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Fluke Ti 25 Ti 10 Presentation

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Fluke Thermal Imagers with Fusion technology

Fluke Thermal Imagers with Fusion technology

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  • 1. Introducing The new Fluke Thermal Imagers
  • 2. Target customer profile Fluke Ti
    • Working in industrial facilities/plants
      • Employed by the manufacturer or working as a contractor or for a supplier
      • From electronics production to process industries
    • Working on installations and production equipment
      • Electrical and (electro) mechanical
      • Including facilities management
    Industrial maintenance & installation engineer/technician
  • 3. Target customer profile Fluke Ti
    • Spends most of his time solving problems
      • 4x more than on preventing problems
      • Needs tools that are easy and fast to use
    • Most likely uses a Fluke 170/80/280-series DMM
      • Or a competitive alternative
    Industrial maintenance & installation engineer/technician
  • 4. Target customer profile Fluke Ti
    • Thermography can help him solve and prevent problems with:
      • Inside electrical distribution and service
      • Motors, pumps and mechanical equipment
      • Process equipment and installations
      • HVAC/R systems
    Industrial maintenance & installation engineer/technician
  • 5. Where can Fluke Ti help ? Electrical
      • Unbalanced loads
      • Harmonics (3rd harmonic current in Neutral)
      • Overloaded systems/excessive current
      • Loose or corroded connections increased resistance in the circuit
      • Insulation failure
      • Component failure
      • Wiring mistakes
      • Underspecified components
  • 6. Where can Fluke Ti help ? (Electro) mechanical
      • Bad cooling- due to reduced airflow
      • PQ problems like unbalance, overload or 5th harmonic (voltage)
      • Bad alignment
      • Insulation problems with motor windings
      • Bearing problems – lubrication, wear, etc.
  • 7. Where can Fluke Ti help ? Process
      • Damaged structures caused by worn pipes etc
      • Abnormal heat flow/heat gradients
      • Defective valves/traps
      • Gas or steam leakage
      • Checking tank levels
  • 8. Introducing Fluke Ti10 and Ti25 thermal imagers
  • 9. The new Fluke Ti One look and feel – 2 different products
    • IR-Fusion® Technology
      • Infrared and visual images fused together makes Infrared easy to understand
    • Delivers the clear, crisp images needed to find problems fast
    • Rugged, easy to use
      • What you expect from Fluke
    • Models for almost any application and budget
      • Comes as one complete package including everything you need
  • 10. The new Fluke Ti One look and feel – 2 different products
  • 11. The new Fluke Ti IR-Fusion® Technology
    • Makes infrared easy to understand
      • Don’t need to be a specialist to see and understand what you are looking at
    • Makes reporting much easier
      • The reference with the “real world” is always there
    • Provides different viewing modes to better identify trouble areas
      • On camera or in the software
    • Until now only available in > $10k priced imagers
  • 12. The new Fluke Ti IR-Fusion® Technology Max IR (traditional thermal imaging) Mid IR Min IR PIP Max IR PIP Mid IR PIP Min IR Ti25 Only Ti25 and Ti10
  • 13.
    • Large, widescreen full color LCD display shows all details
    • Identify even small temperature differences with excellent thermal sensitivity (NETD)
    • High performance, low noise sensor provides high-quality, stable image
    The new Fluke Ti Large crisp images
  • 14.
    • Engineered and tested to withstand 6.5 ft. drop
      • Not even Fluke DMMs are tested to this specification
    • Withstands dust and water
      • IP54 rating
    • Innovative protective lens cover protects lens when not in use
    • Works in ambient temperatures as low as 14 ºF and high as 122 ºF and measures up to 662 ºF (Ti25)
    The new Fluke Ti Made for rough environments
  • 15.
    • Intuitive, three-button menu
    • Single-handed operation
    • Adjustable (left or right) hand strap makes imager convenient to hold
    • Store more than 1200 IR-Fusion images on memory card for later analysis or reporting
    • Supports 16 different languages
    The new Fluke Ti Easy to use
  • 16.
    • Priced between $4500 and $7500
    • One complete package includes:
      • SmartView ™ analysis and reporting software (with free upgrades)
      • Rugged hard case and portable soft case
      • Adjustable hand strap
      • 2 GB SD memory card
      • SD memory card reader
      • Internal rechargeable battery
      • AC charger/power supply
    The new Fluke Ti Thermal Imaging made affordable
  • 17. When to recommend a Ti25 over a Ti10 ?
    • If you need to measure temperatures higher than 482 ºF
    • If you need better image quality to look at problems in more detail
      • More IR-Fusion viewing modes and color palettes are needed to investigate the image in different ways
      • View more subtle temperature differences with a 100 mK thermal sensitivity (vs 200 mK on the Ti10)
      • Get more contrast in the picture to see additional detail with a 36.5 ºF minimum span (vs 41 ºF in the Ti10)
  • 18. When to recommend a Ti25 over a Ti10 ?
    • If you want to go beyond qualitative images and measure temperatures more accurately
      • 2% accuracy vs. 5%
      • Adjust the emmissivity depending on the object under measure
      • Use hot and cold markers in addition to the center point measurement
    • If you want to throw away your paper and pencil
      • Speak into the camera and record comments associated with the measurement/image
  • 19. Ti25 vs Ti10 summary
    • The Fluke Ti10 is suited for industrial maintenance & installation technicians who want to conduct quick scans without measuring in detail or conducting further analysis
    • The Fluke Ti25 is suited for industrial maintenance & installation engineers who want to go a step further investigating problems into more detail, probably in a more structured (preventive) way and in more challenging environments (e.g higher temperatures)
  • 20. What about the other imagers ? New users Experienced users/specialists Mostly qualitative imaging Qualitative & quantitative imaging Industrial & building diagnostics Ind, BD, utilities, electronics Troubleshooting, (preventive) maintenance Predictive maintenance In depth analysis