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  1. 1. t raf f icgenerat ioncaf Ways to Explode Your Web Traffic Conversions TodayAs a reader of Ana’s blog, I’ll assume you are conf ident aboutgenerating traf f ic to your blog.However, if your site has goal is to get someone to optin to youremails, boosting your traf f ic conversions will get you a f ar biggerincrease than boosting traf f ic.Consider this scenario:Your blog is getting 10,000 new unique visitors per month andis converting 1% of them to email opt in (100 signups). This isa common conversion rate f or unoptimized blogs.Pretty easily, without using aggressive techniques, you shouldbe able to boost that to 5% or higher (500 signups).If you f ocused on traf f ic f or your low converting blog instead of f ocusing on the conversion rate, you wouldneed an additional 40,000 monthly new unique visitors to boost your optins to 500.I can tell you boosting your conversion rate f rom 1-5% is inf initely easier and cheaper than acquiring 40,000targeted new visitors.In f act some tiny little changes can of ten have a huge impact on your traf f ic conversion rate.Here are 10 things you can do right now to get more visitors converting.Remember to test these to ensure they are working for you. When you implement them, please comment belowand tell me how they work for you.Note some of the screenshots below are f rom my blog analytics sof tware Inf ormly. Some of this data isavailable in Google Analytics, some is not. Let’s go.1. Get more traffic from your high converting traffic sources
  2. 2. Stop measuring vanity metrics like traf f ic volume and start looking specif ically at the sources that ref er you thehighest converting web traf f ic. This can have a huge impact on your conversions.Side note: to measure your conversions in Google Analytics, you need to set up Goals.You can set up individual Goals to track various actions, like transactions with a minimum purchase amount, orthe amount of time spent on a screen, or email list signups.Here are the instructions on how to set up Goals in Google Analytics.In my case f or the last month I had 300 traf f ic sources, 69 of which ref erred more than 10 visitors.The highest converting source converted at 38%; the lowest was of course 0%. In f act almost half of themconverted at 0%.I would take 1 visitor f rom a site converting at 38% bef ore I’d take 1,000 f rom a site converting at 0%.You can read more about f inding your best converting traf f ic sources (or your competitors’, if you are juststarting out) f rom Ana’s ”Mommy, Where Does My Traffic Come From?” f ree traf f ic report you can get as asubscriber to her f ree Bite-Size Traf f ic Hacks email series.2. Use landing pages for guest postsIf you are doing guest blogging, rather than sending that traf f ic back to your site, send them to a landing pageinstead.I tested this recently with a guest post that generated 100 visits. I set up a landing page based of f this f reetemplate and also split tested this with my own design.
  3. 3. As you can see, traf f ic to the Inf ormly homepage converted at 0%, traf f ic to my blog (agency talk) and salespage (agencies) converted at just under 10%.Traf f ic to the landing pages converted at 30-40%, with the f ree landing page converting at 46%. I’ve had thisas high as 68% f rom other sources.Suf f ice to say, use landing pages.3. Embrace the 70 / 30 ruleWhen you are starting out blogging, your goal is to build a readership that shares your content.Sharing means exposing your content to new audiences.If you are starting f rom scratch like I did 10 months ago, the easiest way to do this is send most of your bestcontent to other blogs. If you don’t do this, you will be wasting your time talking to yourself (as I did f or manyyears on my last blog).My exact strategy when launching Inf ormly was:1. Create a f ew great posts on my own site.2. Send 70% of my posts (including my best ones) to other high traf f ic blogs in my niche (I had guest postson sof,, thinktraf f, f, etc).3. Keep 30% of my posts f or my own site.Once I started to build a decent f ollowing on my own site (I’m now getting 15,000 monthly visits, 6,000 peopleon my list, up to 200 tweets f or some of my best posts), I switched this back to 30 / 70.Now when I create epic posts on my own site, they do get shared tonew audiences and I get to keep all the traf f ic f or myself . However,without a list and an audience, this isn’t possible.It’s the sharing that is key. Even if you do have a lot of eyeballs onyour content, if it’s the same eyeballs, then it’s not going to convert.An easy way to keep an eye on this is to look at the new vs repeatvisits in the audience overview in Analytics. My new visits are 61%.
  4. 4. The higher this number, the more people will convert.4. Know your most engaged peopleIf you want more conversions, you have to know who is mostengaged and create content that they will love.You can do this a number of ways:1. Install analytics sof tware like Inf ormly (shameless plug) that gives you lists of all of the peopleconverting on your site, who is visiting the site the most, and how to connect with them on social mediaetc.2. Look at those who have converted through your email autoresponder (it will also give you limitedinf ormation on their habits on your site).3. Look at who has read your content and become a customer. Who they are, where they hang out online,what types of sites they like etc.4. Pay attention to your email and blog comments and get to know who they are and what they are lookingf or
  5. 5. Conversions are about relevance, so if you can create content that is more relevant to your audience. Theythen will share it, they will convert, and they will attract other highly engaged people.5. Have a content-specific opt-in bribeHaving a bribe or incentive (like an ebook or report) f or people to opt in will generally increase yourconversions.However you can increase conversions even f urther by having a specif ic opt in bribe f or specif ic posts.For example look at what Hubspot does – there are some smart f olks over there.This is their option on a page that talks about the downsides of display advertising. It represents a goodalternative to display advertising.This is the opt in that displays on their post that gives 6 opinions f rom experts on marketing strategies.See what they did there?You can do this easily enough by having a def ault opt in and then f or certain posts replace it with a specif ic optin f or that post.I have tested this on my own blog and it increased conversions f or that post by 40% over a typical postconversion (f ull disclosure: this wasn’t the only thing that was dif f erent f rom a normal post).
  6. 6. 6. Test conversion locationsYou can boost conversions considerably by testingdif f erent conversion locations.Here are some options and what is working f or me. Testf or yourself and do what works.Sidebar opt-in. I don’t currently use one because Itested taking it out and conversions were unchanged.No point having something there that doesn’t doanything.Scroll box opt-in. Once I started using this, myconversions went through the roof .Homepage feature box. Very good f or conversions.I’m not currently using one because my main goal issof tware signups, but I will introduce one on my bloghomepage soon.Hello bar. They convert well, but I f ind them intrusive,so I use it only f or certain promotions.Pop up. I f ind them intrusive, but they can work well. Pippity has some advanced settings that make themmore bearable, but I still don’t use one.Post footer. A must f or bloggers. Get people when they have shown they love your content (i.e. they’veread it) and customise it f or each post if you can.There are others, test what works f or you and stick to it.Listen to this great list building webinar with Shane MeLaugh to learn more about testing your opt-in f orms theeasy way.7. Structure your content like a copywriterAs a blogger / content marketer, your job isn’t just to write.Your job is to sell.So learn f rom people who know how to sell – copywriters.Here are some general copywriting strategies that will help to encourage your blog visitors to convert:Write better blog post titles. Make them clear, of f er benef its, create intrigue, get noticed and includesocial proof if you can. Awesome example: How We Grew Crazy Egg to 100,000 Users With A $10,000Marketing Budget.Make your posts clearly address a problem – one that your readers have. In this post I’m addressing theproblem of having visitors, but not enough conversions.Present excellent content that solves the problem (more later).Borrow credibility (name drop, use social proof , use real data, research etc, link out to other authority
  7. 7. Borrow credibility (name drop, use social proof , use real data, research etc, link out to other authorityblogs). I’ve done all of that in this post if you noticed. Did I mention I was on Problogger? G’day, Darren,if you’re reading this.Clear call to take action below the post that also solves the problem, but in a more comprehensive way.For instance, read the post to learn the theory and download this template to implement it (I do that in thispost too).Include testimonials of case studies that relate to the call to action. For example, if my call to action wasto get you back to my site, best case I’d include a testimonial about the results that one of my users isgetting as the call to action.Reverse all risk (address their objections and lower f riction and risk). Putting a security lock on the opt-in, a message about not sending spam, etc. can increase opt ins. Address any objections to opting in.That’s just one structure that I’ve adapted f rom Dane Maxwell’s copywriting checklist, just one example of howyou can apply copywriting to blogging.8. Wipe your sidebar clean and have 1 clear goalSo many blogs make this mistake. They just aren’t clear enough about what they want.If you aren’t clear, then your readers won’t be clear.Why do landing pages convert so well? Because they remove choice and make it easy and clear to opt in.The more stuf f you have in your sidebar, the more choice people have and the less clarity they have aroundthe goal of the page.Here is a list of sidebar widgets I’ve removed f rom my blog:Recent posts (not needed, people know they can get recent posts f rom your homepage)Popular articles (bad idea, instead have a list of articles that you know to be highly converting or highlyshared. Popular articles are usually based on view count or comment count, neither of which is going toboost your conversions)Banner advertising (it will kill your conversions and you probably make very little f rom it anyway)Latest tweets or social media activity (people can go to Twitter if they want your latest tweets)Navigation (I put mine in a tiny list up the top to get them out of the way)Opt in (no, I don’t have a sidebar option, they don’t convert well f or me)Start removing stuf f f rom your sidebar and measure the results.9. Split test post titlesCopywriters know that the headline is the most important part of the copy.Same thing with blogging and there’s a really easy way to improve your headlines – split test them in your emailautoresponder.Here’s an example of the results I got when I last did it.
  8. 8. I sent half of my list an email with the subject ‘1 simple secret to skyrocket the quality of everything you do‘ andthe other half the subject ‘How I hack excellence with 1 simple trick‘.The title that mentioned the word ‘hack‘ got a 12% higher click through rate. So I updated the title of the postto the winning title bef ore I shared it on social media.The title that appeals to people is more likely to be shared – more shares equals more new eyeballs, whichequals more conversions.This post became one of my top posts this year so f ar.10. Benchmark against the best and stop creating good contentThe number 1 thing you can do to boost your conversions is create better content.Most of the time when people are creating content, they create good content.The problem with creating good content is people already have access to great content, so why would theysettle f or good?For example, in the content marketing space, people can get amazing content f rom Hubspot, KissMetrics,Content Marketing Institute etc.If I wrote a good post on content, why would someone bother to read it?I benchmark my content against the best and I make sure it’s every bit as good.That means:Doing my absolute best to create nice graphics that support my posts and a nicely designed site that ison par with something like Hubspot (I f ail sometimes, but that is what I aim f or)I create detailed guides like KissMetrics that are 3-4,000 words long and f ull of specif ic actionableinf ormation. Again, as a solo f ounder, it’s hard to create stuf f as good as KissMetrics, but if I can’t,there’s no point, so I continue to strive f or that.I use SlideShare f or summaries of larger posts and try to make them well designed, inf ormative andactionable in their own right – like the Content Marketing Institute does.The key here is to raise your expectations.“Good” is not good enough, if your competitors are great.You can’t compete on quantity because you don’t have the resources, but you can compete on quality, if youtake your time and raise your standards.
  9. 9. And if your content is great, then it will get shared, which will boost conversions.Test these out and report backI hope this has been usef ul – if you have any comments at all, please leave them below.I’m particularly interested in hearing f rom you if you have had big jumps in conversions and what has workedwell f or you.Dan NorrisI’m Dan Norris, the founder of blogging analytics software Informly. I’ve written a 30 page ebookon all of the strategies I use to create content that converts. You can download it for free here.This is what one of my readers recently said about me “Dan, your content is epic, you’ve takenover Neil Patel as the go to man for online marketing for me.”If you like this post and think it would be valuable to your f ollowers, share the ish out of it f or me, would you?