Irish Broadband Infrastructure For a SME: Making The Right Choice
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Irish Broadband Infrastructure For a SME: Making The Right Choice






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Irish Broadband Infrastructure For a SME: Making The Right Choice Irish Broadband Infrastructure For a SME: Making The Right Choice Presentation Transcript

  • Broadband InfrastructureSME’s: Making The Right Choice Megan Sheridan N00083839
  • Content Part One1. Broadband: The Journey Fixed Line Broadband ADSL Fibre Broadband FTTC FTTH and FTTP Cable Broadband Wireless Broadband Satellite Broadband Wi-Fi Broadband Mobile Broadband Fixed Line Vs Mobile ISP’s in Question
  • Content Part TwoBringing it to SOHO’s Packages Situation Analysis Choice
  • ADSL VDSL FTTH FTTC HFC BPL Fixed Line Broadband Direct physical connection
  • ADSL Alternative Digital Subscriber Line Widely available provided telephone line is nearbyis a form of DSL transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth (butdistance sensitive) on existing Eircom telephone lines or POTS(plain old telephonesystem) using a modem or a routerComes from telephone exchange through a Fixed Line Access Network(FLAN) made out of copper wires fibre optic in back boneProvides telephone and internet connection separated by a micro filterto avoid interference between internet and voice callsThe connection is always onUploads information faster than it downloads  Asymmetric Gyre(2004), Get Broadband(2010), Corning(2005),p3), Eirco m(2011), Broadband (2011)
  • Fibre Broadband FTTC and FTTH/FTTP The Next Generation and The Current BuildFibre are flexible fibres of glass or plastic – end to endFibre carries light signals through it to transmit data-telephony,digital cable and internet Crosby, T(2008)
  • FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) Broadband Medium: Fibre Optic Cable and Coaxial CableData travels from telephone exchange or destination point with fibre optic cable Street cabinet and coaxial cable Home or Business Think Broadband(2011)
  • FTTH or FTTP Broadband* (Fibre To The Home) or (Fibre To The Premises) Medium: Fibre Optic Cable only Data travels from telephone exchange or destination point with fibre optic cable Home or Business *end to end• To deliver this data either or both an Active and Passive optical network must be present to separate the data into the proper destination• Active – uses electrically powered switching equipment (router)• Passive – uses optical splitters to separate & collect data Think Broadband(2011), Crosby, T(2008)
  • Advantages of Fibre Broadband• Faster connection speeds than DSL or Coaxial Cable for the same price• Virtually unlimited bandwidth• “Future Safe” in terms of projected consumer demands and handling projected future technology Crosby, T(2008)
  • Cable Broadband Available provided cable TV is installed or a cable operator is in the area• Fibre Optic Cables  Faster Broadband• Same principle as Television Cables• Outweighs ADSL and DSL in terms of signal strength and reliability  capability of stabalised speed and service over a long period of time• Cable Modem connected to Cable connect to Cable TV box• Allows transmission of audio and visual signals  both landline & TV services from cable broadband provider Get Broadband(2011), Bredband, B.(2010)
  • 3G Microwave Satellite LMDS MMDSFSO WiMAX Wi Fi Wireless Broadband high levels on information due to speed capabilities
  • Wi-Fi Broadband Wireless Fidelity Highly local wireless radio links to the end users equipment in the end residence/businessData is sent to an external antenna (on house/premises/business) Internal connection point (of house/premises/business) Computer or Laptop Corning(2005,p7)
  • Wimax Broadband (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)• Wimax is a higher capable version of Wi Fi (Wireless Fidelity)• No telephone line required, works off of wireless hotspots in business Internet comes into router and changes into radio signal and broadcasts Is symmetric (unlike ADSL)  data travels at the same speed in both directions(uploading and downloading) Operates in places of low frequency and power for Point to Point or Point to Multi- point• Has a low range of 30m internally-450m externally Think Broadband(2011)
  • UMTS Broadband Universal Mobile Telecommunications Services Available through mobile phone network for access• Can be used anywhere within a coverage area  Connection is provided by small mobile phone masts• Hardware: Sim Card and Modem (aka. ‘USB dongle’ or new laptops have 3G modems built in)• Available on move or abroad also (roaming capability just as mobile offers)• Can be 3G or HSDPA HSUPA(high speeds download/ upload packet access)• Susceptible to high latency(delays) and speeds vary according to coverage•  many mobile broadband networks also offer ‘Fixed Line’ broadband services also Think Broadband(2011)
  • Satellite Broadband hard to reach areas• Provides a satellite dish for two way access to and from virtually anywhere worldwide• Data is sent from external satellite dish to satellite router/modem to computer/laptop• Speeds are usually lower that Fixed Line access• Is susceptible to high latency  Delay  bad for real time applications• Is easily effected by weather relies on line of sight from dish to satellite in sky Think Broadband(2011)
  • Fixed Line Vs Wireless Technology Max Range Advantages LimitationsFixed LineADSL 2.7km Uses existing POTS Limited bandwidth, AsymmetricFTTC/FTTH 20km Relatively unlimited Needs new fibre access bandwidth overlayWirelessWiFi Up to 100m Ethernet compliant For LAN applications onlySatellite Up to 1000-36000km Large coverage suitable for Expensive to build, multicast applications Limited capacity per subscriberUMTS Coverage of area host Ride on existent cellular Costly spectrum, Limited network infrastructure applications Corning(2005,p14-15)
  • Bringing it to the Business Situation Analysis SME: Creative Traffic• Sole Trader Business start up using broadband to communicate with clients and send documents• Only one employee in use of broadband• POTS(Plain Old Telephone System) installed on premises• South Dublin location• Low financial resources• Work needs to be done at location and on the move• Requires the downloading and uploading of files with high levels of information• Laptop has ability to pick up WiFi
  • Internet Service Providers ISP’sUPC Fibre Powered Broadband 3G Mobile Network Wimax wireless broadband by Imagine Digiweb satellite broadband Eircom telephone broadband
  • Broadband Plan Option Wimax Wireless For SME’s WiFi For Home With Imagine Product: Breeze 6Mb Bundle: 7Mb Wimax•Designed to deliver Wi-Fi Monthly Cost €100 Monthly Cost €35type connectivity over a muchgreater range Upload/Dow 6mb Upload/Dow 7mb nload Speed nload Speed•What you need:• 233 MHz Processor Connection €150 Connection €100 32Mb Ram Charge Charge 1GB Hard-Disk Space Ethernet Port Download Unlimited Download Unlimited Windows XP (or higher) Allowance Allowance MAC OS 10 Internet Explorer 7 (or Current Ratio 24:1 Phone Line Freehigher) €/Year €1350(1st) €/Year €520 (1st) €1200 after €420 after Imagine(2011), Imagine Business(2011)
  • Broadband Plan3G Mobile Broadband Bill Pay Package: Pre Pay Package: Plus 3 Broadband Pro 8 Monthly Cost €29.99 Monthly Cost €35.00•96% Population Coverage•Choose between Bill and USB Modem Free USB Modem €39.00Prepay Download 60GB Download 20GB Allowance Allowance €/Year €359.88 €/Year €459.00(1st) €420.00 after Three(2011)
  • Broadband Plan Digiweb Package: Value 6 Package: Plus 8 Monthly Cost €32.95 Monthly Cost €49.55•Tooway Satellite BusinessBroadband Upload/ 1Mbps/ Upload/ 2Mbps/•Based on a contract of Download 6Mbps Download 10Mbps24months Speed Speed Connection €219.95 Connection €219.95 Charge Charge•Uses adaptive modulation toaddress weather conditions Download 4GB Download 8GB Allowance Allowance €/Year €615.35 (1st) €/Year €814.55(1st) €395.40 after €594.60 after Digiweb(2011)
  • Broadband PlanEircom Package: Package: Business Lite Uncongested Broadband Monthly Cost €20.65•Landline Broadband (Free 1st Monthly Cost €40.00 (1st 2 months Month) free) Upload/ Up to 8Mb Upload/Dow Up to 12Mb Download nload Speed Speed Connection Free Self Connection Free Self Charge Install Charge Install & Modem Download 10GB Download Unlimited Allowance Allowance €/Year €227.15(1st) €/Year €400.001st) €247.80 after €480.00 after Eircom(2011), Eircom Business(2011)
  • Broadband PlanUPC Package: Package: Broadband 20Mb Broadband 25 Mb•Fibre Power Broadband Monthly Cost €25.00 Monthly Cost €35.00 Upload/Dow Up to 2Mb Upload/Dow Up to 2.5Mb nload Speed nload Speed Connection €7.75/month Connection €7.75/month Charge €49.99 Charge €15 USB WiFi modem adapter Download 8GB Download 8GB Allowance Allowance €/Year €442.99(1st) €/Year €693.00(1st) €393.00 after €678.00 after UPC(2011)
  • Choice For Creative Traffic SMEPackage:Business LiteMonthly Cost €20.65 (Free 1st Month)Upload/ Up to 8MbDownloadSpeed •Phone Line already set up (POTS)Connection Free SelfCharge Install •Speed appropriate for purpose of broadbandDownload 10GB •Download allowance sufficient/monthAllowance •Price is low and affordable for this small business€/Year €227.15(1st) €247.80 after Note: Free WiFi offered in cafés and hotels will suffice when on the move
  • ReferencesGlossary of Broadband Internet Terms. Gyre. Retrieved 20/10/11, From Guide. Broadband. Retrieved 20/10/11, From Beginners Guide. Broadband. Retrieved 20/10/11, From Broadband (FTTC / FTTH) Guide. Think Broadband. Retrieved 24/10/11, From Guide To Mobile Broadband. Think Broadband. Retrieved 25/10/11, From Broadband. Think Broadband. Retrieved 25/10/11, From (2005). Optical Fibre [Electronic Version]. Broadband Technology Overview, 1-16, T (28/03/08) How Fibre-to-the-home Broadband Works. How Stuff Works. Retrieved 22/10/11. From, B. (22/09/10) Knowing About Cable Broadband. Retrieved 24/10/11 From Broadband. Imagine. Retrieved 26/10/11, From Broadband. Imagine Business. Retrieved 26/10/11, From Broadband. Three. Retrieved 26/10/11, From Broadband. Three. Retrieved 26/10/11, From Business Broadband. Digiweb. Retrieved 27/10/11, From Broadband. Eircom. Retrieved 27/10/11, From Broadband. Eircom. Retrieved 27/10/11, From Power Broadband. UPC. Retrieved 27/10/11, From