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Meest Group - Direct Mailing

  1. 1. Meest Group Direct Mailing
  2. 2. Direct Mailing “Meest Mail" – innovative high-quality service of your direct mailing and correspondence delivery in the most effective and transparent way. Our purpose - •  to provide you with the options for development of your business, •  to ensure success for your business using of the most comprehensible way of information distribution by means of the newest service at high professional level and with guarantees of the tasks fulfillment. We deliver for you - •  Catalogues, •  Correspondence, •  Bills, •  Business documents, •  Periodicals, •  POS materials •  Small parcels (up to 2 kg).
  3. 3. Direct Mailing Types of services: •  Addressed delivery- according to the specified addresses in the database or on the items. •  Un-addressed delivery– according to the specified areas. Ways of delivery: •  To the post box (traditionally); •  Into the door hole for mail (if available) •  Directly to the door (on the door handle). •  Personal (signature)
  4. 4. •  Safe handling of database; •  Addresses and index verification (incorrect/not existing addresses); •  Personalization of items according to the database (if not addressed); •  Pick up of the items anywhere in Ukraine, Russia, EU, USA and Canada; •  Warehousing and delivery in the specified period; •  Transportation all over Ukraine; •  Delivery to the recipient according to the ordered way of delivery with the GPS location and time of the event registration; •  Return of delivery note signed by the addressee (for personal delivery only); •  General and operational reports of delivery statuses; •  On-line delivery tracking on the Web-page customized for you; •  Photo reports of delivery (optional); •  Re-addressing and further delivery of undelivered items; •  SMS/E-mail notification to the addressee after the mailing delivery. Our Comprehensive Service
  5. 5. •  Delivery period from 2 days all over Ukraine; •  Delivery in more than 150 cities (as on September 2013) •  Delivery from 8:00 to 22:00 seven days a week; •  Delivery with registration of GPS coordinates and time of the event by “Meest Mobile On-line Workstation” application. •  Monitoring of the delivery process on-line on the web-page without any additional software; •  Delivery reports in any acceptable format; •  Delivery of valuable parcels (incl. bank cards) and parcels with COD •  Pick up in Europe, USA or Canada •  Competitive rates, flexible pricing policy; Advantages for your benefit
  6. 6. Technology and processes DB handling, routs optimization Зовнішній контроль Контролер Handing over to couriers of Meest Express Shipment to all branches Handing over to UkrPoshta Planing of delivery DeliveryMonitoring, Quality Management Reporting External Control Delivery to the sorting station
  7. 7. State-of-art tracking system We gladly present the unique and the most up- to-date system enabling field operations in delivery to be tracked by means of Global Positioning Systems (GPS). What is available with GPS? The process of delivery of any item can be tracked by satellite and displayed on digital map with city, province and street marks. Through the GPS tracking, we can be sure that mail items are delivered. We are able to update our customers with delivery status of the sent items as well as to provide map locations and other data for all transactions.
  8. 8. On-line tracking (Example)
  9. 9. On-line tracking (Example)
  10. 10. §  Delivery performed in all major cities of Ukraine by own forces (regional centers, all key cities with population over 20k people). §  Fleet of 600 transport units, incl. 100 new cars purchased in 2012 for courier delivery in regions. §  1600 couriers (postmen) with mobile devices, the total number of couriers - 2400 persons. §  The capacity of the system is 13-15 million items a month (addressed delivery). §  Call center, innovative IT solutions, system monitoring the movement of couriers in real time. §  Experience of cooperation with foreign and domestic Catalogue companies : Amway, Neckermann, TopShop, Telemedia, as well as supermarket chains Metro, New Line, commercial banks: UniCreditGroup, PrivatBank and many other organizations. Performance
  11. 11. Some of our customers and partners
  12. 12. «Meest-Mail» : Project is being developed within the postal and logistic operator «TD «Meest Express» Ltd., which is part of “ROSAN” Postal & Logistic Group. “ROSAN” P&L Group: One of the largest Financial & Industrial Groups in Western Ukraine, established by mother company – Meest Corporation Inc., Toronto, Canada. “Мeest Corporation” Inc.: Established in 1989, it has over 800 representative offices in 12 countries and it became a leader of postal and B2B delivery from USA, Canada, Australia and Europe to Ukraine and CIS countries. Structure
  13. 13. International Postal Operations Postal and Logistic Group The first private international postal operator in Ukraine, founded in 1992. n Principal Activity: full range of services for handling and delivery of international postal items, including COD service, for business and individuals, as well as for distance selling and catalogue companies. n Own International Mail Processing Centers (IMPC) in Lviv (Ukraine) and in Westerburg (Germany) registered at Universal Postal Union. n Leader of the market of incoming B2C and С2С mail from Canada, USA, Australia and some European countries. n Cooperation with famous international and domestic companies such as Deutsche Post, Austrian Post, Slovak Post: company Bon Prix, Best Shop, Modna Kasta, Top Shop, Telemedia, Witt, Bohemia, Hirсh, Selectro, Stilago, etc.
  14. 14. Market Share in Door-to-door Service as of 2012, % (according to market research of The Ukrainian Association of Direct Marketing) 39,06 2,22 2,31 7,77 14,67 2,49 6,02 2,62 1,71 19,11 2,02 Міст  Експрес Нова  Пошта TNT Євро-­‐Експрес КСД Ін-­‐Тайм Експрес  Мото  Україна Постман Турман  Експрес DHL інші MEEST
  15. 15. Thank you for attention! 147, Zelena Str. Lviv, 79035, Ukraine tel.: +380 32 240 4500 fax: +380 32 244 2088 Welcome to cooperation!