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Wow citizens 1 - copy

  1. 1. .We all need to save our earth
  2. 2. Bangalore used to be a Garden City Now it has become a Garbage City
  3. 3. =
  4. 4. EXISTING LANDFILL SITES IN AND AROUND BANGALORE 40 kms from the centre of the city 30 ft
  5. 5. EXISTING LANDFILL SITES IN AND AROUND BANGALORE Why should the waste go all this distance and then be RETREIVED and brought back to Bangalore …….
  6. 6. WHY GARBAGE CITY• No civic rules unlike western countries.• No implementation.• No awareness of the impact on life.• Complete lack of personal discipline.• No facilitation of garbage management by the civic authorities-only garbage disposal.
  7. 7. Municipal garbage consists of• Food waste• Garden waste• Dry waste-paper /plastic/glass/metal/ e-waste and other dry waste• Medical waste• Debris and much more
  8. 8. • It is the plastic bag culture that has become the bane of our life.• Each plastic bag is used for only a few minutes before disposing.• Each of us uses 22,000 plastic bags in an average life time.• 8% of the world’s oil production is used for the production of plastic leading to global warming.
  9. 9. Do you know how much GARBAGE YOUR house/office GENERATES?
  11. 11. what happens to your garbage?Throw it out of your home picked up by your pourakarmika in the push cart.
  12. 12. Garbage dumped on the road corners Eaten by animals esp. the cows and dogs Mixed garbage filled in the trucks
  13. 13. unsorted garbage causes• Air pollution,• Water pollution,• Disease (due to mosquitoes/flies),• co2,• clogged drains etc. Bangalore produces 50 lakh kgs of garbage per day.
  14. 14. Breeding Ground 17
  15. 15. The NeedThe improper mixed waste disposal• generates carbon dioxide, methane (Globalwarming.)• Every cubic meter of garbage can foster about7.5 lakh flies, breeding ground for diseasebearing bacteria.• Stray dogs, pests like Mice, Rats, Cockroachesetc. dwell and thrive in heaps of garbagedisposed irresponsibly. 18
  16. 16. Towards Zero Waste … for a Sustainable Future Composting/ Recycling Incineration/ Bio Methanation Land filling 10% MANAGED VS. DISPOSAL recycled 90% land filled SEGREGATED AGGREGATED 90%recycled 10 %land filled AT SOURCE LANDFILL YIMBY NIMBY Not In My Yes In My Backyard Backyard
  17. 17. • If you are told you can save the earth by spending less than 5 minutes of a 1440 minute day would you do it?• If u are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.
  18. 18. Waste composition 22
  19. 19. Managing Waste is a four part processstarting with• Segregation at source• Recycling,• Composting , and• Managed Disposal of remaining waste.
  20. 20. We Segregate all day• Cooking.• Clothes.• Books to school• Everything in the house• Documentation in the office• Why not garbage?
  21. 21. Every family produces about ½ to 1 kg of garbage every day If we cannot segregate 1 kg of garbage that we produce on a daily basis ? How can we expect any local body to deal with it???Most efficient machine to segregate is our hands No automated machines are needed
  22. 22. MIXED GARBAGE POLLUTES paper gets soggy plastic gets dirty wet waste gets contaminated SEGREGATED GARBAGE is CLEAN CAN BE RECYCLED and REUSED09/19/12 26
  23. 23. Why must you and I do it?• Cannot contaminate the earth any more.• If we continue like this then we will have
  24. 24. Why take the expensive option?
  25. 25. MANAGED…Types of Waste •Wet waste •Dry waste •E waste•Garden waste •Rejects
  26. 26. Think before you throw.
  27. 27. Simple Two dust bins under the kitchen sink• Into one put all the kitchen waste no plastic liner. wash daily• Into the other all the dry waste papers plastics carry bags plastic wrappers of food, cover of the bread etc.One will not soil the other.
  28. 28. Unwanted materials turn into waste in the following manner Storage time Status of garbage 12 hours Odorless fresh raw material 24 hours Smelly decomposed material 72 hours and more Worm (maggots) infested waste Raw OdorlessGarbage within 12 hrs
  29. 29. Food waste can be cow eatable waste and non-cow eatable waste
  30. 30. Cows-traditional method• Cows eat raw vegetables and food waste• Each eats about 35kgs of food waste per day.• Converts it into dung in 12 hrs• Dung used to make biogas and the slurry can be used for vermi composting. Cows are the best machines to deal with wet waste-nostrikes, no pay .no increments and work 365 days a year.
  31. 31. Clean dry waste is collected and stored in the homes to be collected once a week. Why should plastic beconverted into oil? Plastic must beconverted into other plastic products. No stink, No cockroaches/mosquitoes/rats/flies
  32. 32. Burning leaves produces air pollution Loss of precious resourceBurning leaves is routine Each leaf is precious- do not burn it
  33. 33. Shredding the leaves at home
  34. 34. • Composting the aerobic way in your garden Mix the veg and food waste with cow dung and put it on the heap above the ground
  35. 35. MANAGED… “ Investment required Infrastructure required onsite”DRY LEAF > COMPOSTED GARDEN LITTER ( into manure ) POOJA Large quantities need to be reduced in volume through mobile shredders Composted dry leaf and garden litter in public parks could produce manure onsite with small investment Huge savings in water consumption, as soil conditioned with manure retains more water 42
  36. 36. Leaf composting -simple Do not burn the leaves Compost them.
  37. 37. Home Compost used to make a terrace garden at home
  38. 38. Put separate bins in all areas Creates awareness among all people
  39. 39. Wet waste• Converted into manure-by composting at home –daily dump• Vermi composting• Aerobic composting• EM solutions• Organic waste composter• Bio gas conversion
  40. 40. Composting organic waste at home 48
  41. 41. MANAGED… “ Investment required Infrastructure required in-house VEG/FOOD > COMPOSTED ” WASTE ( into manure ) Medium AptsSmallApts Large Apts Rotating / Tumbler composter Organic Waste Converter (OWC) Aerobic Digester
  42. 42. RE BEFO Waste Management – Campus Home Guards , Civil Defence, Fire and Allied Services,HQWaste Retrieved June 2010 KgsPaper 93Plastic 67 160 DRY E WASTLeaf waste generated 1.5 tonnesComposted on site 1.5 tonnes LEAF ING T ER CO MPOST AF
  43. 43. Waste Management – MarketMalleswaram MarketWaste Retrieved May 2010--- 24 tonsComposted on site 8.25 tonnes( 800 kgs of waste per day , 275 kgs of compost per day)Dry waste generated 50 KgsCity MarketDry waste picked up 3.5 tons ( per fortnight)
  44. 44. Home biogas plantThe food waste produced in my house is placed in the chute and is converted into biogas bythe next morning –the bio gas stove can burn.This is a slow flame, milkboils slowly to give lots of cream and food cooks with extra flavour
  46. 46. Your waste is someone elses raw material Dry waste • Paper • Plastic • Glass • Metal • E waste • Waste clothes
  47. 47. Segregated Waste collection booth
  48. 48. Plastic –paper waste “ No MANAGED… investment/infrastructure, PLASTIC > RECYCLED can be started immediately, Recycler needed “ PAPER (into new items) WASTE Home- Bags for Collecting waste Apartment- Bins for Storing waste 57
  49. 49. “ NoE waste -MANAGED… investment/infrastructure, can be started immediately, Recycler needed “ ELECTRICAL/ > RECYCLED ELECTRONIC ITEMS (parts reused) WASTE lighting products Municipal Solid Waste Streams mercury and lead causes environmental pollution & serious health hazards Recycling recovers mercury and lead, allowing it to be reused ! 58
  50. 50. Dry waste collection centre in every wardMalleswaram Godown:Areas Serviced : Malleswaram, Seshadripuram, Kumarapark, Yelahanka,Jakkur)Located in the Main Market areaSet up by BBMP in Nov 2008 Operations managed by ITCGodown collection in Nov 2008 - 300 KgsGodown collection in March 2012 - 35 TonsRamurthy nagar Godown:(Areas Serviced : St. Johns Road,Vasanthnagar,Marathahalli )
  51. 51. Creating Waste Sensitive CommunitiesCreating Value out of Waste -Primary Segregation-
  52. 52. PLATINUM eco driveNumber of Flats in the Enclave- 700 unitsSUMMARY OF WASTE RETRIEVED-SEP 2010 Price  Amount /kgCategory Qty (Kg) (Rs.) (Rs.)Plastic 603.3 3947.55 6.54Paper 1215 3442 2.83Metal 44.65 567.5 12.71Misc 29.65 118.6 4.00Glass 218.5 221.5 1.01 2111.1 8297.15 3.93
  53. 53. Creating Value out of Waste - Secondary Segregation-
  54. 54. The Great Indian Recycling story…….
  55. 55. Cardboard Sorting………….
  56. 56. Bottle Sorting………….
  57. 57. Bottle CapSorting………….
  58. 58. Value of waste……… Type Rate Type RateHardPlastic       Rs.17/Kg Beer Bottles Rs.2/BottleMilkPackets            Rs.15.50/Kg Glass Re.1/Kg                  Misc Plastics Rs.4/kg Aluminium Foil Rs.10/KgPET bottles Rs.10/Kg Aluminium Rs.30/KgCartons   Rs. 4/Kg Fibre  Rs.8/KgPaper        Rs.4/kg OilTin         Rs.7/KgNewspaper  Rs. 6/Kg   Metal Rs.8/Kg
  59. 59. What is in it for me???• There are agencies that are willing to pay for your waste, if it is segregated and stored properly.• These agencies represent the growing “Waste to Wealth” Industry, that is recycling our waste for profit.
  60. 60. Roadmap towards Zero Waste Solid Waste Management Round Table Bengaluru, 2010, showsit is possible to MANAGE Wasteit is possible to gain VALUE out of Waste, and, to create a BETTER ENVIRONMENT for all
  62. 62. so, what can YOU do?This can be done by just adopting simple practises• Carrying cloth bags for shopping rather than getting plastic bags.• Be environmentally conscious at all times.
  63. 63. No disposables only reusables• Don’t use plastic or styrofoam glasses, plates etc.• Use areca plates and other natural degradable products• Or better use melamine or steel plates and glasses
  64. 64. Paper cups Eco friendly?Can paper hold water?Paper cup-what is it actually? made of layers of paper and polyethelene -to be able to hold liquids.And it takes 3.5 cups of water to make the paper cup.
  65. 65. • Water was free before• But now we have to buy water
  66. 66. • Air is free now.• But soon we will need to buy air.
  67. 67. • Ordinary water costs 6 paise a liter.• Bottled water comes at 12-15 Rs a liter(250% more).• And use it for only a few minutes.• We use millions of bottles of water in a day in India. Each bottle is made of oil. 1/4 lt oil to make one bottle. Imagine how many cars can run on the oil greatest source of pollution in water bodies
  68. 68. So reduce your use of bottled water, especially –• On a daily basis,• During weddings and occasions,• Go back to keeping water• in glass bottles and matkas
  69. 69. When we say WeMOW , we mean……….. We manage our Garden waste We manage our Food waste We manage our paper / plastic waste We manage our E- waste We manage our Bio medical waste We manage our rejects 82
  70. 70. Introducing…….W M e OW (W M e anage Our Waste)• Objective: positive recognition by accreditation• Target: communities, corporates & campuses which have already willingly adopted in-house waste management• Vision: We MOW to be recognized as a responsible practice to be adopted by every citizen in the
  71. 71. ConclusionWe believe that MANAGING WASTE is the only way for a sustainable futureWe are asking the authorities… …for PLANNING which will enable waste stream management …for PROMOTION through large scale awareness campaigns …to PRACTICE and lead by good example …for ENFORCEMENT by incentivising and disincentivising 56
  72. 72. So Let’ s Resolve…• To not look at the others , but to look at ourselves.• To make that change in our own homes TODAY• To get one more person we know to make that change in their house…