pursuing The Perfect Track When you hear a awless soundscape, the beat focuses the intensity of the moment, the melody brings out the raw emotion, the timing is impeccable, and you just know… it’s right. But the hunt can be a long slog, sifting through a seemingly endless array of content that is often disorganized, low quality and even non-exclusive or retitled. Thats why Megatrax has created the tools, variety, and superior selection to make it easy to attain the perfect track for your project.Celebrating 20 years as The Sound of Entertainment® Previous Home Next
  4. 4. 7629 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 +1-888-MEGA(6342)-555The Music – It’s what you showed up for, right? Over 50,000 highly-usable tracks… Including alternate & underscore versions and complete edits 20 to 25 fresh volumes per quarter… In every genre and style, for every need and use Strict quality control… Only the best music makes it into our library Client driven production… We listen to you! Award winning artists, composers and arrangers... Who’ve racked up multiple Emmys ® and Grammys ® One-hundred percent exclusive music… For no-hassle licensing High quality production values… Using the top mastering houses, real instruments, and the best music producers in the businessThe Technology – Everything should be this easy. Faster, more accurate search results The best website in the industry The best hard drive delivery system in the industry Cleaner, more accurate metadata Full-time tech supportThe Service – It’s why you’ll be back. Full-time music supervisors Live chat… with our music supervisors! Fast turnaround time on music searches Online Spanish, and Portuguese translations Payment options: Ability to do radio and TV barter deals Radium News imaging Custom scoring… If we don’t have it, we’ll compose it for you… our Aircast Custom Music divisionCelebrating 20 years as The Sound of Entertainment® Previous Home Next
  5. 5. 7629 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 +1-888-MEGA(6342)-555Our Exclusive Libraries – For all your music needs! MEGATRAX Our agship library, Megatrax is packed with high impact cuts in every genre and style. Hollywood studios, major networks, broadcast outlets, video game developers, trailer and post houses across the globe have relied on Megatrax for nearly 20 years as their go-to source for the most e ective music for promos, commercials, trailers, programs and more. AMUSICOM Founded by Emmy Award-winning composer Danny Pelfrey, Amusicom is ideally suited to your television, lm, radio, promo and underscore projects. A stable of top industry composers create powerful news, drama, sports and entertainment themes and exceptional rock and pop styles. BEAT BITES Raise the roof on your productions with the power of Beat Bites, the evolution of urban music. Each disc features 31 unique tracks, including gritty hip-hop, urban club, pop R&B and exciting cross-genre blends. The Song Bites series features full vocals and lyrics by award-winning urban artists and producers. INTERVOX Intervox goes to the four corners of the globe to bring you an international mix of modern musical genres. Designed for lm, television, radio and new media, this eclectic collection features lush, atmospheric underscores, the latest trends in European electronica and vivid world beats. L.A. RIOT Amp up your next project with a slam-fest of raging youth styles from the adrenaline junkies at L.A. Riot! This groundbreaking library is o ered in 100% pure digital format, and features hi-energy extreme sports, shredding rock and techno, banging hip-hop and ultra-groovy retro styles. MARQUEE MUSIC A premier artist catalog, Marquee Music showcases the cutting edge of up-and-coming indie bands and singer/songwriters from around the world. This exciting collection features radio length songs with full lyrics and vocals in current styles, including modern pop, alternative rock and world pop, plus timeless vintage styles such as big band crooner and holiday songs. SENSACIÓN Sensación captures the exciting, pulsing rhythms of Latin America. Add the authentic avor of Latin re and spice to your productions with Sensación’s electrifying salsa, sizzling club beats, Reggaeton and romantic ballads, as well as regional styles like Norteño, Banda and traditional folk genres THE SCENE The Scene collection "sets the scene" perfectly with fresh, contemporary underscores in a wide range of ahead-of-the-curve styles. Dramatic atmospheres, motivational energy, authentic rock and pop, and exciting eclectic genres designed for commercials, lm, promos and television programming, including lifestyle, reality, drama and docu- mentary formats. TONAL INJECTION Industry legend Robert Etoll — the creator of Megatrax’s successful series The Trailer Collection — has done it again with this explosive new library speci cally designed to thrill trailer and promo editors with a huge variety of powerful, convention-shattering cues in such categories as action, adventure, horror, thriller, percussion, rises and sound design. Previous Home Next
  6. 6. 7629 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 +1-888-MEGA(6342)-555Custom Music... and if we don’t have it, we’ll compose it for you. Aircast, Megatrax’s custom music division, specializes in custom music scoring, imaging and theme packages for broadcast and media. Aircast utilizes award winning composers, musicians, singers and engineers to craft custom music solutions ranging from TV/radio spots to complete news/ID packages.TV and Radio Barter – Getting Megatrax has never been easier!Megatrax Music is proud to o er non-cash sales solutions in order to help meet your station’s creative and scal needs. With our TV and Radio barter programs, we serve as your virtualsales sta , taking your unsold inventory and monetizing it through our aggregation partners Dial Global and Apex Media. With the money earned through trade, we can provide to youany of our Megatrax library music solutions, as well as custom scores and imaging from our custom music division, Aircast Custom Music. The Leading Independent Production Music Source for Film, Broadcast, Advertising and Multimedia. Previous Home