Online Strategic Communication Proposal


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An online strategic communication proposal for a 'windows treatment' company. This proposal illustrates that online communication does not necessarily have to be "window dressing" only, but as a means to sell your brand as well as add exposure.

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Online Strategic Communication Proposal

  1. 1. Strategic Online Proposal exclusively prepared for ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  2. 2. RippleComm Communication has a unique approach to creation and sustenance of communication platforms With 20 years of experience in marketing almost every industry in this country, has facilitated a huge paradigm shift With the amount of messaging that bombards a potential customer everyday, through myriads of (ever increasing) channels, they are learning to tune out, and all emphasis is lost My approach is to employ emotion as a primary delivery trigger If the message is not relevant to a customer, they won’t listen, if it’s relevant, but uninspiring, it won’t impress them ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  3. 3. A ‘functional’ product listing, at best Completely skewed representation of the brand and product An incredibly static portrayal of a truly life-styled product and ‚human, living‛ range of product No structure Repetitive information and hyperlinks on each page Navigation Menu, Latest News, Contacts, and Order The last, making me wonder whether, should the browser wish to make multiple purchase, does he have to initiate a new order form for each category? ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  4. 4. An elegant portal that correctly characterises the personalities of the key stakeholders (this becomes an incredibly subjective environment when looking at positioning a company, as well as portraying the integral personality which defines the brand) The channel must communicate the quality positioning effectively, acting a the quintessential silent salesman, This is how you would justify a finial at R300 retail, as opposed to a pair at Builders Warehouse for R30? The exquisite detailing and craftsmanship that epitomises the products must - unambiguously – be conveyed, through depth, detail and texture ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  5. 5. Just as the potential browser creates a perception in his own mind, of the value of the products that he sees… so too will you be reinforcing that perception and value they relate to your product and brand, purely by the environment that you present Buy cheap, Look cheap… Customer sees cheap, they think cheap In today’s retail environment, the online customer (especially), wants to be armed with the visual stimuli to feel, qualify, quantify and evaluate the product and brand, as well as the functionality and technology, without creating confusion… you have 3.2 seconds, on average, to make an impression Remember that there are a million other companies, globally, that they can approach, with the same deliverables ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  6. 6. Marketers utilise various words to define and position a brand, which comprise synonyms (what you want to be) and antonyms (what you don’t want to be) Your brand (which is defined by the positioning of your product) and based on your brief, command the following descriptors Elegant (not unattainable) Exclusive (not swish or snobbish) Desirable (not unachievable) Aspiration (not ambition) Inspiration (not divine) Fashionable (not follower of… removed but not obscure) Spacious (but not sparse… rich but not traditional) This will assist in creating your masterpiece ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  7. 7. The ‚Bricks verse Mortar‛ model is truly unique You cannot see or choose who ‚shops at your store‛ Your online store will either appeal to a browser or not Searches will ensure that directory enquiries find you (if positioned correctly) The positioning of your creative look and feel, and more importantly the price of your products, will define the demographic profile of your customer (let’s face it, your product will not appeal to plebs) It’s through your site/store, that ambassadors are created These are the purchasers who finalise the sale, and then, through the experience, endorse your product It’s my understanding that you wish to attract a equal volumes of B2B and B2C customers? ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  8. 8. Many brands believe that their online portrayal of their brand, needs to be steeped with technological applications, in order to catch and maintain customers attention… they are dead wrong Technological applications hinder technology delivery Don’t be swayed or influenced by fancy applications that glitter and shine… these application create barriers to entry and fulfilment Customers want an environment they can associate with (develop a relationship’), but they want what they want, and they want it now, with peace-of-mind and doubtless trust ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  9. 9. It is imperative that you break down all barriers to entry, and that includes limiting payment options The time has arrived where customers tell us what they want, and how they want to receive it and how they want to pay for it The process must be friendly and flawless The option to manage yourself is endorsed, giving you control over your products We have looked at including the following Product and customer management databases (backend functions) Dynamic updating (subscribe, mailing confirmations, etc) Software that observes privacy (opt in and out) Subscription to services (newsletters, cross and up sell, etc) Most importantly, Security ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  10. 10. Process development is crucial when creating a high-level electronic communication platform What we do is map out every possible user experience, from the beginning of their experience, until they have ended the experience (with the aim of making it an incredible and memorable journey) This will be plotted in later sessions by ourselves, with your input This depends on the type of look and feel that is approved, as well all the applications employed and the requirements of each of the applications This is, understandably, a part of the function we will employ, should you wish to utilise our expertise and agree on the cost proposal Remember that this is a learning organisation, and will evolve as the project proceeds ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  11. 11. Strategic Development Strategic Audit R 750.00 Brand Positioning R 750.00 Creative Look & Feel R 1 500.00 R 3 000.00 Design and development of the front end of the website, which includes: Website look and feel and navigation template R 1 600.00 Home page R 600.00 Design of about us page R 600.00 Product catalogue with shopping cart and online payment functionality R 10 000.00 Contact us page R 800.00 Customer registration page. R 1 600.00 Customer login page R 800.00 Customer login template R 800.00 Page for customers to view and edit their details R 1 600.00 Pages for customers to view current and previous orders R 1 600.00 R 20 000.00 ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  12. 12. Design and development of the back end of the website: Setup of the SQL Server database with tables to hold information for administrators, customers, products, customer orders, general enquiries R 2 400.00 Design of Administration Applications Pages: Login page R 800.00 Login template page R 800.00 Home page R 800.00 View current orders R 800.00 View previous orders R 800.00 View order details and change the status of an order R 800.00 Manage product categories R 800.00 View all products that are currently on the website R 800.00 Insert new products onto the website. R 800.00 Edit / delete existing products on the website. R 1 600.00 List all customers that have registered on the website R 800.00 View customer’s details as well as current and previous orders. R 1 600.00 View website traffic statistics R 800.00 R 14 400.00 Total Project Cost R 37 400.00 ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  13. 13. This project’s success depends on the value of the input and accuracy of the information that is request by us, and supplied by yourselves (the old adage applies... ‚shit in, shit out‛) Wee will agree on a mutually agreed date, with short-win goals defined throughout the project, until launch We do promise to deliver by the agreed upon launch date, but as we all know, gremlins do sometimes enjoy playing their part in the process All prices exclude VAT Should there be a required for additional pages, functionality or photography, these would be subject to standard rates (as outlined in the preceding pages) Terms are strictly based on 25% payable on commencement of the project, 50% on completion and the balance of 25%, on 30 days of completion ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative
  14. 14. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for affording us the honor and opportunity to present this proposal to you. . . Thank you! RippleComm Communication cc ©ck2003/102391/24 “’Cause every message has an Effect!” a RippleComm Communication Initiative