Analysis of ABA English Website                                      The method                                      Engli...
Study tools to learn EnglishDelete. Too repetitive to                                          Study tools of the English ...
Why not show an photo of an                                      Certificatesexample certificate. People loveseeing their gr...
It is convenient having the test                                    Level Testright there to start at thatmoment.         ...
Better to say: What inspiresus; We are inspired by the hopeof an educational...“A mission statement is a key toolthat can ...
Ella majored in Political Science back in her                                   university years.                         ...
What is your experience as English teacher?Hello! My name is Natalie and I am a new member of the ABA team. Iʼm originally...
What is your experience as English teacher?                                Mark was born in Britain, in the south east of ...
Upon clicking “Send us your                                     Teach with us: takes you to a page for those who would lik...
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ABA English Web Analysis


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Some changes I found that could be made on ABA English Web site.

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ABA English Web Analysis

  1. 1. Analysis of ABA English Website The method English Exercises Sections of the course English course exercisesThis hyperlink is overused. Each lesson of the English course is composed of 8 different sections. Each one deals with a particular subject of English study. English listening, grammar study, oral practice, vocabulary, etc.See above comment The recommended order is the one appearing in the english course, but it can be changed at the students will:I really like the visual, but Intonationmaybe for the “record” picture, i’dbe better to have an image with a • LISTEN TO the sentence two or three times at once to catch the melody orred record button. intonation. In order to listen to a sentence, place the cursor on it and click with the left button of the mouse. • RECORD the sentence. To record this same sentence, place the cursor on it. This time, instead of clicking, maintain the left button of the mouse pressed. The microphone with waves will appear. Maintain the button pressed while you record. By stopping pressing the mouse, you will automatically listen to what youadd “can” have recorded, and then, to the voice of the character so that you compare. • COMPARE two or three times your English with that of the speaker. To compare, click with the right button of the mouse on the sentence. You will automatically hear your recording, and then, that of the speaker. When you record a word or a sentence, this one is shaded so that you know that you have already recorded it. And you will always be able to return to hear what you recorded by clicking on it with the right button of the mouse. RECORD again by improving your pronunctiation and return TO COMPARE until your melody and your pronunctiation are very similar to those of the speaker. This work of recording and comparing is the best system to obtain a good English accent. Study Tools
  2. 2. Study tools to learn EnglishDelete. Too repetitive to Study tools of the English coursesentence above. The English course contains various tools developed to confirm and speed up your learning. Furthermore, these will be references to review concepts of previous lessons and to confirm what you have learned.VERY COOL TOOL! There are 3 kind of tools:It says “In this section, you willfind a detailed graph of yourprogress.” Why donʼt we use an • Tools of reference: Glossary and Minicourseimage of what this graph looks like? • Tools of support: Index and Follow upThe ABA package photo is overused • Tools of contact with the teacher: Questions and teacher (optional)in the recent hyperlinks.This says “In this section of thecourse you will be able to send anyquestion related to linguistics to your AdvantagesEnglish teachers. One of ourteachers will write back as soon aspossible.” Itʼd be nice to show what Why our English course is different?this from looks like. A screen shot orsomething of the like. 10 advantages of learning with ABA EnglishBring this to the top of thepage. The video is overused. There are 6 English courses available from basic English (Level Beginners) to advanced English (Level Business). You will record 16.000 different sentences in English.add . If you want to study through your company we also offer company English courses You can study English on-line at your own pace, when and where you want. Learningdelete English via Internet allows you to manage your time better and in this way improves your chances of success. And if you want an intensive English course it is just a question of motivating yourself. You will add 4.692 words to your vocabulary. The ABA English method will allow you to learn English quickly.add space With ouron-line English course you will practice several types of English exercices: reading, writing, understanding and pronunciation.Awkward sentence. Needs Studying English at a distance will save you commute time keeping the quality of therewrite. content, teachers and overall of all your learning process. You will meet and talk with 300 different characters.
  3. 3. Why not show an photo of an Certificatesexample certificate. People loveseeing their grand “prize(s).” Studies certificates Studying with ABA English, you will be able to get three kinds of Certificates: • The ABA English certificates • The British certificates of Cambridge ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages • The American certificate TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language Course Type of CoursesI think the descriptions of the Student progresslevels are a bit vague. Could use abit more “detail” in deciphering Beginnersthe difference between the levels. Specially designed for starter students. Learn at you own pace: It is pedagogic, convenient and practical. Lower Intermediate For those who already have some English knowledge. Intermediate For our students that already have some experience in English. Upper Intermediate This level is designed for students that already have a high level of English. Advanced It is designed for our students that have a more advanced level of English. Business For those who have a higher English level and want to improve it mostly related to business.I like the chart. People like to English Levelssee how long it’ll take for them toachieve their goals.
  4. 4. It is convenient having the test Level Testright there to start at thatmoment. Course Online Your online English academy! We are the first new generation English academy. A real experienceIt may be good to have this • Exclusive methodology Real Life Learning System™interlaced as a hyperlink to show The most dynamic learning experiencewhat this innovated system is allabout. • Complete course of 6 levels from Beginners to BusinessSee above comment. • Our Intonation™ technology will improve your accent • Study plan and personalized follow-up Guaranteed! • 30 day trial period: we will return your money if you are unsatisfied • Pass the First Certificate exam Software The best software to learn EnglishAnother way to say it: Learn Learn English without a time limit and keep our software.English on your time. No rush.And we’ll even let you keep oursoftware. Forever.I love it! Blog ABA School Our team What we are
  5. 5. Better to say: What inspiresus; We are inspired by the hopeof an educational...“A mission statement is a key toolthat can be as important as yourbusiness plan. It captures, in a few We are the most personalized and affordable English academy. We help our studentssuccinct sentences, the essence of learn English definitively, thanks to our natural method guaranteed by 30 years ofyour businesss goals and the experience.philosophies underlying them.Equally important, the missionstatement signals what your business We are inspired byis all about to your customers, The hope of an educational project that fosters English learning in the most comfortable,employees, suppliers and the practical and fun way for our statement helpclarify what business you are in, yourgoals and your objectives...A mission Where we are goingstatement should reflect your We want to be the best English academy on the special niche.” Our mission65230 We want our students to learn English and be happy.Example Mission Statement where Iworked at the Alaska Botanical Where we are locatedGarden: “The Alaska Botanical C/Travessera les Corts, 55 1-1 08028 Barcelona, Spain.Garden is a public garden dedicatedenhancing the beauty and value ofplant material through education,preservation, recreation, and Teachersresearch.”Need bios from Melody, Ireland;Martine, USA; Pamela, UK; Graham,UK Sarah Perry; 24 years, United StatesAlso, in general the layout of theparagraphs has aesthetic errors. What is your experience as English teacher?Her bio is written in thirdperson, where as others are Sarah has a degree in Literature and Spanish studies. She has lived in Barcelona forwritten in first person. It’s betterto be consistent and have all the several years now.bios in the same “voice.” She likes to read A LOT, cook a little, learn languages and spend time with her pets.add “an” She loves teaching English because it is a fascinating way to learn about language and how different people process new languages.Doesn’t have a last name? Tobe consistent everyone shouldhave just their first name or both Navil; 30 years, Londontheir first and last (family) name.  Each person has the country What is your experience as English teacher?that they are from. Better to keepit simple and consistent by taking Hello, how are you? My name is Navil. I am 30 years old and I´m from London, Englandout “London” and replacing it with“UK” where I completed a degree in English Literature before moving to Barcelona and becoming an English teacher, which I really love. I look forward to helping you learnI think it best to delete thisquestion. It is known that these English and getting to know you better and I´m sure we will enjoy ourselves doing so.teachers have experience uponreading their bio. It’s too  repetitive. Ella Bungalon; 26 years, United States What is your experience as English teacher?
  6. 6. Ella majored in Political Science back in her university years.  She likes watching movies and TV series, like FRIENDS. She has been teaching English on-line to foreign students, Asian and European, for quite some time now and she really enjoys it! Teaching is her passion.add “she” She is the "telephone girl" because spends most of the time calling her students and motivating them to study English. She always tells them that learning English is fun and easy. She considers her students as her friends. Sean; 24 years, England What is your experience as English teacher? My nameʼs Sean and Iʼm from the home of English, England. I was born in a small town near Brighton, then moved on to Canterbury, Kent to study languages before coming to Barcelona to get away from the rain. Learning is a real passion of mine; to learn, in my opinion, is to exist. This in mind, I love the idea of passing on the information I have to others, in particular the invaluable knowledge of English. My aim is to convert the enthusiasm I have into your passion for learning. See you soon!  She is the only one so far with Victoria Capriles; Pedagogical Coordinator, United Statesa specific “job title” What is your experience as English teacher?She is also the first one withoutan age. Everyone should havetheir ages up or not. Must be Victoria has a degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and has beenconsistent. teaching English for 20 years. She loves teaching because itʼs her great passion. She is the “#1 fan” of all her students. Sheʼll always make you smile with one of her anecdotes and there are only three things she loves more…her three children!   Andrea; 24 years, UK What is your experience as English teacher? Hello! My name is Andrea and Iʼm originally from Barcelona, but I lived and studied in the United Kingdom for many years. I got my degree in Translation and Interpreting at London Metropolitan University. After that, I moved to Sheffield, in the north of England, to work as a language teacher there. I recently decided to come back to my beloved city and work as an English teacher here. I like reading, watching films and being with my friends and family. Teaching is my passion and I canʼt imagine doing anything else! Natalie; 22 years, United States 
  7. 7. What is your experience as English teacher?Hello! My name is Natalie and I am a new member of the ABA team. Iʼm originally fromLos Angeles, California but have spent the last four years studying in Boston,Massachusetts. I love traveling and learning new languages. I look forward to sharingmy love of languages with others! I have many years of experience teaching andworking with students learning English as a second language. I am very happy to beable to teach online, something that I hope you will enjoy too!Cesar; 24 years, ColombiaWhat is your experience as English teacher?Hello! My name is César. Im from Colombia but Ive been living in Barcelona for thepast 4 years. In my free time I like listening to music and going to the gym. I have a veryimportant role in the ABA English teachers department. I am the teachersʼ assistantwhich means that I work together with all the teachers helping them support theirstudents. So... if you are a student I may call you every once in while to check on yourwork.Juan; 26 years, UKWhat is your experience as English teacher?Hello my name is Juan, I was born here in Spain, but I grew up in England and did allmy studies there. I decided to move back to Spain for some years and Iʼve beenteaching English here since then. I love teaching and learning something new everyday.I look forward to helping you learn English. Learning English can be interesting and fun.Let´s go for it! Marta Magdalena Tuchowska; 27 years, PolandWhat is your experience as English teacher?Marta has got a BA degree in English Philology, Teaching and Linguistics. She isoriginally from Poland but she lived in Brighton, UK,many years. She did her TEFLcourse there and got inspired to teach English abroad. She did lots of travelling thenand finally she discovered Barcelona and she..fell in love! She´s been living here for 4years now and she really enjoys her job as an English teacher.She finds it very exciting to mix with different people from different cultures and tomotivate them to learn English. Mark Davies; Britain, south East of England
  8. 8. What is your experience as English teacher? Mark was born in Britain, in the south east of England, but has been living in Barcelonaadd a space for some time.In Britain, he taught drawing and painting, but likes the objectivity of language teaching. He thinks the best thing about teaching English is meeting so many different and interesting people. Seeing progress gives him great satisfaction as doesadd a space assisting in student development.Mark has a degree in International Tourism and a Masters in Translation (he did a 7,000 word translation from Norwegian to English about World War II. He is also fluent in Spanish and French. StudentsShort stories. Great results. Short stories, great results In only 5 years, more than 12,000 students have learned English with ABA English. Get to know our studentsʼ opinions, as told by them. Our Office What will I do in ABA? Banner at bottom of page Know us!: at bottom of page Come to meet us!: takes you to “Our Office” page General Terms: takes you to a page on the “General terms” full of legal verbiage. Contact us: takes you to “Contact us” page where you can fill out a contact form to clarify an issue. Overview free content: takes you to page with opening video and displays the “free” outlets for those to take advantage of. Sitemap: every hyperlink from the ABA website is housed here. Afilliates: for those who want to advertise for ABA on an external site have a chance to earn 30% commission.
  9. 9. Upon clicking “Send us your Teach with us: takes you to a page for those who would like to be an English teacher.CV” it takes you to the “Contact Here it tells you the perks and requirementsform” page. It would be moreconvenient if it directed you tosomeoneʼs email address forsending your CV via email. Onthe contact form there isnʼtenough room for a resume, nor a Other links on ABA Englishplace to attach a pdf or word doc. Privacy policy of the online English course We protect your personal data ABA English is a member of the Ethical Code for Data Protection of the Spanish Association of Electronic Trade (Código Ético de Protección de Datos de la Asociación Española de Comercio Electrónico (AECE)).Lose extra space How will we use the supplied information ? All the information supplied to us will be processed in a confidential way. Only you and the ABA English staff will have access to your personal data. We can certify this because our web pages are hosted in a secured server. The server that houses your information is secured by the most advanced protective systems, so only those with legal access can retrieve the information contained therein. As an ABA English customer, and in compliance with the Organic law 15/1999 of 13th of December disposal, of personal data protection, the personal customers data contained in the contract, may be integrated to a file which owner and responsible is ABA English. The acceptance of these general conditions implies your acceptance to carry out this treatment, included by e-mail or any possible electronic way of communication and its use for this purposes. You are also informed that you have a right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the present terms as established in Organic law 15/1999 by writing to ABA English at : ABA English: Guitard, 45 4 08014 Barcelona - Spain