Best affiliate marketing programs that pay


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Successful affiliate marketing starts with successful affiliate marketing programs.

See how to choose one and the best affiliate marketing programs around.

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Best affiliate marketing programs that pay

  1. 1. t raf f icge ne rat io ncaf e .co m http://www.trafficgeneratio m/best-affiliate-marketing-pro grams/Best Affiliate Marketing Programs that PayWhoever said that af f iliate marketing was an easy way to makemoney online must’ve had an af f iliate marketing course theywanted to sell to you.If it was that easy, there would be many more successf ul onlineentrepreneurs happily making f ull-time income f rom the comf ort oftheir homes.However, it’s not rocket science either.T he cornerstone of any ef f ective af f iliate marketing promotion ispicking the right affiliate programs and products to promote.Af f iliate Marketing Pitf allsT he problem with learning af f iliate marketing f rom “gurus” and top af f iliate marketers is that what works f orthem won’t necessarily work f or you and me.Chances are we don’t have a huge list of 100K+ subscribers and an unlimited budget to of f er great bonusesf or any given product launch.So how are we supposed to compete with them?We can’t and we shouldn’t.Truth is we need to work smarter and look f or the best affiliate programs that: pay the most, of f er quality MULT IPLE products, lif etime commissions f or ANY purchase your ref erral makes, and are not too mainstream.You think I am looking f or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?T hen read on.Af f iliate Marketing Programs OverviewHow do you pick which af f iliate marketing of f ers you are going to promote?What really matters?Price point?But why would you want to promote a $2K af f iliate program that doesn’t convert?Conversion rate?
  2. 2. But can you rely on the vendor to provide accurate numbers?Here are some of the factors I look for when researching the best affiliate programs:1. Long-t erm Income Pot ent ialT his is a very obvious f actor.Wouldn’t we all rather “sell” once and keep collecting the af f iliate paycheck on a monthly basis?However, just because you become an af f iliate f or a vendor with a recurring f ee structure, doesn’t mean thatyou’ll be getting recurring commissions f or it.Good example: though it’s a monthly service, their af f iliate commission structure is based upon the number of sign-ups you drive to them and you’ll be paid a f lat f ee f or each sign-up.On the other hand, does of f er 30% of the monthly f ee your ref erral pays f or their services.2. Cookie durat ionHow long does the af f iliate cookie last?Follow-up products make additional commissions, IF the cookie is being tracked.Take, f or instance. T hey’ll pay you commission f or ANY product your ref erral buys f rom them;HOWEVER, your cookie will last f or 24 hours only!3. Follow-up/Backend product sHow good is the backend promotion?Is it going to increase your bottom line?4. Ref und Rat eBef ore you promote any of f er, ask them what the ref und rate is.5. One Product vs ANY Product sIf your ref erral doesn’t buy the product you are promoting, but buys a dif f erent product f rom the samevendor, do you still get commission?6. Conversion Rat eHow well does the traf f ic you send to the af f iliate program sales page convert into buyers? If theconversion rate is too low, is the sales copy not so great? Is the price too high?7. Immediat e PaymentHow long does it take f or you to get paid?T he best af f iliate marketing programs of f er immediate payments f or each sale.8. Second Tier Commissions
  3. 3. Not easy to f ind, but def initely pays to look f or af f iliate programs that of f er to pay you 2nd tiercommissions f or each of your ref erred customers.It’s almost like creating an af f iliate network of your own and getting paid f or the work your “af f iliates” do.Best Af f iliate Marketing Programs that PayT his seems to be a good place to distinguish between affiliate marketing programs and affiliate products thatyou actually promote on your site.You can pick the best possible af f iliate platf orm there is, BUT if it doesn’t of f er any products that arerelevant to your niche, it’s useless.On the other hand, if you f ound an excellent product to promote on your site, but the product owner usesan of f -the-beaten-path af f iliate marketing program you’ve never heard of , should you not promote thatproduct?Absolutely not.T he quality and relevancy of the product itself def initely trumps what af f iliate program powers the salesprocess.So keep that in mind when looking into signing up f or dif f erent programs.Note: I am currently researching more affiliate marketing opportunities and will be adding them as I find andtest them.The ones below got my stamp of approval.The Big ThreeClickbank.comSooner or later, you’ll run into a product that’s powered by Clickbank.It’s one of the largest players on the market and f or a reason: it makes it f airly easy f or both sellers andaf f iliate marketers to make money.Several products I recommend to Traf f ic Generation Caf é readers are hosted by Clickbank, and so f ar I’vehad nothing but: timely payments; great customer service through emails; good experience all around f rom an af f iliate marketer’s point of view.Commission Junction ( another big player used by various retailers and online businesses in a variety of dif f erent niches.ShareASale.comYet another “behemoth” af f iliate marketing platf orm I’ve been using f or a long time.With over 2,500 merchants to choose f rom, real-time stats, and on-time payments, I have no complaints.
  4. 4. The “Up and Comers”T he f ollowing two platf orms are mostly used by inf ormation product creators.You can def initely f ind a f ew great products there, but you might have to kiss a f ew f rogs to f ind your prince.JVZoo.comMy f avorite af f iliate f eature of JVZ is instant payments. As in, “I sell it today, I get paid today“.You still have to be approved by every individual seller, but once you are approved by them, you can marketany product they of f er.Read my f ull review of JVZ oo or just sign up as an af f iliate here.DigiResults.comVery similar to JVZ oo.comThe Conglomerat esI call “conglomerates” af f iliate marketing platf orms that bring multiple af f iliate programs under one roof .So instead of keeping track of several af f iliate programs, making sure the tracking is accurate, you get paidon time, etc, you can choose to use a “conglomerate” af f iliate platf orm to do that f or you.A platf orm like that will automatically convert your non-af f iliate links into af f iliate links or even convertcertain keyword phrases within your content into af f iliate links.Could be pretty handy.Of course, there’s a price to pay f or convenience: these platf orms will take a small chunk out of yourcommission f or being your “middle man” - a great alternative to Includes thousands of merchants – including the ones that you and I would never otherwise qualif y f or like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Canon, HP, Sketchers, Target, Bebe; you name it. Includes - if you live in one of those states where Amazon af f iliate program is not available, you can still use it through Skimlinks. Streamlines all your commissions. Easy to use – just link to merchants in your posts and Skimlinks will do the rest. Or they’ll even do it f or you – like I am sure they’ll do in this post; those are called “Skimwords”.Read my f ull review of – another conglomerate similar to in the Know: Af f iliate Product LaunchesKnowing about upcoming af f iliate launches is a must when building an af f iliate marketing driven business.Here are a f ew - a great resource to look through upcoming launches.
  5. 5. – various launches, including WarriorForum, JVZ oo, Clickbank, and - WarriorForum launchesEach af f iliate marketing platf orm has its own marketplace as well.“Boutique” Af f iliate Marketing ProgramsFor those of you who don’t f eel like sif ting through a bunch of af f iliate marketing programs looking f or solidproducts to promote, I have a f ew suggestions.T hese are internet marketing specif ic programs that of f er quality, quantity, and great payouts.Digit al Market erDigital Marketer is Ryan Deiss‘ af f iliate program.Import ant t hings t o know:Great introductory low-cost upf ront products ($7 – $20 price range).Like these: How To Syphon Of f Massive FREE Traf f ic With Pictures on Pinterest Rank Almost ANY YouTube Video #1 on GOOGLE in 3 Days Flat! How to Make Google Your Biggest Af f iliate FreshKey: T he Ultimate Amazon Spy ToolContinuity membership program (recurring commissions – always great to have): Digital Marketer’s LabConstantly tested upsell sales f unnel.Fairly f requent new product launches.T he newest one AuthorityROI launches in a f ew days.Generally very high conversion rates.Strong f ollow-up autoresponder series.T he Marketing Tools give you ad copy, buttons, banners and other promotional materials, so you don’t haveto do any thinking (although I do strongly recommend you use your own brain to tailor all affiliate campaigns toyour specific niche and readership.Commissions vary f rom 33 to 75% f rom product to product.Commissions are paid on or around the 15th of each month f or the previous month.Each month, 20% of your earned commission are withheld f or ref unds.Payment threshold: $100.00 USD or greater f or the applicable payment period.Accounts with balances less than $100.00 USD AND that have had 60 days of inactivity will be paid out on
  6. 6. the f ollowing payment period af ter the 60 days.You have to submit an appropriate W9/W8 f orm to get paid.Digit al Market er Cons:Ryan Deiss happens to be very well-connected and well-promoted by many super af f iliates.In short, you’ll be competing with people who have 100+K email lists and high-end bonus products to of f er.Nevertheless, I’ve seen a steady stream of income f rom promoting Ryan’s products and think this is a greatplace to start.What’s Next?If you want to know more about af f iliate marketing and how to make a great passive income by becoming asupre af f iliate, I strongly recommend you check out Af f iloBlueprint.Not only you’ll get to look over the shoulder of someone who HAS built multiple prof itable af f iliate websites(Mark Ling), but also: learn how to build gorgeous looking af f ilate sites without any technical knowledge; optimize those sites f or f irst-page rankings; how to “Google-prove” them; how to drive targeted traf f ic; the exact f ollow-up email sequence you can use; and more.Click Here to get all the tools you need to become a successf ul af f iliate marketerI also suggest you join:Affilorama – web’s largest af f iliate marketing community.Marketing TakeawayAf f iliate marketing is not about working harder; it’s about working smarter.Find the best af f iliate marketing programs that pay and you are about a quarter of the way there.T he rest will come down to how smart you are about choosing quality products relevant to your specif icniche.If you like this post and think it would be valuable to yourf ollowers, share the ish out of it f or me, would you?