21 low self esteem symptoms


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21 low self esteem symptoms

  1. 1. 21 LOW SELF-ESTEEM SYMPTOMShttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  2. 2. What is self esteem? The definition of self-esteem is the personal value, self-respect and self-worth that you place on yourself.http://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  3. 3. Do you think you have low self- esteem? Here are some low self-esteem symptoms:http://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  4. 4. When you can’t make decisions, that effects all areas of your life. You may have trouble even making the slightest decisions such as what to wear in the morning.1. Indecisive decision makinghttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  5. 5. Trying to be perfect can hurt your self- esteem because when you do something wrong, you can blame yourself and feel inadequate.2. Perfectionismhttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  6. 6. You may feel shame from past or present situations. This can hinder you from growing and feeling better.3. Shamehttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  7. 7. You may be harder on yourself if you receive just simple criticism. It affects you where it decreases your self-esteem every time a criticism is made.4. Can’t handle criticismhttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  8. 8. You constantly talk down to yourself and devalue yourself worth.5. Negative thinking and self-talkhttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  9. 9. Making others seem like the bad guy may boost yourself up for a while, but will actually is a sign of low self-esteem about yourself.6. Overly critical to yourself andothershttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  10. 10. Do you constantly worry about the future? When you worry it brings on extra stress in your life.7. Constant worryinghttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  11. 11. When you stop caring about your how you look, that is a serious sign of low self-esteem. You should care how you present yourself to others but it’s an important part of self-esteem for yourself.8. Doesn’t care about their physicalappearancehttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  12. 12. When you exaggerate it, you’re not only lying to others but to yourself. It’s important to be truthful at all times.9. Exaggerateshttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  13. 13. When you constantly blame others for what’s happening in your life, you are exhibiting low self-esteem. You are in control of your own life. Nobody has the power to do anything to do unless you let them.10. Blamehttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  14. 14. Do you find yourself always making excuses why you can’t do something? When you always make excuses for yourself, you’ll never accomplish anything.11. Making excuseshttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  15. 15. Do you hold your feelings inside to the point where you are going to boil? This is not healthy for you and you need to be able to express your feelings as you feel them.12. Inability to express feelingshttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  16. 16. Do you find that you need the acceptance of others? You have to depend on yourself first by finding yourself and who you are.13. Dependence of othershttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  17. 17. Are you realizing that your boundaries are set to no limits? For example, are you taking on more than you can handle? It’s important to set boundaries and when to say no.14. No boundarieshttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  18. 18. Do you have the worst outlook on life? Negative thinking will not get you in a better place. When you think ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’, then think of the positive that can come out of the situation.15. Pessimistichttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  19. 19. Do you find it’s a hard for you to laugh? Laughter is medicine for the soul. Try to do it as often as you can.16. Inability to laughhttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  20. 20. Are you isolating yourself from your family and friends? Would you rather be alone? We need some social contact as human beings sometimes. Try to venture out and get that human interaction.17. Isolationhttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  21. 21. Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel like there is no end to the pain that you’re going through? Know that this feeling with not last forever if you work hard at positive thinking.18. Feels hopelesshttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  22. 22. When you put other people down you’re only expressing the hurt that you feel inside. Look inwards at yourself and you’ll find that the problems you point out to people are usually your own.19. Put other people downhttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  23. 23. It is one thing to buy something for yourself once in a while. But if you’re constantly buying things to be happy then that’s not good. Do you have a bunch of clothes in the closer with tags on them? Do you have a collection of items that you don’t even need?20. Need for material possessionshttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  24. 24. Do you fear any new change or experience? New experiences are what bring joy to your life. Face your fears. Realize that life is always changing and nothing will remain the same.21. Fears change and newexperienceshttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com
  25. 25. Want To Learn More About How To Achieve Your Happiness? Visit the website below for your FREE short report ‘21 WAYS TO FEEL BETTER AND LIVE A HAPPY LIFE’ Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. Join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MeetYourHappiness Join us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Meet_Happyhttp://www.meetyourhappiness.com