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International Surgery in New Zealand
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International Surgery in New Zealand


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Medtral New Zealand provides access for overseas patients to world class elective surgical treatment. This treatment occurs in an environment that is safe, first world and English speaking at a cost …

Medtral New Zealand provides access for overseas patients to world class elective surgical treatment. This treatment occurs in an environment that is safe, first world and English speaking at a cost that is 15-25% the cost of the procedure in the USA

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Medical Travel to New Zealand Medical Travel to New Zealand
  • 3. INTRODUCING MEDTRAL NEW ZEALAND Through Medtral New Zealand, patients requiring surgery have access to world class non-acute surgical and medical treatment in an English speaking first world environment, New Zealand The environment in which the patients will be treated is both medically and culturally aligned to North America as well as being clean, green safe and American friendly. TRAVELLING TO NEW ZEALAND WILL NOT BE A FOREIGN EXPERIENCE
  • 4. WHY ARE PATIENTS TRAVELLING? THE GLOBALISATION OF HEALTHCARE Cost Cost Cost Long waiting lists (public healthcare) in their country Expatriates Indication not approved in home country To find the best care available
  • 5. MEDICAL TRAVEL PROGRAM WHAT DO DISCERNING MEDICAL TRAVELERS LOOK FOR? 1. Cost savings 2. Safety (environment + medical) 3. Quality 4. Compatibility (medically and culturally) 5. Efficiency 6. Continuation of Care
  • 6. MEDICAL TRAVEL COST COMPARISON Some people only compare the cost of procedures between the USA and another country; this can be misleading- The only true cost comparison is between the cost of the procedure in the USA and the cost of the total medical and travel package to another country including: expected medical costs airfares accommodation, Insurance and aftercare This is the comparison Medtral uses
  • 7. EXCEPTIONAL VALUE OPERATION PACKAGE (Medtral) COST US$ Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery $38,000 Heart Valve replacement surgery $40,000 Total Hip replacement $26,000 Total Knee replacement $26,000 PROCEDURE ONLY (USA) COST US$ Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery $125,000 Heart Valve replacement surgery $135,000 Total Hip replacement $64,000 Total Knee replacement $63,000
  • 8. EXCEPTIONAL VALUE What is in a cost comparison? Our standard package rates includes: Integrated concierge service to manage all aspects of the patient’s journey Patient and doctor communication Hotel and flight bookings Specialist and hospital bookings Aftercare management Immigration management Feedback to and integration with health provider in US
  • 9. EXCEPTIONAL VALUE Our standard package rates includes: Flights from the west coast of the USA Hotel accommodation for the duration All expected medical and surgical costs Aftercare (Physiotherapy and Nursing care in hotels) Contingency insurance Treatment and recuperation while in New Zealand Medical evacuation home if deemed necessary
  • 10. QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE Focus on patient outcome A complete communication loop on patient care Patients condition worked up while still in the USA All medical aspects of patient care feedback to PCP in USA Inter-physician communication encouraged between NZ and USA doctors Focus on patient experience
  • 11. INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION ISQua Quality Health New Zealand Joint Commission International Accreditation USA Australian Council on Health Care Standards Quality Improvement Council, Australia Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation Irish Health Services Accreditation Board (now HIQA) Council for Health Services Accreditation of Southern Africa Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation CHKS-HAQU Health Care Accreditation Unit, UK Japan Council on Quality in Health Care Egyptian Health Care Accreditation Organization
  • 12. FULL SERVICE FACILITIES Mercy Hospital and Ascot Hospital Both are Quality Health New Zealand Certified. This is an international recognized accreditation (ISQua) Services available: Radiology - with 1.5 MRI, 64 slice CT, ultrasound, general X-ray etc Laboratory services Cather labs - EPS, angiography, peripheral vascular Allied health - physio, dietician, OT etc On site medical cover Both are teaching hospitals of the University of Auckland (the only private hospitals in New Zealand to have this) Robotic surgery Dual integrated digital operating theatres
  • 13. WORLD CLASS MEDICAL SPECIALISTS 540 CREDENTIALED SPECIALISTS ACROSS ALL THERAPEUTIC AREAS English as their first language Trained in North America, the UK as well as New Zealand or are board certified to work in the USA Leaders in their respective fields within New Zealand Excellent records with regards to adverse events, patient interaction and surgical outcomes Most are involved in international clinical research
  • 14. THE HOSPITALs - MERCY & ASCOT “Personally I would like to thank everyone at Ascot Hospital for the truly wonderful care I received. From the doctors to the beautiful ladies who make painful nights less painful I’ and shorter. I’m pretty much at a loss for words to express my gratitude. I hope I wasn’ wasn’t too much of a pain in the arse - after all it was my head they fixed! Many thanks Kiwis.” Kiwis.” Keith Richards The Rolling Stones
  • 15. NEW ZEALAND First world country with a long history of high quality healthcare provision Commonwealth Fund ranks New Zealand as having one of the best medical systems in the world Sophisticated society Geographical isolation means very low rates of nosocomial and community acquired infections English speaking with a society that shares cultural affinity with other western countries 12 hour overnight direct flight from west coast of North America Temperate climate
  • 16. MEDTRAL NZ’S UNIQUE COMBINATION Certainty of World Class Medical Treatment Transparent Partnership New Zealand is a culturally aligned English speaking destination Internationally Accredited Private Hospitals Cost effective destination Contingency insurance Feedback and communication with US medical providers
  • 17. Visit us at Or for more information email us at