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Megatrax Production Music kicked off its series of informational webinars with a reunion of our panel for 2013's NAB Radio Show, Imaging for a PPM World, featuring Terry Phillips, DJ Necio and Craig Taylor. This deck gives the high points of the panel.

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Imaging for a PPM World deck

  1. 1. Imaging for a PPM World
  2. 2. Panelists Terry Phillips – CBS, Detroit, MI Terry Phillips is a Detroit based Radio Imaging Producer & Voice-Over Talent, as well as the Creative Director at 99.5 WYCD and 104.3 WOMC. Terry's voice can currently be heard on many radio stations around the US and Canada. Terry can also be heard in commercials world wide. DJ Necio – Radio One, Dallas, TX DJ Necio writes and produces imaging for: 97-9 the Beat in Dallas (Radio-One), also produces imaging for Hot 104.1 St. Louis (Radio-One), and the Rickey Smiley Morning Show Syndicated Network. Craig Taylor – Clear Channel, Los Angeles, CA Craig Taylor, Production Director KFI/KTLK 2006 to Infinity and Beyond. Certified Hatchet Throwing Instructor 1456-1522 (previous life)… and the Creative Services Director for KFI AM and KTLK for Clear Channel Los Angeles. KFI is the number one news talk station in the US.
  3. 3. Takeaways Terry Phillips 1. Don't wear a Suit to the Beach: know your people, your town, your listeners. Where the eat, relax, work, worship, love, and hate... Become one of them, surround the station in their lifestyle. 2. Entertain... if your adding something, evoking emotion, bringing something of value... spending time on it, if not, shut up and play the hits 3. Remember your goal! Contests are not 100% about the prize, even if it's a great one. Being Fun, having what the listener wants, and wanting to give it to them is more important that a Big Prize. And Crap prizes done in a fun way, can beat good prizes done in a less interesting way.
  4. 4. Takeaways DJ Necio 1. To compete with internet radio/ satellite/ iPods - Be as local as possible! (Talk like the people in your city- reference landmarks every-one knows- use listeners to localize) 2. 'If you can't beat'em , join'em!' (New trends will never stop. The station should be a part of the lifestyle that your target audience is living! Stay topical and plugged-in to know what your audience is doing!) 3. Be as organized as possible- The more audio is specifically labeled- and the more prepared you are with special events = less time you'll spend searching for audio, and more time to be creative!
  5. 5. Takeaways Craig Taylor 1. Do not produce for the sake of producing 2. Push all social media traffic through your website 3. Use culturally current stuff to help make it not boring
  6. 6. Thank You! For more information about Megatrax Music and how we can help your stations, please visit
  7. 7. Thank You! For more information about Megatrax Music and how we can help your stations, please visit