Beyond Country's P1s - Edison Research Presentation for CRS 2012
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Beyond Country's P1s - Edison Research Presentation for CRS 2012






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Beyond Country's P1s - Edison Research Presentation for CRS 2012 Beyond Country's P1s - Edison Research Presentation for CRS 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Beyond Country’s P1s Sponsored by:
  • Fully 40% of Americans 18-54 like Country MusicSurvey Universe: 18-54 year old Americans Did Not Qualify Country Fans 60% 40% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
  • One-third of Country Fans are P1 to Country RadioCountry Fans Country P1s Non-Country P1s 35% 65% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
  • Demographics of Country Fans: Country P1s Non-Country P1s Men Men Women 44% Women 46% 56% 54%
  • Non-Country P1s are less likely to be legacy Country listeners“When you were growing up were your parents regular listeners to Country music?” Country P1s Non-Country P1s Yes Yes 59% 45% No No 41% 55%
  • Non-Country P1s are more likely to be new to the formatPercent who have been a listener to Country music for three years or less: Country P1s 5 Non-Country P1s 10
  • Top 40, Classic Rock, and AC are the strongestamong Country fans who are not P1s“Think about the radio station you listen to mostfor music, what type of music does it play?” Todays Top 40 Hits 18 Classic Rock 15 Pop Hits from 80s-Today 15 Contemporary Christian 12 Oldies 10 Alternative Rock 7 Hip-Hop 6 Softer Pop from 80s-Today 4 Contemporary R&B 3 Harder Rock 3 Soft R&B 1 Spanish/Latin 1 Percent Base: Non-Country P1s
  • Most Country fans prefer music from the last ten years“Of these different eras of Country music, which one is your favorite?” 60s 70s 80s 90s 2000s Last year or two Country P1s 6 4 10 19 34 28Non-Country P1s 6 10 13 23 27 21 1/6th say 60s-70s is their favorite Base: Expressing an opinion
  • Non-Country P1s love the lyrics and themes of Country musicPercent agreeing with each statement: Country music makes a positive 90 contribution to American lifeCountry Radio stations play songs 84 with stories you can relate to The lyrics to Country songs 80 often express how you feelYou never worry about hearing bad 66language in today’s Country music BASE: Non-Country P1s
  • Non-Country P1s share the values of your P1s“Do you go to church or some other place of worship…?” Country P1s Non-Country P1s Never 31% Never 37% Every week Every week 17% 23% A few times A few times A few times a year a month A few times a year 29% 18% a month 28% 17%
  • Country has momentum with non-P1sPercent agreeing: “Country music is becoming more popular” BASE: Non-Country P1s
  • Crossover music best unites theCountry P1s and Non-Country P1sPercent with positive preference for… 80 Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift 73 72 Country P1s Shania Twain, Lonestar, Faith Hill Non-Country P1s 67 78 Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, The Band Perry 64
  • The “twang-iest” artists are the most polarizingPercent who liked Rodney Atkins, Josh Turner, and Billy Currington Country P1s 77 Non-Country 46 P1s
  • One-fifth of Non-Country P1s never listen to your stations“Do you currently ever listen to Country music on local AM/FM radio stations?” Yes 81% No 19% Base: Non-Country P1s
  • “Why do you not currently listen to Countrymusic on a local AM/FM radio station?”Top Five Reasons Non-Country P1s are Not Listening to AM/FM radio “Family members prefer other radio stations” “Listen mostly to own music collection for Country”“There are too many commercials on AM/FM Country radio” “Do not like the local AM/FM Country stations” “Country music has changed in ways I don’t like”
  • Non-Country P1s are much moreaware of Internet music sources% having heard of the following online radio stations or websites 53 Pandora Internet Radio 64 23 Country P1s iHeartRadio Non-Country P1s 31 8 Spotify 15
  • Non-Country P1s are more likelyto use Internet music sourcesListen “frequently” to: 67 AM/FM Radio 56 24 iPod / mp3 33 Country P1s Non-Country P1s 6 Pandora 13 2 iHeartRadio 2
  • Everyone sees the value of Country Radio personalities % Agreeing with each statement below about the DJs and personalities on AM/FM Country music stations The DJs are generally well- 75 informed and entertaining 77 The DJs are an important 67 part of the community 64 You like the companionship of 61 hearing DJs on Country radio 51 Country P1s DJs are a prime reason why AM/FM 49 Non-Country P1s radio is better than Internet radio 46You consider the DJs on the Country station 44 you listen to most to be like your friends 34 BASE: Listen to Country music on local AM/FM radio station
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