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Slide 1 - University of Nevada, Reno

  1. 1. Planning for INBRE II – The Renewal External Advisory Board Meeting 12-13 February 2009
  2. 2. Renewal - Strengths • INBRE-I has initiated a network linking the three main partners (UNR, UNLV, NVCI). • The Biomedical Pipeline functions smoothly and is enormously satisfying. • Research service cores. • The Administrative Core has a good understanding of how to manage the INBRE. • Interactions with COBRE projects are increasing. • Mentoring and faculty development is improving.
  3. 3. Renewal - Challenges • The state lacks a strategic plan for biomedical sciences. • The new biomedical institutions are private and developing bilateral partnerships: NVCI, Rouvo Brain Institute, Whittemore-Peterson Institute, Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine (Nevada’s largest medical school). Where does INBRE fit in? • Many of the “senior administrators” at UNR, UNSOM, and UNLV are new and interim • The state’s fiscal situation is dire • Much action and growth in the south (UNLV, NVCI, Rouvo, Touro)
  4. 4. Renewal - Opportunities • This is the time to change programs that are less rewarding – Basic Science Research • We have a medical school – Clinical faculty as researchers and collaborators – MD / PhD – Resident research experience – Fellowship programs • We have untapped areas – K-12 – NIH Science Education Partnership Awards (SEPA)
  5. 5. Renewal - Opportunities • We have untapped partners (if I can figure out how to work with them). – Development of research at TMCC, CSN, GBC – CTSA at UC Davis – UNR College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources (CABNR) – Nevada State College – Rouvo Brain Institute – Whittemore-Peterson Institute – Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  6. 6. Renewal Plans: Outreach
  7. 7. Draft Renewal – Biomedical Students Pipeline Program Expansion • Expand INBRE undergraduate outreach and create K-12 program. – We are partnering with TMCC to embed research in community colleges. (Curriculum development) – We are partnering with Dr. Julie Ellsworth to submit a SEPA award spring 2009. In year 5 we are piloting 4 middle school science coaches. Basic Science Pipeline Current Proposed Undergrad summer research (UROP) program at UNR, UNLV, NVCI $78,000 $78,000 Biomedical Students Pipeline $218,000 $228,900 Research at Community Colleges $0 ? K-12 Science Coaches $10,000 $32,000
  8. 8. Community College Research • The goal is enhanced biomedical science instruction and experience at community colleges. – Incorporate “Real Science” into existing biology, chemistry, and physics labs. • Developed following a workshop in Seattle presented by the Council for Undergraduate Research Dr. Julie Ellsworth, Dr. Dan Lorenz, Dr. Laura Briggs, TMCC Dr. James Kenyon, INBRE • Ideas presented to Dr. Jowel Laguerre VP for Academic Affairs at TMCC. • Partership with Chris Fritsen (NV NASA Space Grant Consortium Director).
  9. 9. SEPA • K-5 Level (Elementary School) – The “Music Teacher” Model – Teachers with previous training in science to be roving teachers for science at multiple elementary schools. – Renovate existing school space to provide bench and storage space. • 6th-8th Grades (Middle School) and 9th-12th (High School) – Science Coach Model – Out-of-classroom Science Coaches (paid like athletic coaches) who will run science clubs and mentor students working on science fair projects.
  10. 10. Renewal Plans: Cores
  11. 11. Draft Renewal - Cores • Continue current support of research service cores. Cores Current Proposed Bioinformatics North $253,000 $240,000 Bioinformatics South $85,000 $60,000 Proteomics $262,000 $260,000 Cytometry $25,000 $25,000 Live Animal Imaging - - UNLV Central Core $170,000 $200,000
  12. 12. Renewal Plans: Research Projects
  13. 13. Draft Renewal – Faculty Research Projects • Fund one early career basic scientist at each partner institution. New hires at UNR and UNLV. Basic Science Faculty Current Proposed UNR $351,000 $125,000 UNLV $216,000 $125,000 NVCI $243,000 $125,000
  14. 14. Draft Renewal – Develop Clinical Pipeline • Create new Clinical Pipeline with funds previously directed to Basic Science. Clinical Pipeline Current Proposed MD/PhD Stipends $0 $60,000 Residents (Yr 5 pilot program) $50,000 $50,000 Clinical Faculty (Yr 5 pilot program) $30,000 $150,000
  15. 15. Clinical Pipeline • MD/PhD – The PI is working with the UNSOM Senior Associate Dean for Research to provide stipends for two MD / PhD students to work in outstanding (funded) basic science labs in Nevada. • Resident Research Experience – The PI is working with the UNSOM Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education to develop a program that will put Nevada Residents into outstanding (funded) basic science labs in Nevada. The current plan is for a 3 month experience. • Clinical Faculty Research – The PI is working with the Dean of the School of Medicine and Vice President of the Division of Health Sciences to develop an RFA for a clinical / translational science project. The goal is to enable a clinical faculty member of UNSOM to initiate a project that will ultimately be funded independently.
  16. 16. Clinical Pipeline – Pilot Programs in Year 5 • $50K for resident research experience • $30K for a genome-wide association study using single nucleotide polymorphisms. – Dr. Karen Schlauch and the INBRE Administrative Core put out an RFA circulated to the partner institutions and the School of Medicine for a preliminary, proof-of-concept project that will lead to a comprehensive experimental study fundable by the NIH.
  17. 17. Draft Renewal - Community Based Participatory Research Core (CBPR) • We are investigating the possibility of a new Community Based Participatory Research Core. – Increase INBRE activity in clinical / translational – Engage faculty and programs in UNLV School of Public Health, UNR Division of Health Sciences, Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Current Proposed CBPR $0 $100,000
  18. 18. Thank you