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Skyview’S S Ta R Chart Results
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Skyview’S S Ta R Chart Results


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Skyview’s STaR Chart Results
  • 2. Agenda
    Basic, need to know, information on the STaR Chart
    Key Areas of the STaR Chart
    Skyview Campus Results, 2006-2009
    What These Results Mean to Us
    Now What? Technology in the 21st Century
  • 3. What is a STaR Chart?
    STaR stands for School Technology and Readiness
    The STaR chart provides data for schools and districts that helps assess their progress on the Long Range Plan for Technology
    There is a chart specifically for the campus, the teachers, and the public to fill out in order to gather the most effective data
  • 4. How can the STaR Chart be used?
    To measure the proficiencies of the students and teachers in terms of technology use
    To set goals to improve the technology standards at a campus
    To gauge progress of technology integration in the classroom
  • 5. How are Schools Rated?
    Campus’ are rated on Key Areas:
    ~ Teaching and Learning
    ~ Educator Preparation and Development
    ~ Leadership, Administration, and Instructional Support
    ~ Infrastructure for Technology
    Within each Key Area, there are 6 Focus Areas. To read more about the different areas and how campus’s are rated, you can access the STaR Chart website.
  • 6. Skyview’s STaR Chart Results
  • 7. What does this mean for us NOW ?
    Teaching and Learning:
    Developing Tech
    Teachers and students use technology weekly to enhance educational experiences.
    Students use technology to communicate and present information.
    Technology is used to support objectives and improve instruction.
  • 8. What does this mean for us NOW?
    Educator Preparation and Development:
    Developing Tech
    Professional Development has been provided for all teachers.
    Integration of technology to specific content areas is present in the classroom.
    Educators have completed 9-18 hours in a year of professional development.
  • 9. What does this mean for us NOW?
    Leadership, Administration, Instructional Support:
    Advanced Tech
    The campus shares a vision for technology.
    The CIP is rich with technology goals founded on research.
    Technology is used to support higher-level thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills.
    A variety of media formats are used for telecommunications between the campus and community.
    Funds are allocated to advance implementation of technology.
  • 10. What does this mean for us NOW?
    Infrastructure for Technology:
    Advanced Tech
    There is a ratio of 4:1 internet accessible computers per student.
    Each educator gets a personal computer plus access to multiple resources for the classroom.
    Students and teachers have access to online learning.
    All staff is supported by technical staff.
  • 11. Technology in the 21st Century
    Even though Skyview is improving in most of the Key Areas, we have not reached our ultimate goal- Target Tech.
    Teaching and Learning has been at a stable level for 3 years. While it’s good we’re not decreasing, we are not doing enough to reach our goal.
    Educator Preparation and Development does not follow a specific trend. We need to continue providing more opportunities for our teachers to be technologically savvy.
    Leadership, Administration, and Instructional Support, as well as our Infrastructure for Technology are both on the rise. We need to continue on this path in order to reach our ultimate goal.