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  • In this role, HCA coordinates applications for federal stimulus funding through the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). At the time the ARRA HITECH provisions became law, the Washington State legislature passed Substitute Senate Bill 5501 (SSB 5501) requiring the HCA to designate a lead entity or entities to work with key stakeholders to create the HIE.
  • OneHealthPort hit the ground running as the lead organization for HIE Planning and Implementation. They recently completed public meetings throughout the state to provide an overview of the project scope and find out which organizations are willing to pay for and use HIE.
  • Bellevue was the unanimous choice of the cross-state group, which seeks underwriting to train 1,500 workers in two years. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will fund five regional consortia nationally, all part of an effort to gear up a health IT workforce, through the federal stimulus package.Lead applicant in a 10-state consortium, seeking $6.2M in funding for health IT training -- 10 states = Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North & South Dakota, Utah and ColoradoEvery physician practice, clinic and hospital in the United States receives incentive funding from the federal government to digitalize patient records. Failing to do so will result in penalties.The goal is to put people to work, assisting in national rollout of EMRs
  • The SHARP opportunity will grant 4 awards across the US to support breakthrough research done in collaborative, multidisciplinary programs.  Each award will be in one of 4 specific research areas: Security of Health IT, Patient Centered Cognitive Support, Health Care Applications & Network Platform Architectures, and Secondary Use of EHR Data.  After due consideration and consultation with R&D community stakeholders, UW opted not to apply for the SHARP opportunity, but will continue to watch for possible funding opportunities that support applied research, working to solve real world issues and challenges in healthcare informatics.The UW Division of Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI) has the unique opportunity to host the 2010 International Partnership in Health Informatics Education (IPHIE) Master Class sessions which will take place at UW in late June, 2010.  This is an international consortium of leading research universities who come together annually to discuss cutting edge research and education in healthcare informatics.   They are seeking Washington state businesses as potential supporters of this international conference.  For more information, please contact Peter Tarczy-Hornoch, MD, FACMI at 
  • core health IT infrastructure activity will be included within the scope of the eHCE to assure good coordination across HITECH programs as needed. Once these USDA funding opportunities are announced, the WTC, as the TeleHealth Lead Org, will coordinate the grant application process for WA state among the various stakeholder members of the TeleHealth community.  There are no TeleHealth and TeleMedicine funding announcements so far in 2010 from USDA.
  • After due consideration and consultation with R&D community stakeholders, UW opted not to apply for the SHARP opportunity, but will continue to watch for possible funding opportunities that support applied research, working to solve real world issues and challenges in healthcare informatics.
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    1. 1. Juan Alaniz Deputy, State eHealth Coordinator February 5, 2010
    2. 2. • ARRA/HITECH Funding Opportunities • Timeline • A Lot of Work To Do! • Roles • HITECH Program Status • Other ARRA Programs • Next Steps • Communications 2
    3. 3. 3 HITECH Appropriations $2 billion for loans, grants, and technical assistance: HITECH Entitlement New Medicare and Medicaid incentives for providers who adopt HIT Health Information Exchange (HIE) • $564 million total funding through the Office of the National Coordinator for HIE planning and/or implementation • Funneled through States or qualified State-designated entities • $11.3M set aside for Washington State Medicare • ~$34 billion expected outlays, 2011-2016 • $20 billion in expected payments through Medicare to hospitals & physicians Medicaid • $14 billion in expected payments through Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) State Loan Fund for providers Workforce Training and Development • $80M to train over 10,000 new workers over the next two years through “Community College Consortiums” • US Department of Labor: $4 billion for training and employment services, including $750 million for “emerging and growth industries”, specifically including health care. Other ARRA Provisions (not in the HITECH Act, but related to the HCA’s Health Information Infrastructure work) Regional Extension Centers (REC) • $350M for Cycle 1 • $290M for Cycle 2 Broadband and Telehealth • $4.3 billion for broadband and $2.5 billion for distance learning/ telehealth grants Community Health Centers • $1.5 billion in grants through HRSA for construction, renovation and equipment, including acquisition of HIT systems. Research and Development • R&D of (1) computer infrastructure; (2) data security; and (3) development of large scale, distributed, reliable computing systems. Sources: Manatt Health Solutions and Washington State Health Care Authority ARRA/HITECH Funding
    4. 4. 4 Program HER Adoption Loan Program Workforce Training & Development Health IT Extension Programs New Technology Research & Development Use of Funds Planning and Implementation Grants Loan Funds Health IT Research Center and RECs Medical Health Informatices / EHR in Med School Curricula Health Care Information Enterprise Integration Research Centers Recipients State Designated Entity States Indian Tribes Non-Profits Higher Education Federal Government Labs End User Funding Flow - Appropriated Health Care Providers Least- advantaged Providers
    5. 5. ONC to issue guidance on EHR loan program and craft Meaningful Use definition State HIE Grant Application 5 Regional Extension Center Applications Full applications due by Nov 3rd Awardee Selection Preliminary applications under 2nd cycle due by Dec 22nd Full applications due by January 29th Awardee Selection ONC releases State HIE Procurement •ONC to release Meaningful Use definition and CMS to issue proposed rule by end of December 2009 •60 day public comment period •First round of administrative HIT payments could be released in Q1 2010 Final Rule issued on Meaningful Use Earliest Meaningful Use payments by CMS Aug 2009 Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan 2010 Feb Mar April May Jun July Aug Sept Oct 2010 Letter of Intent due 5pm EST on Sept 11th Application due by 5pm EST on October 16th Anticipated Award Announcements Anticipated Project Start Date ONC releases REC Procurement Preliminary applications under 1st cycle due by Sept 8th Community College Consortia to Educate Health Information Technology Professionals Sources: Manatt Health Solutions and Washington State Health Care Authority ONC releases Health Education Procurement Application due on January 22nd Anticipated Award Announcements Medicaid Agency Implementation of State Medicaid HIT Plans Incentive payments begin 2011 ARRA/HITECH Timeline Consortia begins program instruction
    6. 6. • The Health Care Authority (HCA) appointed by Governor Gregoire to coordinate HITECH Act funding activities • State Health IT Coordinator appointed • Legislation - SSB 5501 • HCA formed eHealth Collaborative Enterprise work group within the HCA – Fulfill requirements of ARRA/HITECH Act – Fulfill requirements of SSB 5501 – Get $$$ into the state – Monitor grants and report out to ONC 6
    7. 7. • Health Care Authority – sponsor • eHealth Collaborative Enterprise – state coordinator for HITECH activity • Lead Organizations – SSB 5501 – designates HCA to select lead organizations and form public/private partnerships to lead development of processes, guidelines, and standards of HITECH grant programs 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. • Lead Organization – OneHealthPort – Held statewide public meetings to gauge interest in statewide HIE – Second round of public meetings via webinar in February • HCA submitted application for HIE Cooperative Agreement with ONC • Award announcement expected 1/15 9
    10. 10. • State loan funding for providers who adopt Electronic Health Records • No Status – waiting for funding opportunity announcement from ONC 10
    11. 11. • Lead Organization – Bellevue College – Seeking $6.2M in funding for health IT training. – WA community colleges will participate by launching newly developed classes to ready health care workforce for rollout of electronic medical records. – If funded in March, 2010, Bellevue College will lead both the state and regional consortium in two years of rapid response training. 11
    12. 12. • Lead Organization – Qualis Health – Applied for REC funding – First cycle selection announcements expected in February 12
    13. 13. • Lead Organization - The University of Washington – Looking for applied research grant opportunities – Not applying for the Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects (SHARP) grant opportunity – Hosting the 2010 International Partnership in Health Informatics Education (IPHIE) Master Class sessions at UW in late June, 2010 13
    14. 14. • Lead Organization - Washington TeleHealth Consortium (WTC) – Reviewed the TeleHealth lead org roles and responsibilities at their regular meeting on 1/12/10. – Watching for the USDA to announce ARRA funded grants for TeleHealth and TeleMedicine as part of their regular annual granting cycle 1st quarter of 2010. – Waiting for broadband award announcement. – Met with DIS re: broadband activity. 14
    15. 15. • Entitlement funds • Collaborating with HRSA and DOH on environmental scan 15
    16. 16. 16;jsessionid=hG2TLrs P6RDnCnbDQqpGyVH0hPP4hn1Jhscjhh38lL6DJW7Tmd4l!- 1299818899
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18. • Patiently awaiting award notifications for HIE and REC • Working with OHP on shared technical infrastructure and statewide HIE governance models • Working with DIS, HRSA, DOH on Environmental Scan • Working with HRSA/Medicaid on “meaningful use” 18
    19. 19. • Web Site – Newsletter – E-mailing list • Contact: – juan.alaniz@hca. – LO contacts 19