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  1. 1. Biostatistics
  2. 2. Practicalstatistics Introductory Biostatistics CHAP T. LE, Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, USA Taking a problems-based approach full of real-world examples, the text slowly and methodically builds understanding and mastery of the fundamentals of biostatistics. It briefly covers data collection and then expands on the subjects of descriptive statistics, statistical inference, probability, and probability models. Such features as “Brief Notes on the Fundamentals,” end-of- chapter notes on computations using Excel, and samples of SAS computer programs strengthen the reader’s grasp of the background and the concepts of biostatistical procedures. 0471 41816 1 May 2003 536pp Hbk £63.50 / €90.50 Introductory Biostatistics for the Health Sciences Modern Applications Including Bootstrap MICHAEL R. CHERNICK, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Inc., New Jersey, USA and ROBERT H. FRIIS, California State University, USA • Discusses Outliers by way of detection and treatment • Covers such recent statistical advances as bootstrapping • Includes helpful exercises throughout • Features real-world examples 0471 41137 X April 2003 424pp Hbk £60.50 / €85.70 Biostatistics A Methodology for the Health Sciences Second Edition LLOYD D. FISHER, PATRICK J. HEAGERTY, THOMAS S. LUMLEY, GERALD VAN BELLE • Focuses on current techniques and applications • Data sets, tables, additional examples, and solutions to selected problems will be housed on the web • Additional appendix provides current software packages, web sites, and important data sets 0471 03185 2 February 2004 992pp Hbk £66.95 / €95.20 Wiley Reference Collection in Biostatistics Three Volume Set The Wiley Reference Collection in Biostatistics provides you with the chance to purchase the three spin-off volumes from the Wiley Encyclopedia of Biostatistics, which present information in separate articles, arranged alphabetically and with numerous references to the current literature. The three volumes in this series are: • Encyclopedia of Epidemiologic Methods • Biostatistics in Clinical Trials • Biostatistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology Featuring contributions from leading experts in academia, government and industry, all three volumes have been designed to complement existing texts on the subject by providing further extensive, up-to-date coverage of specialised topics and by introducing the reader to the research literature. By purchasing the Wiley Reference Collection in Biostatistics you can keep yourself up to date with the latest advances in this rapidly evolving field AND save yourself or your library over £150.00 / €250.00 0470 85422 7 2002 2378pp Hbk £595.00 / €922.30 Maths from Scratch for Biologists ALAN J. CANN, University of Leicester, UK • An accessible, jargon-busting approach to help readers master basic mathematical, statistical and data handling techniques in biology • Numerous end of chapter problems • A handy, time saving glossary • A supplementary website with numerous problems and self-test exercises 0471 49835 1 October 2002 240pp Pbk £17.99 / €29.90 0471 49834 3 October 2002 240pp Hbk £60.00 / €99.90 Statistics for Research Third Edition SHIRLEY DOWDY, Chesterfield, Missouri, USA, STANLEY WEARDEN and DANIEL CHILKO, West Virginia University, USA Featuring: • Sections on probability, odds ratio and logistic regression • More on regression diagnostics • Further explanation of linear models • Supplementary website offering SAS and data sets 0471 26735 X January 2004 504pp Hbk £60.50 / €85.70 Analyzing Microarray Gene Expression Data GEOFFREY J. MCLACHLAN, The University of Queensland, Australia, KIM- ANH DO, University of Texas, USA • Emphasis on clustering of data of gene tissues • Includes new research findings and activities in molecular biology • Highlights the important general field of bioinformatics and genomics and discusses the impact of microarray analysis on both 0471 22616 5 January 2004 320pp Hbk £60.50 / €85.70 The EM Algorithm and Extensions Second Edition GEOFFREY J. MCLACHLAN and THRIYAMBAKAM KRISHNAN • Features applications in regression, medical imaging, finite mixture analysis, robust statistical modeling, survival analysis and repeated- measures designs, among others • Newly added and updated results on convergence • Additional discussion of categorical data, numerical differentiation, and variants of the EM algorithm • Inclusion of interval EM and the EM algorithm in time series • Exploration of the relationship between the EM algorithm and the Gibbs sampler and Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods 0471 20170 7 April 2004 352pp Hbk £56.95 / €80.90 Microarray Analysis MARK SCHENA • Provides a working knowledge of microarray applications to a broad spectrum of disciplines • Includes coverage of bioinformatics, novel arrays and applications for clinical studies • Contains commentary on the future impact of microarray technology in medicine • Presents information on the commercial aspects of microarray science 0471 41443 3 January 2003 648pp Hbk £60.50 / €99.90 Order online at 2
  3. 3. 4,073,067 3,334,791 2,787,843 4,659,711 2,490,300 4,073,067 4,677,677 2,426,877 3,334,791 2,426,877 3,334,791 2,787,843 4,659,711 Biostatistics Exploration and Analysis of DNA Microarray and Protein Array Data DHAMMIKA AMARATUNGA, Johnson & Johnson R&D, JAVIER CABRERA, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA • A review of basic molecular biology and a chapter introducing microarrays and their preparation • Chapters on processing scanned images, preprocessing microarray data, group comparative experiments, and other designs • Discussions of clustering, protein arrays, and applications for diagnostic tools • Ample exercises 0471 27398 8 October 2003 272pp Hbk £60.50 / €85.70 Quantitative Methods in Population Health Extensions of Ordinary Regression MARI PALTA, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA • First chapter includes a SAS refresher • Each topic starts with an explanation of the theoretical background • Explanations are designed to assume as little background in mathematics and statistical theory as possible • SAS commands are provided for applying the methods. (PROC REG, PROC MIXED, and PROC GENMOD) • All sections contain real life examples 0471 45505 9 September 2003 336pp Hbk £60.50 / €85.70 Statistical Methods for Rates and Proportions Third Edition JOSEPH L. FLEISS, BRUCE LEVIN and MYUNGHEE CHO PAIK, Columbia University, USA • Includes a new chapter on logistic regression. • Discusses the design and analysis of random trials. • Explores the latest applications of sample size tables. • Contains a new section on binomial distribution. 0471 52629 0 September 2003 776pp Hbk £63.50 / €90.50 Applied Spatial Analysis of Public Health Data LANCE A. WALLER, Emory University, Georgia, USA, CAROL A. GOTWAY CRAWFORD, National Center for Environmental Health, Center for Disease Control/Prevention, Georgia, USA • Touches upon some advanced topics, such as random effects, hierarchical models and spatial point processes • Includes lavish use of figures/illustrations throughout the volume as well as analyses of several data sets (in the form of “data breaks”) • Exercises based on data analyses reinforce concepts 0471 38771 1 March 2004 416pp Hbk £60.50 / €85.70 Applied Statistics Analysis of Variance and Regression Third Edition OLIVE JEAN DUNN and VIRGINIA A. CLARK, University of California, USA, RUTH M. MICKEY, University of Vermont, USA • Increased discussion of mixed models and random effects • Greater emphasis on regression and data screening • Includes both graded and challenging exercises. • Liberal computer discussions now supplemented with SAS and SPSS. 0471 37038 X January 2004 384pp Hbk £60.50 / €85.70 Bayesian Approaches to Clinical Trials and Health- Care Evaluation DAVID SPIEGELHALTER, MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge, UK, KEITH R. ABRAMS, University of Leicester, UK, JONATHAN MYLES, Cancer Research UK, London, UK • Illustrated throughout by case studies and worked examples • Suitable for those with a limited statistical background • Accompanied by a Web site featuring data sets and worked examples in WinBUGS 0471 49975 7 March 2004 340pp Hbk £45.00 / €69.80 Applied Bayesian Modelling PETER CONGDON, Queen Mary, University of London, UK • Describes a variety of model assessment methods and the flexibility of Bayesian prior specifications. • Covers many application areas, including panel data models, structural equation and other multivariate structure models, spatial analysis, survival analysis and epidemiology. • Provides detailed worked examples in WINBUGS to illustrate the practical application of the techniques described. • All WINBUGS programs are available from an ftp site. 0471 48695 7 March 2003 478pp Hbk £55.00 / €85.30 Disease Mapping with WINBUGS & MLwiN ANDREW B. LAWSON, University of South Carolina, USA, WILLIAM J. BROWNE, University of Nottingham, UK and CARMEN L. VIDAL-RODEIRO, University of South Carolina, USA • Provides an introduction to Bayesian and multilevel modelling in disease mapping. • Adopts a practical approach, with many detailed worked examples. • Includes introductory material on WinBUGS and MLwiN. • Discusses three applications in detail relative risk estimation, focused clustering, and ecological analysis. • Supported by a Website featuring data sets and WinBUGS and MLwiN programs. 0470 85604 1 September 2003 256pp Hbk £45.00 / €69.80 3 Order online at 4,073,067 3,334,791 2,787,843 4,659,711 2,490,300 4,073,067
  4. 4. Biostatistics Dictionary of Bioinformatics JOHN M. HANCOCK, Medical Research Council (MRC), Mammalian Genetics Unit, Harwell, UK, MARKETA J. ZVELEBIL, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, University College London, UK • Provides concise and accurate definitions of over 600 terms • Entries point to additional reading and Internet links • Cross-referencing is incorporated throughout • Includes an index by sub-speciality topics 0471 43622 4 February 2004 416pp Hbk £66.95 / €95.20 Protein Bioinformatics An Algorithmic Approach to Sequence and Structure Analysis INGVAR EIDHAMMER, University of Bergen, Norway, INGE JONASSEN, University of Bergen, Norway and WILLIAM R. TAYLOR, National Institute for Medical Research, UK • Provides a comprehensive introduction to the analysis of protein sequence and structure analysis. • Takes an algorithmic approach, relying on computational methods rather than theoretical. • Provides an integrated presentation of theory, examples, exercises and applications. • Includes coverage of both protein structure, and sequence, analysis. • Supported by a Web site featuring exercises, solutions, images, and computer programs. 0470 84839 1 February 2004 368pp Hbk £45.00 / €69.80 Order online at 4 Payment methods ■■ Cheque enclosed, payable to John Wiley & Sons Ltd ■■ Credit/charge card ■■ Switch ■■ Mastercard ■■ Visa ■■ American Express ■■ Diners Club Card Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Start Date _ _ _ _ Expiry Date _ _ _ _ Switch issue number _ _ Card Security Code _ _ _ _ Required for Switch, Mastercard, Visa, American Express CARDHOLDER’S SIGNATURE CARDHOLDER’S NAME CARDHOLDER’S REGISTERED ADDRESS POSTCODE COUNTRY TELEPHONE E-MAIL ■■ Invoice for prepayment Purchase order number enclosed EU customers please include your VAT number We will refund your payment if books are returned in resaleable condition within 30 days ■ Phone our Customer Services Dept UK Dial free 0800 243407 Overseas +44 1243 843294 ■ Fax this form to: +44 1243 843303 ■ Post this form to: Customer Services Dept John Wiley & Sons Ltd 1 Oldlands Way, Bognor Regis West Sussex, PO22 9SA England ■ E-mail to: Please include your postal address ■ Online at: Delivery will be arranged by John Wiley & Sons Ltd, on your behalf via Wiley Distribution Services Ltd. Alternatively you may collect your order by prior arrangement. We can also quote for delivery by courier. Please email for details. Please allow 21 days for delivery. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the contents of this leaflet are accurate, all information is subject to change without notice. Delivery address PLEASE USE CAPITALS NAME JOB TITLE COMPANY/UNIVERSITY ADDRESS POSTCODE COUNTRY Order form Qty Author / Short title ISBN Price Subtotal: Add postage: Total: STAY INFORMED BY POST OR E-MAIL Check out our new alerting service at: Alternatively please indicate your areas of interest: How to order Postage rates UK ■■ £3.00 Amounts shown are for the total order Europe Surface mail ■■ £4.50/€7.40 Air mail ■■ £10.50/€17.30 Outside Europe Surface mail ■■ £6.60/$10.00 Air mail ■■ £13.25/$20.00 YOUR PERSONAL DATA We, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, will use the information you have provided to fulfil your request. In addition, we would like to: 1. Use your information to keep you informed by post, e-mail or telephone of titles and offers of interest to you and available from us or other Wiley Group companies worldwide, and may supply your details to members of the Wiley Group for this purpose. ■■ Please tick the box if you do not wish to receive this information 2. Share your information with other carefully selected companies so that they may contact you by post, fax or e-mail with details of titles and offers that may be of interest to you. ■■ Please tick the box if you do not wish to receive this information. If, at any time, you wish to stop receiving information, please contact The Database Marketing Dept ( at John Wiley & Sons Ltd, The Atrium, Southern Gate, Chichester, West Sussex. PO19 8SQ, UK. Please quote the promotion code shown at the bottom of this page Promotion code: CBK A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 4700 Handbook of Statistical Genetics Second Edition Two Volume Set D. J. BALDING, Imperial College, London, UK, M. BISHOP, UK HGMP Resource Centre, Cambridge, UK, C. CANNINGS, University of Sheffield, UK “This magnificent book attempts to catalogue and introduce all aspects of modern statistical genetics...I can thoroughly recommend it.” SHORT BOOK REVIEWS OF ISI Offering comprehensive coverage of a thriving area of research, this new edition contains new articles, and updated articles from the previous edition. New features include: • Glossary of Terms • Reference Author list • List of contributors • Comprehensive Subject Index 0470 84829 4 August 2003 1250pp 2 Volume Set Hbk PRE-PUBLICATION PRICE £195.00 / €302.30.. Price on Publication £225.00 / €340.00