21 Powerful List Building Tips Rich Man and Poor Man Style


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21 Powerful List Building Tips Rich Man and Poor Man Style

  1. 1. t raf f icge ne rat io ncaf e .co m http://www.trafficgeneratio ncafe.co m/list-building-tips/21 Powerful List Building Tips Rich Man and Poor Man StyleRich list builder, poor list builder – which one are you?Are you in a rush to get your list building of f to a very quick startand are willing to cough up some money in the process?Or you don’t mind taking your time building your list slowly, but truly,and with as little upf ront expense as possible?Or are there ways to do it both quickly and “poor man” style?We’ll get to my list building tips in a moment, but f irst, very brief ly:The Fantastic Four of List Building1. Traf f icT he more, the merrier, naturally, but your traf f ic HAS T O be targeted enough to want what you have to of f er.We all could use a little more traf f ic, so head over here to learn how to get some: T he Ultimate Blueprint to More Prof itable Website Traf f ic2. Lead MagnetT hat would be the f reebie you are planning to of f er.And the stakes are high these days; you’d better make it good.NOT complicated or lengthy, but value-packed good.If you don’t have anything in the works just yet, it’s no excuse to avoid building a list.If you cross your heart and promise to keep them intact, f eel f ree to use either my “Mommy, Where Does MyTraffic Come From?” traf f ic report or “7 Steps to Complete Search Engine Domination” SEO report as a f ree baiton your blog.3. Opt -in FormEye-catchy, but simple, to the point, and here’s the tricky part: everywhere, but not intrusive.4. Monet izat ionBuilding a list sounds like a must and all, but trust me, there’s a reason f or this list building madness: to makemoney from your business.How are you planning on making money of f your list? Your own product, services, af f iliate products, etc.?Even if you have no idea at the moment, my advice is to start your list anyway.
  2. 2. By the time you f igure it all out, you’ll be glad you didn’t wait until you had all your ducks in a row.Rich Man’s List Building TipsI have a conf ession to make: I am not on a f irst name basis with these list building tips.Partially, it’s because I don’t really believe that some of them truly work – any longer, anyway.Plus, if I am going to spend money on my list building, I want to make sure I know what I am doing and thattakes time and more money, neither one of which I am willing to give up right now.So, let me tell you what I DO know about these methods.List Building Tip # 1. Buy a ListNaturally, this is something I would never advise f or anyone to do in any niche.All you will end up buying is a bunch of names and, hopef ully, working email addresses – hard to get them tostay with you and even harder, to buy f rom you.Can’t sell a steak to a vegetarian!List Building Tip # 2. Banner Advert isingEver heard of banner blindness? Still there.Since I’ve never used this method to drive traf f ic to Traf f ic Generation Caf é, I have no idea what your ROImight be on something like this.However, I did use banner advertising as an income stream and ended up dropping it since most advertisersweren’t getting their money’s worth in traf f ic.
  3. 3. Just goes to prove my point…List Building Tip # 3. Buy Ezine Solo AdsIn online marketing terms, ezine is a newsletter sent out to thousands of subscribers.You can choose to purchase an ad in those newsletters.However, the only ad really worth considering is what’s called a “solo ad”, which means that it would go out allon its own without any other content surrounding it.List Building Tip # 4. Google AdwordsNever ventured out into that either.I actually started my online business just around the time of the f amous “Google Slap”, which is still very muchtalked about.In other words, Google made it very unattractive f or a small f ish like me to even try PPC.List Building Tip # 5. Facebook AdsNow T HIS IS something I am going to do, hopef ully soon.I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s f airly easy to master, it’s still f airly inexpensive (in the eyes of the beholder, ofcourse), and it brings results.Poor Man’s List Building Tips
  4. 4. I am sure there are MANY more ways to build a list when you have money, but as I said, it’s neither my area ofexpertise nor of interest.So let’s get down to the meaty part of this post: what to build a list the poor man’s style.In no particular order:List Building Tip # 6. Cross promot ionApproach other bloggers in your niche with similar size blogs and, hopef ully, lists and agree to send an email toyour list about their newsletter, if they do the same f or you.List Building Tip # 7. Product bonusFind someone who sells a product, which compliments your f reebie, and approach them about giving yourf reebie away with their product.Everybody loves a good bonus, which of course will have links back to your blog.List Building Tip # 8. St ay above t he f oldKeep your opt-in f orm visible and above the f old, if possible.List Building Tip # 9. Give an incent iveSome time back, I saw a post on SocialMouths.com, giving away a blog/social media audit to a randomsubscriber to their list.How brilliant was that!Francisco gently persuaded his visitors (me including) to subscribe to his list in return f or a chance to win.List Building Tip # 10. Hold backSay you write a f reebie with several steps, like my 7 Steps to Complete Search Engine Domination (awesomeSEO report, by the way; comes with my brilliantly clever and usef ul bite-size traf f ic generation tips every oncein a while. You won’t see any of it though, until you subscribe HERE.)Of f er the f irst 6 steps (or whatever your number is) f or f ree, and leave the last one f or subscribers only.Since they’ve read most of your f reebie and are dying to get their hands on the last part, they are now verywilling and ready to join your list.List Building Tip # 11. Creat e PDFs.I am sure you’ve heard of this bef ore, but probably never used it.T he idea behind this method is simple: create ebooks out of your existing content.For instance, take all the posts you have on kolibri bird feeding habits and turn it into a PDF f ull of the links toyour blog and various posts on your blog – write it in such a way that the readers HAVE T O come back to yourblog f or more inf ormation.Send your PDF out to various PDF networks; Scribd.com is my f avorite one f or that.
  5. 5. Of course, just uploading your PDF and waiting f or it to be downloaded is not my style; and neither it should beyours.Promote it.Let people know it’s there.If you don’t know how, read Kristi Hines’ Ultimate Guide to Blog Promotion – it’ll have all you need to promoteany kind of content you have.List Building Tip # 12. Guest post .Here’s another one you’ve heard of bef ore… over… and over…: guest posting.Are you doing it though?… T hat’s my point.When you publish a great guest post, the readers of that blog are already sold on you – all you need to do isto close the deal.T hat’s where “priming” technique works wonders.Read more on how to use it in your guest blogging endeavors in this post: How To Maximize Conversions from Your Guest Post TrafficAnd to learn more about making the most of your guest blogging, I highly recommend you check out DannyIny’s Write Like Freddy.List Building Tip # 13. JV GiveawaysBasically, a JV giveaway is an event set up by several bloggers with an intention to build each other’s liststhrough leveraging their own lists and social networks.T he way it works is each participating member submits one or more f reebies that lead to their squeeze pages.T hen they agree to send emails to their lists and promote the event via their social networks to bring in as bigof a crowd as possible.With a good product, it’s possible to generate hundreds of new subscribers per giveaway.T he last one I participated in, I got over 200 new ones within 2 days.T he argument, of course, could be that the retention rate f or these subscribers can be low, since all they wantis your f reebie.However, that can be said f or all your new subscribers and it’s up to YOU whether they stay or go; you andyour brilliant f ollow-up emails you send them.Here are a couple of sites f or you to take a look at if you are interested in participating in a JV Giveaway: jvgiveawayblog.com and newjvgiveaways.com.T here are plenty more, of course.
  6. 6. List Building Tip # 14. Leverage ot her blogs.With this list building strategy, you round up a f ew bloggers and each of you will write a post promoting eachother’s newsletter and/or f reebies.List Building Tip # 15. Your Thank You PageT here are a couple of ways you can use your T hank You page to generate email subscribers.1. First of all, make sure your T hank You pages, even if it’s a “T hank You f or Commenting” page, have optinf orms.For example, take a look at my T hank You f or Commenting page.2. Get a group of bloggers together and recommend subscribing to their lists in your T hank You page and theywill do the same f or you.3. Read the f ollowing post to learn another great way to get subscribers and/or sales f rom your T hank Youpage. Email List Building Secrets Your Thank You Page is Keeping from YouList Building Tip # 16. Creat e a ForumA bit time-consuming, but a great way to brand yourself and add quite a f ew new subscribers to your list.List Building Tip # 17. Sharing is caringCreate a squeeze page with f reebie/newletter opt-in and ask your readers/subscribers to share it with theirteam, online f riends, etc.For instance, here’s what I do to encourage shares on my f ree SEO report optin page:I’ve also been successf ully using a plugin called WP Sharely to increase social shares f or my optin pages.List Building Tip # 18. Forwards
  7. 7. At the end of some of your emails to your list, why not ask your subscribers to f orward the email to acolleague/another online marketer they know?Doesn’t cost you anything and, if they really enjoy your awesome tips in their inboxes, they might just do that.T his tip won’t get you direct subscribers per se, but it will get you traf f ic that will be up to you to covert.Another way of generating new subscribers using a similar method is to let your existing subscribers republishsome of your newsletters as blog posts at their blog.For instance: Not your “same old” Twitter traf f ic hack - Nick Stewart, NicksTrafficTricks.comJust make sure to direct all the traf f ic back to your optin page, just like Nick did by linking back to it.List Building Tip # 19. Af f iliat esPeople will want to promote you if there is something in it f or them.Af f iliates send visitors to get your f ree subscriber bonus.When any sign-ups happen, the af f iliate gets rewarded f or delivering the lead – maybe, through a f ree copy ofa product or a special report no one else gets access to.List Building Tip # 20. Password prot ect your post sI am not talking about a membership site here, although you can create one of those as well.What you can do is choose to set a password f or some of your popular posts or, even better, f or a part of apost.Of course, you’ll need to let your readers know that in order to access this (and other) password protectedcontent, they’ll need to subscribe to your list, and also let them know you’ll send them the password as soonas they subscribe.You can also set up a special page that will display the password as soon as they subscribe.T here are several plugins that will get the job done; just search f or “password protect” in your plugin directoryand you’ll f ind quite a f ew.T he one I’ve tested at Traf f ic Generation Caf é was S2Member and it worked great. T heir f ree version isexceptionally robust; a paid version is also available if you want to run a true membership site.List Building ToolsWhat I use at Traf f ic Generat ion Caf é1. Aweber email aut oresponderT he de f acto autoresponder f or most bloggers I know.To learn why I chose Aweber over any other option out there, check our my Aweber review.
  8. 8. 2. WPSubscribersWPSubscribers list building plugin lets me strategically place my opt-in f orms wherever I want to (I think theyhave about 8 dif f erent options, if not more), plus pre-populates the email f ield with my visitor’s email address,when available.Have you noticed that? For most of you, the f orm already has your name and email address in it – all you haveto do is click the sign up button.Doesn’t get any easier than that.3. Hybrid ConnectYet another list building plugin I recommend and use at Traf f ic Generation Caf é.Hybrid Connect doesn’t of f er as many f eatures as WPSubscribers, but it’s much easier to set up and I love itsFacebook Connect f eature.If you want simple, ef f ective, and customizable, Hybrid Connect is the way to go.List Building WebinarBuilding a healthy and responsive email list is a great step towards building a healthy and prof itable business.T hat’s why I teamed up with Shane Melaugh – the creator of Hybrid Connect – to bring you a live list buildingwebinar.What :“How to Double Your Subscribers Without Needing More Traffic” webinar with Ana Hof f man and ShaneMelaugh.When:Update: this was one of the best list building webinars I’ve ever attended.You can view the replay here (don’t miss it – it was T HAT good!):List Building Webinar: How to Double Your Subscribers WIT HOUT More Traf f icList Building Marketing TakeawayNot much lef t to say.With these list building tips you have no excuse.Really.St art Your Own Email Market ing List f or Only $1.00If you haven’t started building your list yet, let me tell you – you are
  9. 9. missing out big time.My list is number one reason I make the money I make with this blog and have such a strong readership.Aweber is the best email autoresponder I have even used.And I am not the only one. Many A-list bloggers I know also use it f or their businesses.Aweber of f ers a $1 trial month f or all new customers.You’ll have access to all f eatures a paid account is entitled to: unlimited lists, email campaigns, automaticf ollow-ups, broadcasts, and many, many more.If af ter 30 days you don’t like them, just let them know and Aweber will give you your $1 back. Guaranteed.If you like this post and think it would be valuable to your f ollowers, share the ish out of it f or me, would you?