Tweet Adder - What? Why? and How Much? [TweetAdder Discount]
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Tweet Adder - What? Why? and How Much? [TweetAdder Discount]

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Tweet Adder is the one driving force that made Twitter my number one traffic referral source for ...

Tweet Adder is the one driving force that made Twitter my number one traffic referral source for

These stats are nothing to sneeze at.

I still use TweetAdder daily to grow my Twitter followers and you should consider doing the same.

Use Tweet Adder discount coupon code AH20 at checkout to get 20% off your own Tweet Adder. Here's the link:

If you are still not sure about Tweet Adder, check out my full TweetAdder review:

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  • Grazie Anna , belle le tu presentszioni , chiedo scusa,

    per le scritture sopra l' immagine non le capisco,ce almeno potresti metterle ad angolo la slide sarebbe più bella. ( è evidente che non puoi per altri motivi ) saluto dalla Sardegna ,,,grazie ancora , ,
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  • 1. Tweet, tweet How to Get More Twitter Followers
  • 2. In the beginning, I was I knew no one. no one.
  • 3. Needed to get traffic - quickly!
  • 4. Tweeeeeeeeet!
  • 5. Research + Creativity = Twitter traffic
  • 6. I came up with winning Twitter formula traffic
  • 7. (***the boring bullet slide) • Twitter followers • social proof • thousands of visitors • quality visitors
  • 8. Twitter became my BEST source... traffic
  • 9. How DID I Do It ?
  • 10. Rule #1: Automation
  • 11. • following all the right people, • spending hours sifting through Twitter streams, • finding more people to follow, • connecting, • interacting, • mingling,
  • 12. • tearing my hair out because I didn’t have the time to do things that actually made a difference to my business…
  • 13. All the stuff they teach you in a typical Twitter 101 course.
  • 14. Needless to say, it wasn’t working very well.
  • 15. So I did more research...
  • 16. and found a tool called Tweet Adder.
  • 17. It radically changed my whole outlook on Twitter traffic generation.
  • 18. Rule #2: The Right Bait
  • 19. “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?”
  • 20. You need to give people a good reason to follow you. (well, maybe not THIS good...)
  • 21. “Come visit my great blog because it’s… great”
  • 22. I offered my new Twitter followers a chance to promote their blogs at Traffic Generation Café.
  • 23. What’s in it for YOUR readers?
  • 24. BE UNIQUE.
  • 25. Giveaway? Free bonus? A hug?
  • 26. Rule #3: The Right Foundation
  • 27. Even though Traffic Generation Café was barely a couple of weeks old, it looked like an authority blog.
  • 28. (yes, ridiculously good looks are THAT important)
  • 29. ♣ great content my reader could sink their teeth into;
  • 30. ♣ a premium blog design at a democratic price (with Genesis Theme, for instance)
  • 31. ♣ social proof (my posts had comments and shares) 
  • 32. </My Magic Twitter Traffic Formula> Let’s recap...
  • 33. Rule #1: Automation
  • 34. Rule #2: The Right Bait
  • 35. Rule #3: The Right Foundation
  • 36. Ready to start? Your next step >>>
  • 37. Click Here to Learn More
  • 38. Click Here to Learn More