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word - Alex Jerez Online Portfolio

  1. 1. Alex D. Jerez Email: ajerez@parkland.edu, ajerez@itg.uiuc.edu URL: www.yuhanan.com Education Masters in Computer Science Bradley University. Peoria , IL. (2004) Bachelors in Computer Science University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL. (2002) Associates in Eng. Sciences – CS Parkland Community College. Champaign , IL. (2000) Employment Faculty - Digital Media Program 08/06 – Present Employer: Computer Science and Information Technology Parkland Community College Champaign, IL. Visualization Specialist 04/06 – Present Employer: Imaging Technology Group Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 3D Modeler and Animator (Maya) 02/05 – 04/06 Employer: Imaging Technology Group Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Project G.O.A.L.S. Professional Tutor 08/04 – 07/05 Employer: Parkland Community College. Champaign, IL. Research Assistant 08/03 – 05/04 Employer: Bradley University Department of Computer Science. Peoria, IL. Graphics Design and DVD Authoring (Internship) 01/03 – 05/04 Employer: Video ID Inc. Washington, IL.
  2. 2. Research & Projects Research: 3D Visualization Systems for Surgery Planning Technical development of 3D models based on patient data collected through MRI. Work done with Dr. Jamie Perry of the Communication Sciences and Disorders department (Illinois State University) & Beckman Institute (University of Illinois). Her research focuses on Bioimaging and 3D computer technology to study the structures and functions of the velopharyngeal mechanism in individuals born with cleft lip and palate; cleft palate speech; cleft palate team care, voice disorders Mandible Reconstruction Project Multi-disciplinary ongoing research at the Beckman Institute, UIUC. The goal of the project is to develop an alternative to bone replacement. Contribution to this project in the area of Image Analysis and 3D object manipulation. Archeological Reconstructions Collaboration with the Imaging Technology Group and Steven Dinaso of Eastern Illinois University . The goal of the project is to reconstruct based on geophysical data and the archeological record of the Champagne Spring Ruin site in Colorado. 3D Reconstructions of the Mayan City of Tikal (02) Study (Senior Research Project) on the application of Computer Graphics in the field of Archeology. For this project I modeled, textured, and animated the Mayan city of Tikal (Guatemala) using reference pictures, maps, and plans of the city. I also presented this project as a seven minute animation at the UIUC-Siggraph Sounds and Visions 2002 show. Publications: Using Computer Technology and Stereoscopy to Create a Three-Dimensional Learning Experience for Students Studying Cleft Palate Surgery Authors: Perry J, Kuehn D, Sutton B, Goldwasser M, Jerez A, Bailey J MRI and 3D Computer Modeling of the Levator Veli Palatini Muscle Before and After Primary Palatoplasty Authors: Jamie L Perry, PhD - David P Kuehn, PhD - Bradley P Sutton, PhD - Michael S Goldwasser, DDS-MD - Alex R Jerez, MS. Archaeological Prospecting: Geophysical Methods Using 3D Analyst, Champagne Springs Ruins Authors: Steven Dinaso, Harvey Henson, Vincent Gutowski, Donald Dove, Alex Jerez Ray Tracing Vision for Videogame Characters (Master’s Thesis, October 2004) Heuristic Approach to Find a Graph Minimum Cover Authors: Alex Jerez, Alex Uskov, and Scott Small Research presented by Scott Small at the 15th Annual Argonne Symposium for Undergraduates in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. ( September 29th, 2004 ).
  3. 3. Featured Work : Medical Sciences Building Lobby Art Work Contribution: Art direction, modeling, rendering and compositing of medical art exhibited at the Medical Sciences Building University of Illinois. Cover Work for Scientific Journals Contribution: modeling, rendering and production of cover images featured in Nature, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Nanotechnology, PNAS, Biophysical Journal, Advanced Materials, and Analytical Chemistry MRS – Film Festival 3rd Place – Professional Category Contribution: Director of the animation produced by ITG staff about John Rogers research on Stretchable Silicon. Work done includes animation storyboard/layout composition, modeling and animation. Wired Magazine’s nextFest 2005 (Chicago) Self-Healing materials animation (Submited also to review for Siggraph 06) Self-Healing Polymer Animations (4 animations – 1 min each) Autonomic Healing Research by Scott White et al Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Contribution: Modeling and Animation of self healing materials and purchased models, compositing and post production. Parkland College Graphic Design & Computer Animation Student Exhibition (May 2005). Technical Achievement Award Certifications Parkland College Certification in Computer Animation (Maya) and Computer Graphics Programmer. Character Animation, Visual Effects, MEL scripting, Maya C++ API programming, Renderman, After Effects, Photoshop. Skills Computer Animation and Modeling Autodesk Maya Visual Effects, Image Manipulation, and Post-Production Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Photoshop, SoundForge DVD Authoring and Video Editing DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premier Medical Imaging Analysis Amira - 3D Visualization and Volume Modeling
  4. 4. Software Development & Scripting C/C++, MEL, Python, and OpenGL General Knowledge 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Zbrush, Xnormal, CrazyBump, Bryce, Vue d’Esprit, Torque Engine, Unreal Editor, Renderman, Real-Time Shaders, Painter, Realflow, Polytrans, DVM Visualizer, MatLab Languages Spanish and English References Available Upon Request