Consumer Health - Consumer and Patient Health Information Services ...


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Consumer Health - Consumer and Patient Health Information Services ...

  1. 1. Consumer Health: Collection Development Services for Public Libraries Roxanne Cox McGoogan Library of Medicine University of Nebraska Medical Center November 10, 2005
  2. 2. Introduction Healthy People 2010 “The health of individuals and communities also depends greatly on access to quality health care. Expanding access to quality health care is important to eliminate health disparities and to increase the quality and years of healthy life for all people living in the United States. Health care in the broadest sense not only includes services received through health care providers but also health information and services received through other venues in the community.”
  3. 3. The Healthy People 2010 Library Initiative   5 year project launched by American Association for the Advancement of Science  Designed to provide minority groups and other consumers easy access to current reliable information on selected topics at their local public libray  Provide libraries with health booklets
  4. 4. Collection Development  Process of building collection based on needs of your customers  Recent article with good suggestions *Fuller, H. Consumer health collecting made easy. American Libraries. 2005; 36(5):47-48.
  5. 5. Barriers  Uncomfortable making decisions on medical resources due to: – How do you know if material is good or bad – Who are best vendors, publishers for health material
  6. 6. First Steps: needs assessment Library information and statistics Community assessment Consult local health care providers, patient educators, local support groups, and local health agencies Focus groups
  7. 7. Resources  Performing a community needs assessment. In The Public Librarian’s Guide to Providing Consumer Health Information, Barbara Casini and Andrea Kenyon. Chicago: Public Library Association, 2002.  Starting a Consumer Health Information Service in a Public Library. Mary L. Gillaspy. Public Library Quarterly, 2000. 18(3/4): 5-19.  CAPHIS, section of Medical Library Association
  8. 8. Policy statement  Should be written  Contains principles and policies by which material; print or electronic will be selected  Policy provides a rational basis for selection and weeding
  9. 9. Collection Policy  Include – Mission of your organization – Identity of population served – Scope of collection – Statement of who is responsible – Criteria and guidelines for selection – Regulations concerning donations – Updating and weeding policy – Guidelines for controversial material
  10. 10. Selection Criteria  Who is the author/publisher  Coverage balanced, any bias  Currency  Content  Readability  Reviews  Physical quality  Fits scope of your policy  Cost  Information accurate, scientifically based, evidence-based
  11. 11. Evidence-based information  "integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values." – David Sackett, et al. Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM (New York: Churchill Livingstone, 2000)
  12. 12. Avoid resources  Testimonials  Reliance on philosophies supercede scientifically proven theories  Resources that push a commercial product  Resources that advocate harmful treatment  Resources that promote discrimination
  13. 13. A Word About Weeding  3-5 years old  1-2 years old  Dependent on subject material Building a consumer health collection: policies and evaluation guidelines. The Public Librarian’s Guide to Providing Consumer Health Information. 2002. 43-60.
  14. 14. Well-rounded collection  Includes all formats; books,videos,dvds, pamphlets,databases  Large print  Culturally sensitive  Other languages  Accommodate different learning styles  Appropriate reading levels
  15. 15. Reading level/literacy  Consumer health material written at level beyond general public  8th grade level is readability level of most material intended for general public  Most consumer material is at 10th grade level
  16. 16. Definitions  Health Information literacy “The degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.[‘
  17. 17. Core Print Collection A Sampling  Medical Dictionary  General home medical guide  Alternative medicine source book  Drug information  Laboratory tests  Procedures  System, or best medicine  Rees Books / Public Library Book
  18. 18. Print Collection Don’t overlook what is already in the library’s collection, example: US New and World Reports Annual America’s Best Hospitals. For the Librarian: Kenyon, Andrea and Casini, Barbara Palmer. The Public Librarian’s Guide to Providing Consumer Health Information. Chicago, IL: Public Library Association, 2002. Rees, Alan M. ed. Consumer Health Information Source Book. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003. CAPHIS links
  19. 19. Medical Dictionary Title: Stedman's medical dictionary. Edition: 27th ed. Published: Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2000. ISBN: 068340007X Title: Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary. Edition: 30th ed. Published: London : W. B. Saunders, 2003. ISBN:0721601464
  20. 20. Laboratory Tests & Procedures Title:The Johns Hopkins complete guide to medical tests : everything you need to know about 170 common tests.Publication:Pleasantville, N.Y. : Reader's Digest Association,Year:2002 ISBN: 0762103639
  21. 21. Laboratory Tests Online brought to you by a collaboration of professional societies
  22. 22. Drugs & Medications  Title:USP DI. v. 2, Advice for the patient : drug information in lay language.Corp Author(s):United States Pharmacopeial Convention. Publication:Greenwood Village, CO : MICROMEDEX, Edition: 25rd ed.Year:2005 ISBN: 07406916 (v. 2)  Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR)  frequently asked for, but not  necessarily the best source
  23. 23. Alternative Medicine  The best alternative medicine / Kenneth R Pelletier 2002 1st Fireside ed. English   New York : Simon & Schuster,  ISBN: 0743200276 (pbk.)  Natural medicines comprehensive database 2004 6th   ed.Stockton, CA: Therapeutic Research Faculty For the Librarian:  Rees, Alan M. ed. The Complementary and Alternative Medicine Information Source Book. Westport, CT: Oryx Press, 2001
  24. 24. 10 Best Web sites  MEDLINEPlus English/Spanish  Lab Tests Online   Alternative Medicine Foundation  Mayo Clinic  Centers for Disease Control  National Center for Health Statistics/FastStats  NOAH New York Online Access to health  MEDEM:an information partnership of over 45 medical  societies    healthfinder
  25. 25. MEDLINEplus National Library of Medicine
  26. 26. MEDLINEPlus (by Topic)