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  1. 1. 1/1/2009 Dr Philip Lawes & Dr Graham Chandler Telephone: 01708 370822 MSC DEGREE ACUPUNCTURE & CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE
  2. 2. Thank you for your enquiry with the Academy of Oriental Medicine regarding their Chinese Herbal Medicine & MSc Degree programme. This course is available to all who have obtained knowledge of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine up to Bachelor of Science Degree level. The programme is divided into two stages: Stage 1 would start by 15 Modules (1 Module is a weekend in length) at the Academy centre in Harold Wood, Essex (this is the pre- masters part of the course). Stage 1 herbal course details are as follows: 15 Weekend (Modules) studying Herbal Medicine theory, approx 200 single herbs, 60 herbal formulas, Classical Texts from Chinese Medicine..... MSc MODULE CONTENT MSc Modules 01-07 · Chinese Herbal Medicine Theory & Application · Clinical observation & Clinical Practice in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine MSc Module 08 · Revision · Clinical Practice in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine MSc Module 09 · Advanced Theories · Huang Di Nei Jing (Ling Su & Su Wen) (Yellow Emperor’s Text) · Clinical Practice in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine MSc Module 10 · Advanced Theories · Shang Han Lun (Cold Disease) · Clinical Practice in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine MSc Module 11 · Advanced Theories · Jin Kui Yao Lue Fang Lun (Golden Chamber) · Clinical Practice in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine MSc Module 12 · Advanced Theories · Wen Bing Xue (Warm Disease) · Clinical Practice in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine MSc Module 13-14 · Revision MSc Module 15 · Written Examination of Herbal Theory · Examination on Practical application – Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
  3. 3. Stage 2 (MSc Degree) After completion of the Herbal Medicine examinations, students are ready to start on their Master of Science Degree course. The Masters is research based with appointed guidance tutors to help you along the way. MSc Degree programme: There are 45 units needed to complete the course, 30 of which are set modules & a further 15 units to be chosen from the list of Elective modules depending on where your area of interest lies. Criteria: Total Units: 45 units Pre-Requisite: Bachelor of Science degree in Oriental Medicine (including Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine). The Master of Science Degree programme is designed for those who wish to further their knowledge in Oriental Medicine and to incorporate a greater understanding of modern disease syndromes and the treatments available. The course is a modular programme with appointed tasks to complete in your clinic (researching specific diseases/syndromes and the effectiveness of specific treatments) and research modules set below, these are to be completed in modern studies and up-to-date medical specifics. There are 45 units needed to complete the course, 30 of which are set modules & a further 15 units to be chosen from the list of Elective modules depending on where your area of interest lies.
  4. 4. Course Course Title Units OMD600 Research Methodology 3 OMD605 Advanced Herb Formulae 4 OMD610 Human Health 4 OMD620 Western Diagnosis 3 OMD627 Case Study 1 4 OMD628 Case Study 2 4 OMD640 Advanced Internal Medicine 1 4 OMD645 Advanced Internal Medicine 2 4 Elective Graduate Level 15 Total 45 Graduate Level Elective Courses OMD700 Thesis 6 OMD832 Advanced Traumatology 3 OMD845 Advanced Immunology 3 OMD 850 Advanced Ophthalmology 3 OMD855 Advanced Auricular Therapy 3 OMD860 Advanced Allergy & Asthma 3 OMD875 Advanced Internal Medicine 3 OMD770 Nutrition in Health & Disease 3 OMD880 Advanced Paediatrics 3 OMD780 Advanced Alternative Medicine 3 OMD846 Advanced Hepatitis 3 PSY650 Psychology as Natural Science 3 PSY651 Psychology as Social Science 3 PSY652 Biological Psychology 3 BUS633 Marketing Health Services 3 BUS670 Strategic Marketing 3 BUS 675 Community Health Planning 3 If successful in completing all modules and passing the course, University graduation ceremonies are held each summer in California (travel and graduation ceremonies are additional costs to the course and are not essential/compulsory to the programme).
  5. 5. The length of time we estimate for students to complete the full Herbal Medicine course/MSc Degree in Oriental Medicine will take somewhere between 2-4 academic years, depending on the amount of time you have to put aside from your regular working schedule. As an additional to the programme we (Dr Chandler & Dr Lawes) decided to include free of charge two weeks hospital tuition in Beijing for any who wish to complete some of their research in China (flights, food & accommodation extra). Links with China The Academy has close links with “The China Academy of Chinese Medicine Science” in Beijing (formerly known as “The China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine”) where we offer students the opportunity to gain essential and specialist training. The Academy has been linked with the China Academy for many years, sending students to work and gain experience in many of the hospitals in and around Beijing. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, in 2005 they changed their name to “China Academy of Chinese Medical Science” to show that Western medical science is an integral part of TCM today. China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, (inaugurated on December 19th 1955) is the largest scientific institution on TCM research, clinical treatment and teaching, in China. It is affiliated with the Ministry of Public Health of the People’s Republic of China and the State Administration of TCM of the People’s Republic of China. The Academy is comprised of the following institutes: Xi Yuan Hospital (The First Institute of Clinical Medicine, Institute of Gerontology), Guang An Men Hospital (The Second Institute of
  6. 6. Clinical Medicine, Institute of Ophthalmology, The Great Wall Hospital, Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Institute of Basic Theory of TCM, Institute of Medical History and Literature, Institute of Medical Books and Information, Department of Postgraduate Training, Beijing College of Acupuncture- Moxibustion and Orthopaedics-Traumatology, The Health School, and the Journal of TCM, Zhongyan International Medicine Corporation, etc. in cooperation with the World Health Organization, three collaborating centres for traditional medicine, i.e. Clinical and Information, Acupuncture & Moxibustion, and Chinese Materia Medica have been established in the Academy. Academy has about 1000 professors and associate professors, 910 lecturers and visiting physicians. The medical library has 320,000 volumes, of which 60,000 are rare and precious editions. The library is one of the largest such facilities in China. Notable achievements have been achieved in developing traditional Chinese medicine since the founding of the Academy more than 50 years ago. By the end of 2000, the Academy had totally obtained over seven hundred scientific achievements on TCM. The invention of new anti-malaria drug “arteannuin” was awarded National Invention Prize, the study on dehydroarteanniun was awarded National Top Ten Scientific and Technological Achievements Prize, 7 projects were awarded National Scientific Progress Prize, and 137 were awarded Scientific Progress
  7. 7. From left to right:Mehmet, Jay, Richard, a Korean student, Professor Li, Kim, Dr Li, Below: Pauline and Linda (who works at the China Academy of Chinese Medicine Science in Beijing and who will hopefully be a tutor for us in the near future). Prize of the State Administration of TCM. Two professors of the Academy were elected respectively academician of China Academy of Science and academician of China Academy of Engineering. In view of distinguished contributions made by the TCM scientists, world Cultural Council has awarded 13 specialists of the Academy diplomas of “Albert Einstein World Award of Science” for their remarkable achievements in the research work of TCM. Trips to China Every year we arrange training trips to Beijing for students past and present. This can be put towards CPD credit or will give a credit towards the clinical practice units on the Bachelor of Science Degree programme or possibly used for research in specific areas of medicine for the Masters or PhD programmes. The Academy of Oriental Medicine China Trip 2007: A Brief Review The Academy has just returned from another of its trips to China. This year we took a group of students (past and present) to Beijing for work experience in the Japan-China Friendship Hospital and the He Ping Li Hospital. The He Ping Li Hospital specializes in orthopaedic complaints, stroke and other neurological complaints, while in the Japan-China Friendship Hospital (widely considered the best
  8. 8. TCM hospital in Beijing) our students spent time within Dermatology & STD, Gynaecology, Diabetic, Gastro-intestinal and Cardiology departments. For the students, the day started at 7am for breakfast and hospital hours were 8am – 4/5pm Monday to Friday. The evenings and weekends were free, to see the sights and shopping for bargains (which were many!). The students were a group of mixed ability therapists, some who had already passed their Degree in Oriental Medicine and others in the process of qualification. Graham and Phil are very proud of the professionalism and attitude of the entire group, and we were approached by the China Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences’ director, and other professors/tutors stating how well our students were performing within the departments and their understanding of TCM. During our stay in china Richard, Mehmet and Jay also had a rare chance to see the specialist area of acupuncture surgery, which they found an eye opening experience. Everyone worked very hard but still found plenty of time for fun including Richard’s 21st birthday. Phil and Graham also had the opportunity to visit Beijing Oncology and Tumour Hospital. This is a brand new
  9. 9. hospital associated with the Beijing University of TCM, catering for overseas visitors as well as Chinese residents. They have secured specialist lectures in pain relief and treatments of all types of cancer as well as relieving symptoms associated with common treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy and they hope to take a group of practitioners (including western medical practitioners) interested in these areas to Beijing next year, where an alternative view of treatments could be explored and discussed. Their approach is not purely traditional Chinese medicine, the Lecturers and doctors are also western trained and approach cancer from two directions. Phil and Graham were quite surprised at their facilities approach and results.
  10. 10. FULL PROGRAMME COST  DEPOSIT £1000  EITHER 36 MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF £222.22 or 9 PAYMENTS OF £888.88 (if you finish the programme earlier than 3 years all money must be paid before graduation)  TOTAL COST OF £9000 (including Herbal Medicine course, MSc Degree, China lectures)  Additional cost for flights/accommodation for those going to China to study and those who wish to graduate in California. Price to be set. Financial Assistance for the Course Programme Through several banks the government offers Career Development Loans (CDL), which are deferred repayment bank loans to help you pay for vocational studies. These are availablefrom banks such as: Barclays, the Co-operative. Royal Bank of Scotland etc. For more information or to request an application go to the CDL web-site or call the CDL information line: 0800 585505, or apply for a pack by post to: Freepost Career Development Loans
  11. 11. Terms & Conditions Please read the following carefully, sign, date & return the document with your application and two passport sized photographs. Herbal Medicine/MSc Degree Course 1. The Academy of Oriental Medicine reserves all copyright of the materials supplied for the course, and must not be reproduced in any way except with the explicit written agreement of the Academy. 2. No student may subsequently utilize course material by infringing the Academy’s copyright either before or after qualification. 3. The Academy reserves the right to alter course fees where necessary and make changes to course material, dates and locations of training. 4. Upon enrolling on the course, the student must not to set him/herself up as a practitioner until the course has been completed and the relevant assessment by the Academy has been passed. 5. No enrolment is accepted unless this form is completed, signed and sent together with the appropriate remittance: Cheques should be made payable to: Academy of Oriental Medicine Ltd. 6. Cancellations will only be accepted before one month prior to the commencement of the course. This would be the official start date of the course notified to you in writing. 7. If you have paid the course deposit and course fees prior to the commencement of the course, the Academy will refund all money less your deposit and £100 administration charge. 8. Should you decide to leave the course early for any reason, prepaid course fees will be returned but only to the next full trimester. Signed.......................................................... Print..................................................................... Date.............................................................
  12. 12. ENROLMENT FORM Name: Date of Birth: Address: Telephone: Home: Work: Mobile: Occupation: Qualifications: Previous Medical Experience Where did you find out about the course? Please make all cheques for deposits & course fees out to: Academy of Oriental Medicine Ltd.
  13. 13. Terms & Conditions Please read the following carefully, sign, date & return the document with your application and two passport sized photographs. China Trip 1. All deposits are non-refundable. 2. Balance of fees will have to be paid by the date stated. 3. The Academy of Oriental Medicine is responsible for your flight, accommodation (including breakfast) and training. All other activities and meals are the responsibility of the student. 4. Cab fares to and from hospitals and places of interest are the responsibility of the student. 5. Visas are the responsibility of the student and must be obtained at least one month prior to travelling (forms can be downloaded from the Chinese Embassy web-site). PLEASE NOTE, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRAVEL WITHOUT THIS! 6. The Academy is not liablefor any excess baggage charges that might be incurred from students over their baggage weight allowance. 7. Although your training staff will be English speaking, please note that you will be in China and sometimes accents can be a little hard to understand. 8. People visit China for the culture and overall experience. The Academy is not responsible for any cultural differences that may occur during your visit. 9. All students will need to purchase a white coat for hospital training. They are available at a low cost in China, but for convenience and to obtain the correct Western sizes we advise this is obtained before the trip. 10. It is the policy of the Academy to dismiss from the course without refund or recourse any student who displays violent or improper behaviour toward any Doctor, staff or fellow student whilst in China. Signed.......................................................... Print..................................................................... Date.............................................................
  14. 14. The Academy of Oriental Medicine Ltd Unit 12 B Bates Industrial Estate, (The Old Brickworks) Church Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex, RM3 0HU Tel: 01708 370822 Email: