Candle meditation


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A Simple Meditation for beginners

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Candle meditation

  1. 1. Candle Meditation
  2. 2. Candle Meditation Candle meditation is a highly recommended meditation for those who are not aware of anything or not done any kind of meditation ever. It also helps in improving alertness, confidence level and capacity to remain stable in any situation. Changes occur in your consciousness by gazing steadily at the glowing flame. This meditation technique magnifies and induces a single pointedness.
  3. 3. Candle Meditation Candle meditation is an ancient method of meditation for beginners. It is very easy to start with. It is an ideal ancient meditation technique. It helps you to get well acquainted with the meditation process. No doubt there are many other benefits of this meditation.
  4. 4. Candle Meditation There is no need to go to any particular place, no need of special equipment's. Candle meditation is very simple and anyone can do it. Let us see the procedure of Candle meditation in detail:
  5. 5. Candle Meditation You can practice Candle meditation at any time but it is preferable at night or early in the dawn. It requires darkness in the room. It is better if you can shut all the doors and windows of the room so that flame of a candle will not flicker due to air. Sit in a comfortable position. Keep your back straight. Make sure that there should be complete darkness in the room.
  6. 6. Candle Meditation Keep the candle approximately at three feet distance at the level of your eyesight. Lit the candle and concentrate on the flame for 10-15 minutes in the beginning. It is more beneficial if you practice Candle meditation at a particular place and time. You can increase the time gradually from 10 minutes to 30 minutes as per your convenience.
  7. 7. Candle Meditation It may start watering eyes for some time in the beginning. Do not worry; it is sign of purification of your eyes. Normally after 10-15 days you might be able to concentrate on the flame without any problem for 30 minutes. Wash eyes with cold water after the meditation is over. You can also put drops of rose water into your eyes.
  8. 8. Candle Meditation After some days, you can see two flames while meditating. The scientific reason of these two flames is, we always see two images of everything by our two eyes. Our brain with the help of mind makes a single image by mixing the two images. But in Candle meditation when our mind gets calm and quite during concentrating on flame, it goes in the natural state. So we can see two flames during Candle meditation. It implies that you are on the right track in your meditation practice.
  9. 9. Candle Meditation It improves your eyesight. This also helps a lot in improving memory. It improves concentration skills tremendously. Constant staring and gazing at candle automatically does eye exercise and muscles around eye, eyelids gets relaxation. Candle meditation makes your eyes very bright and hypnotic. Candle meditation is gazing on fire to achieve qualities of fire i.e. brightness, purity, strength etc. It is helpful to everyone, even students.
  10. 10. Candle Meditation As you are aware a pineal gland has also known as the ‘Third eye’. During candle meditation energy enters into eyes and flows to the pineal gland. Pineal gland has situated at the back of the head and gets nourished on light and heat energy. Pineal gland allows flow of the energy evenly through both halves of the brain, body and spinal cord. This nourishment through energy creates a feeling of bliss. So start practicing Candle meditation and be blissful.
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