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MediEdge India (MEI) initiated its operation in late 2010 with an aim of becoming global leader company in the field of medical tourism. To provide Excellent and efficient medical services at most affordable prizes to countries worldwide with Compassion, Commitment and Competency is our constant mission.

MediEdge India facilitates world class, high quality and affordable medical treatments, wellness therapies and tourism in India. We also help clients experience the rich natural and cultural and historical facets of India.
MediEdge India is one of the pioneering companies in Medical Value Travel and the only company based in India giving it a deep understanding of patient needs as well as the local areas we operate in. It is first of its kind, an independent company which offers numbers of services to patients which have never been offered to them.
MediEdge has been formed by professionals from diverse fields who have a combined rich work experience of years. Our team consists of professionals in the fields of Travel, Technology, Marketing, Insurance and Healthcare etc.
MediEdge India has its Head office located in Ahmedabad, India which is supported by our branch offices in USA, Australia and UK. MediEdge India has capability to provide medical tourism services in many destinations worldwide including India, Turkey, Greece, Labanon, Malaysia with a special focus on India as a preferred medical tourism destination. We are continuously extending our network of services in more and more medical tourism friendly countries.

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Mediedge corporate presentation

  1. 1. “An alternate system to exorbitant health care cost for insured and uninsured people worldwide”11/7/2011 Medi Edge India Confidential Document 1
  2. 2. Overview• Medical Tourism at a Glance•Health care trends in India.•Advantage India•MediEdge profile.•MediEdge Advantage.•Services offering.•Package Type•Our Associations.• Selection criteria of our associates•Patient benefits•Group of companies 11/7/2011 MediEdge India Confidential Document 2
  3. 3. Medical Tourism at a Glance• Medical Tourism is one of the most recent concepts in Tourism services. An amalgamation of two distinct service types ; Healthcare and Tourism, that has a holistic appeal of catering to the needs of well being of the body through Medical services and mind through tourism. Health Tourism Wellness Tourism Medical Tourism Spa Tourism Essential Medical Preventive Enhancement/Be Care/illness Medical Care auty Surgery Aromatherapy Heart Surgery Acupuncture Cosmetic Surgery Bypass Operation Medical Check-ups Massage Sex Change Neurosurgery Health Screening Yoga Operation Cancer Treatment etc. Ayurveda etc. Transplants etc. etc. 11/7/2011 MediEdge India Confidential Document 3
  4. 4. Health care trends in India• India is one amongst the strong contenders in fray to attract people across the globe not just for the purpose to see it’s heritage sites but also use it’s services in healthcare which has gained repute due to availability of skilled medical professionals.• A nice blend of top-class medical expertise at attractive prices and prompt services is helping a growing number of Indian corporate hospitals attract foreign patients, including people from developed nations such as the UK and the US.• As more and more patients from Europe, the US and other affluent nations with high medical costs and long waiting time to get medical treatment are looking for effective options.• Medical tourism has been allocated one of the most important growth engines in the healthcare sector, and has got a boost after Union Tourism ministry announced that a total investment of $6.5 billion is in pipeline for medical tourism industry in the country. 11/7/2011 MediEdge India Confidential Document 4
  5. 5. Health care trends in India• A growing number of spotlessly clean private hospitals are on the threshold of a boom in medical tourism, positioning themselves as the best destinations for procedures ranging from coronary bypasses to orthopedic surgery at the most affordable costs.• The CII-McKinsey report says that the allopathic system can offer treatment in specialties such as cardiac, liver, renal and orthopedic procedures, while Indian systems of medicine could attract patients from even the developed world to treat “lifestyle diseases” such as stress and rheumatism.• Many visitors who come for such de-stressing and health-building treatment may also choose to visit tourist spots. Such tourism potential holds the key to Kerala’s plans. The Ayurveda State has declared 2006 the year of Medical Tourism and is actively supporting its well-known traditional medicine and tourism sectors, as they reach out to more potential visitors.• Medical facilities in Gujarat is well advanced with world class health facilities, zero waiting time and most importantly one tenth of medical costs spent in the US or UK, Gujarat is evolving into a preferred medical tourist destination.11/7/2011 MediEdge India Confidential Document 5
  6. 6. Advantage India• World-class Treatment• Competitive Costs –More than 60% less than US and Europe Countries.• Zero Waiting Time• Personal Attention by Doctors• Availability of skills, knowledge and Resources• Strong Reputation in the Advanced Healthcare Segment• Indianism : Ancient History of Ayurveda and Yoga Treatments• The diversity of Tourist Destinations- Historic, Natural, Religious, leisure, cultural• Good Liberal and Democratic Atmosphere11/7/2011 Pharmazone Confidential Document 6
  7. 7. Advantage IndiaA comparative picture of costs and waiting time to access some crucial medical treatments in India vs USAand UK (Source: The Hindu) Approximate Waiting Periods Approximate Cost in India ($) Cost in other Major Approximate Waiting Periods Nature of Treatment in India (in Months) * Healthcare Destination ($)* in USA/UK (in months) Open heart Surgery Save over 60% > 18,000 9 to 11 0.0 Cranio-facial Surgery and Save over 60% > 13,000 6 to 8 0.0 skull base Neuro-surgery with Save over 60% > 21,000 12 to 14 0.0 Hypothermia Complex spine surgery with Save over 60% > 13,000 9 to 11 0.0 implants Simple Spine surgery Save over 60% > 6,500 9 to 11 0.0 Simple Brain Tumor > 4,300, -Biopsy Save over 60% 6 to 8 0.0 >10,000 -Surgery Parkinsons > 6,500, -Lesion Save over 60% 9 to 11 0.0 >26,000 -BDS Hip Replacement Save over 60% > 13,000 9 to 11 0.0 11/7/2011 MediEdge India Confidential Document 7
  8. 8. MediEdge Profile• Initiated its operations in 2010. Run by a group of highly qualified and experienced team with a background of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. First of its kind company to offer end to end solutions for Medical Tourism services in IndiaMission• Excellent and efficient medical services offered in India to countries worldwide with Compassion, Commitment and Competency.Vision• To be recognized as the most trusted and revolutionary global healthcare facilitator company by providing an excellent blend of the services of the healthcare, hospitality and the tourism industries.Value• Honesty,• Integrity• Simplicity11/7/2011 MediEdge India Confidential Document 8
  9. 9. MediEdge Advantage• First of its kind independent company based in India• Committed team and Patient Managers• Family care approach to patients• End to end solutions including pre treatment, during treatment and post treatment services• Affiliation to only accredited hospitals, hotels and wellness centers.• Simplicity and transparency in operations.• Highest use of technology• Online records management by Patients through MEI login facilities• Patients Referral schemes• Facilitation of services by direct mode as well as package mode• Patient Manager allotment for entire visit of Patient• Simple Payment options• Access to number of tourism plans• Allotment of destination manager during your tour• Customized plans for patients, corporate companies and insurance companies• Email updating systems to patient relatives in abroad11/7/2011 MediEdge India Confidential Document 9
  10. 10. Service OfferingPre-Treatment Services (when you are in your own country)• Choice of Hospital, hotel, costing and timings estimation• Pre-Treatment Meetings with Doctors/hospitals through videoconference/live chat/web cam.• Appointment confirmation and Registration with hospital, hotels• Tickits and Visa Arrangements.• Free Membership and login ID of MediEdge.During treatment Services (When you are in India)• Airport Pick up and drop including assistance on Foreign Exchanges• Check in at Hotel/MediEdges Apartment• Mobile/SIM cards Rental with SIM card.• Culture and Custom Orientation Class on Day 1• Bilingual interpretation and assistance.• Patient Coordinator Allotment 24*7 till the patient is back to airport.• All administration work at hospitals by Patient coordinator along with Insurance facilitation.• All diagnostic tests facilitations, 24 x 7 Pharmacy and Ambulance assistance• Private Nursing Services• Regular Daily Medical Updates to Family at Home (through email)• Wheelchair and Stretures for physically challenged.• To and From : hotel to hospital11/7/2011 MediEdge India Confidential Document 10
  11. 11. Service Offering• Hygienic Food and dining services with consultation of experienced and qualified Dietician.• Local Sightseeing, shopping trip by experienced guides.• Follow up visit Management with Hospital.• On call Doctor services to handle small emergencies.• Yoga holidays or yoga classes within the city• Ayurveda holidays or Panchkarma treatments within city.• Spa Holidays or SPA services within the city.• Various Tour Packages as per client’s choicePost Treatment Services (when you are back to your own country)• Complete follow up facilitation with relevant doctors through conference calls/Webcam and live chats.• Continuous update on the medicines requirements and changes• Update on the new operative procedure• Reminders and arrangement of next visit to India incase of chronic disease11/7/2011 Pharmazone Confidential Document 11
  12. 12. Package TypeFacilitation services are offered by 2 ways.1) Package Mode : There are 4 types of packages and the total cost of the package varies on case to case bases depending on various factors. Payments are to MEI and MEI takes care of each and everything related to Patient’s visit. A) Package A : Only Treatment Services B) Package B : Treatment + Wellness Services C) Package C : Treatment + Tourism Services D) Package D : Treatment + Wellness Services + Tourism services2) Direct Mode : Patient choose hospital directly himself and then consult MEI for only facilitation services. Only part of the services of MEI are applicable as per the wish of Patients. Payments directly to organizations.11/7/2011 MediEdge India Confidential Document 12
  13. 13. Our AssociationsWe are continually building strategic partnerships with market leaders in the medical, travelAnd insurance industries in order to construct a community that not only provides ourcustomers with total end-to-end service and confidence, but also benefits all of thefollowing parties. Hospitals and physician Wellness centers (Ayurvedic, Yoga and SPA treatments) Corporations and Institutions offering Privet Health plans Insurance Companies Hotels and Resorts Ground Transportation Providers Tour and Excursion Operators Communications Services11/7/2011 MediEdge Confidential Document 13
  14. 14. Selection criteria of our associatesHospitals• JCI accreditations• NABH or any other accreditation by Indian Govt.• Non accredited but Prestigious, well known and established hospitals.• Must be quality oriented and patient centric• High Success ratio and zero waiting time• Selection only after numerous site audits by MEI technical teamWellness centers (Ayurvedic, Yoga and SPA treatments)• Good track records of healing process, qualification and Experience profile of teachers/trainers, Tourist care services review, amenities, location etcHotels and Apartments• All category hotels starting from 3-star facilities- with all required amenities• Availability of upcoming trend of rented apartments with 1 BHK, 2BHK options- with all required residential amenities.11/7/2011 Pharmazone Confidential Document 14
  15. 15. Patient BenefitsMEI has developed a comprehensive program to best guarantee a safe and pleasurable medicaltreatment to our healthcare recipients. Listed below are some examples of benefits,• Tremendous cost savings – more than 60 % from US and Europe costs• Access to the best international hospitals and surgeons in the medical tourism industry• Offering 3-5 star hotel/Apartment accommodations for post operative recuperation• Unlimited assistance from well trained patient manager (Continuous communication while in India and abroad)• Destination program manager services to help you feel fully comfortable while abroad.• Firm price quotation based on your individual needs.• Detailed itinerary of your entire medical treatment and travel• Step-by-step process of facilitation• Detailed preparation instructions• Education about the destination culture before you leave• Money back guarantee• Complete avoidance of financial frauds• Login facilities to MEI website to access all the records online11/7/2011 Pharmazone Confidential Document 15
  16. 16. Tourism Opportunities : Incredible India
  17. 17. Tourism Opportunities : Vibrant Gujarat
  18. 18. India USA A - 204, Satyamev II, #31, James street, Nr. Gujarat High Court, Hicksville, Opp. Kargil Petrol Pump, NY 11801 S. G. Highway, USA Ahmedabad, 380061, E: Gujarat, Telefax: +91 079 27660750 E: info@pharmazones.com11/7/2011 MediEdge India Confidential Document 18