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Mega Robot Bomber Reviews
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Mega Robot Bomber Reviews


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  • 1. Mega Robot Bomber Reviews MEGA ROBOT BOMBER LIFETIME LICENSE – 60% OFF at:http://MegaRobotBomberDeal.comHere are some reviews and testimonials from satisfied MegaRobot Bomber users. You can review the Official Warrior Forum Thread Here to read thesereviews and more. Click here to get Mega Robot Bomber for only $97!Originally Posted by pixelloudHere is my short review:I followed Eduardo’s thread from the very beginning and I was very skeptical about thesoftware as with having experience with virtually any SEO software I thought that this softwarewill just die quickly after being realized…Well, I was wrong as I’ve never been before. This software is great, works great and mostimportantly it’s being updated almost every other day and new features added as well.Thanks Eduardo for the great software and I hope you guys stick around for ages!Originally Posted by JKinakinI purchased the Mega Robot Bomber in mid May as an alternative to gettingeither Nuke or Scrapper. It wasn’t really the money difference to me, althoughit is a nice perk, but more about having less of a learning curve and the promise of updates. 1/8
  • 2. I found the program easier than most I’ve tried and the updates came fast andfurious. There just doesn’t seem to be an end to what Eduardo is putting in there.Plus he actually pays attention to customers when they want another addition tothe toys he has in there already.I am totally confident in recommending this to anyone and really look forward to hisemails which have another update with more or better add-ons.JackOriginally Posted by dadhereI have to say that this is the best way to get your Web 2.0 experience working and effectiveonline. The application is constantly upgraded with new effective tools and addons and thesupport is outstanding.A very patient man with the integrity to back up his work ethic.I’m very pleased to have this software and the man behind it. You will not find a more effectivetool to get you noticed online than this one. Get it while you can!ThanksOriginally Posted by joec46252002As You Know I’m A Member I purchase the program, and i have a bout 150 blogs, the accountcreator help me to send to so many Ping Fm information about my products in seconds,and itrack the results they where excellent. 2/8
  • 3. When I tough was over he came up with incredible Idea Local Businesswell gentleman I work for a Processing merchant credit cards, ping debit,checks and gather theinformation so accurate from this program and have a platform that send voice over broadcastand you can send your message across a platform for about $80.00 to 10,000 business acrossresults came like wild fire with a 2% return solid appointments not only workfor my websites this program but sweet my life with my job helping me to make real money onmy job, if I have a question i call via Skype he answer right away, or leave a request this it is amust for serious people not for tired kicker who look for on button to push and you have $10,000i will suggest them a lotto ticket only cost one dollar for millions, but if you want a program toreally help you your home business as well if you do any type of businesswork on SEO, sales and much more it is a must Ipurchase the license client for life Eduardo is a good man i dont know him personal but I chatwith him asking question and picking his brains on how to be more effective he is always thereThanks Eduardo the best of luck in such great programsOriginally Posted by matflawlessI have already bought PingFM Auto Robot and work pretty good, this time I was lucky topurchase a pre-release of Mega Robot Bomber and found it a great suite with lot of useful tools,actually it works very good and got a few updates already, I’m sure it will get better and better..Good job Romanos!Thank youMatOriginally Posted by powercazhAll I can say is WOW!!! Thumbs up Eduardo for over delivering as always…. 3/8
  • 4. I have been using your other Ping FM robot software with great results for a while now and withthe opportunity of having this great 3 in one BEAST of a software MegaRobot Bomber (Ping FMrobot, auto traffic robot and google + software combined into one) at this very very low priceadded to my marketing arsenal is PRICELESS.Having used MegaRobot Bomber in the last few weeks, everything can be automated fromaccounts creation to backlinks building with the software running just in the background. Allaspects of IM are covered. RSS creation, RSS submitter, Youtube, web 2, article submission,google + and many more.There is a significant increase in traffic to my sites using only minimal resources. Can reallysave much time and effort. A must for IMers. Highly recommended!!The price is set far less than the price if you buy a software with just one or two functionelsewhere.A great product at a no brainer price! Much more the support is awesome thru email or skype!Many thanks Eduardo and more power!powercazhOriginally Posted by mobiduckI love this program not the least reason being the one-on-one support that Eduard gives. As oneof the first purchasers when the original product appeared as a WSO I have had the opportunityto see the product in action and to experience the attention shown in the updates and theongoing addition of features. Eduardo is totally committed to the product and to the users and Ibelieve this product will only get better. Not only that, I have bought additional products fromEduardo on the strength of my experience with this product. 4/8
  • 5. It’s a pity therefore that the manual which consists essentially of labeled screenshots is not ashelpful as it might be. It is helpful if you have been doing any of the actions that the softwaredoes since you will have an intuitive grasp of the steps and processes involved and willrecognize the functions of the screen elements. For the rest of us I would have liked seeing ashort OTS video for each component. No doubt that will come.Other than that I have no hesitation in recommending the program.Originally Posted by BarryFriedmannI purchased this software towards the end of last year. Since then, Eduardo has updated theprogram and added new requested features a number of times. This tells me that he caresabout people who buy from him.The product is a desktop application that works on your computer. It works very well and I havebeen able to create many accounts and submit to them with the greatest of ease, helping mysites climb up the SERPs. To do all this manually would have taken me a long, long time andwould probably not even be anywhere near as effective, specially as I don’t have that muchtime available, so virtually nothing would have been done by me.I am very happy with my purchase. It has saved me a huge amount of time and the softwareworks very well. The support that Eduardo provides is top notch and he is only ever as far awayas an email or Skype. Eduardo does not speak a perfect English, but he certainly understandswhat his customers want and makes himself understood by providing great quality software andexcellent customer support.For anyone wanting to save a lot of time and improve their search engine rankings, I highlyrecommend this product.Barry Friedmann 5/8
  • 6. Free Internet Marketing Ebook Library!Originally Posted by productselectedI bought 2 programs from Eduardo: Auto Traffic Machine and Mega Robot Bomber.These are desktop applications and replace a lot of other programs used to start driving backlinks to your site to gain some GOOD ranking.I tested/used Mega Robot Bomber 1 week with good results for my products and some affiliatelinks too.I have doubled my visitors each day..the best for me was the Skype messages (sent my offer toall my contact list in 2-3 minutes) and Google +(add friends specific keyword).Eduardo is very nice and open, providing great quality software and excellent customer support.*** 2-3 updates already done.*** Benefits: save time(automatic for example can recommend the sources for a specific siteand keyword) and improve the search engine rankings with a lot of useful tools (RSS Generatorand Submitter, SEO Checker, Web2.0, Commenter…Article Submitter…).BOMBER!BUY NOW! 6/8
  • 7. Originally Posted by rapidasiaI was a PingFM Auto Robot user and upgraded to Mega Robot Bomber. As everyone knowsbacklink variety and being active on Web 2.0 sites is important, and Eduardo is also taking onGoogle + which is going to be critical. With this program you can just tell it is going to only getbetter and better with features. Eduardo’s enthusiasm is infectious and I imagine we’ll behearing more about the Mega Robot Bomber as case studies emerge. I have both seasonedsites and new sites that are going to get the full treatment – and will report back.Originally Posted by joec46252002Gentleman I purchase the beta test if Mega Robot Bomber and i have to be very honestit is very good program, the price is affordable the account creation is excellent, indexeroutstanding, a great feature is the harvester you can do so much, get plenty Ping Fm accountsand you can do miracles, I’m very happy with the program and the service that is provided,plenty updates this man always look for ways to enhance the program my humble opinion it isworth the money 100% we have very expensive program i the market that don’t do not evenhalf of this puppyif you want to get in touch with me do soJoeOriginally Posted by kengperapolThis is the most honest sales letter ever. As you can see, Eduardo wrote them all by himself,absolutely no fluff or BS. All functions work as described.To be honest, I haven’t got this software yet but I’ve got 2 of his software. They are very good.Also, his customer service is an A++. He will solve your problem within 24 hours. 7/8
  • 8. You should grab this software while it’s still available. Once you know how to use it, you will be able to rank your sites in no times. Sincerely, Keng Originally Posted by flashjoom Impressive, is integrated account creation and Poster. I am a Freelance SEO tool and truly worth the price. Working with multiple tools but this is my favorite. I have been using since the initial release and I do not leave it to use. Click Here to Get Mega Robot Bomber for only $97! GET MEGA ROBOT BOMBER LIFETIME LICENSE FOR ONLY $97! GOTO: Read at: 8/8Powered by TCPDF (