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UbiSocial Titles

  1. 1. Cancer 101Cancer & The FluWhat is Cancer?Screening & DiagnosisCancer SurvivalCancer Risk FactorsReduce Your Cancer RiskSmoking & CancerObesity & CancerFruits & Veggies vs. CancerRed Meat & CancerDietary Fat & CancerAlcohol & CancerBreast CancerBreast Cancer ScreeningColorectal Cancer ScreeningColorectal Screening FrequencyProstate CancerProstate Cancer ScreeningLeukemiaLung CancerCoping with CancerVaccines Can Prevent CancerSkin CancerFamily Health HistorySurvivorsSurvivors at Heightened Risk
  2. 2. Diet & NutritionWhat is “a Healthy Diet”?Make Half Your Grains WholeWhat is Whole-Grain Product?A Daily Dose of GrainsHow Many Veggies Do You Need?How much fruit do you need?Fruits & Veggies vs. DiseasePick Local Fruits & VeggiesMilking it: How Much Do You Need?Dairy-Free Sources of CalciumMeat & Poultry: Keep it LeanBenefits of fish, beans & nutsNon-Meat Protein SourcesFish & Mercury: How Much is Safe?Which Cooking Oils Are Healthiest?Trans Fats: Be Label ConsciousNutrient Tips for VegetariansWater: How much do you need?What’s a good carb? It’s complexGetting to know your fruits & veggiesTips for Eating OutFood Safety TipsAnalyze your PlateHealthy Recipe SubstitutesStretching Your Food Budget, HealthfullyIs Chocolate Good for your Heart?From Pyramid to Plate
  3. 3. Digestive HealthNausea & AcupressureNausea & Vomiting: Home RemediesNausea & Vomiting: When to See a DoctorDigestive Gas: What’s Normal?Probiotics: What are They Good For?Digestive Symptoms of Ovarian CancerGeneral Digestive Troubles: When to See a DoctorHerbal Teas for Stomach WoesDealing with DiarrheaAvoiding Traveler’s DiarrheaHeartburn: What causes the burn?GERD: more than occasional heartburn?Complications of GERDPreventing constipationEasing hemorrhoidsSymptoms of appendicitisWhat causes peptic ulcersStomach ulcers symptomsGetting dietary fiber: why & how?The lowdown on lactose intoleranceCoping with celiac diseaseFood allergies: an app for eating outIrritable bowel syndrome: symptomsIrritable bowel syndrome; alternative treatmentsColorectal cancer: screening & symptomsColonoscopy: Is “Virtual” Better?
  4. 4. Emergency VisitsWhat is Triage?When to go to the ERKnow your rightsER statsCell Phones & ICEWhat happens in the ERCt ScansHow to be prepared for the ERKids & EmergenciesCar or ambulance?Family member presenceWho Cares for you in the ER?The WaitAvoiding infectionAvoiding emergenciesEmergency kitBeing admittedER: not for routine careWill you be moved?Emergencies & the elderlyInsurance & the ERSpeak up!How long will I wait?Uninsured in the ERWhen Children Go to the ERAfter your ER visit
  5. 5. InfectionsWhat are infections?How infections spread?Types of infectionsDifference between disease and infectionBacterial vs. viral infectionsFungal infectionsSymptoms of infectionsDiagnosing infectionsTreating infectionsPreventing overuse of antibioticsHealthacare-associated infectionsHow patients can prevent infectionHow Healthcare workers can prevent infectionHandwashingPreventing Infections during pregnancyProtecting kids from infectionPreventing MRSA in schoolsPreventing Group B strepPreventing tuberculosisPreventing RSVInjection safetyVaccines & Infectious diseasePreventing influenzaInfections & PetsPreventing infections from foodInfections & lifestyleClostridium difficile infections
  6. 6. Overweight & ObesityWhat is BMI & How to Determine YoursBelly circumference a concernHealthy menu planningBalancing the ins & outs of energyMoving toward a healthy weightReachable weight loss goalsEat slowly, lose weightThree rs of healthy EatingKnow your eating habitsEating triggers & cuesKeeping comfort in your dietMaintaining weight lossHow much physical activity?Intensity of physical activityWeight loss: what has workedCharacteristics of successful weight lossHealth risks of overweight & obesityHealthy snacksManaging portionsQuick healthy breakfast ideasWalking is activeMore aggressive exercise activitiesBeverages & weightYou don’t have to starveSugar by other namesCoffee caloriesStrengthening ExercisesAll about FatAvoiding Traps of dining out“Good” CarbsHow many calories?
  7. 7. Aging: Health & WellnessStatistics on AgingWhat’s Your Aging IQ?Nutrition as You AgeExercise & Physical ActivityAging and CancerTreating ArthritisManaging DiabetesControlling High Blood PressureRisk Factors of OsteoporosisProblems with Smell and TasteHearing LossVision LossSafe DrivingSexuality & Sexual HealthMenopausePreventing Alzheimer’sBrain HealthDepression in Older AdultsTaking Medicines SafelyVaccines for Older AdultsQuitting SmokingSleep & AgingProblems with Balance/DizzinessPreventing FallsYoga for Older AdultsAlcohol Use & AbuseSign Up for MedicareMedicare Basics for 2011Steps to Aging Well
  8. 8. Fitness For Health1. Fitness Fundamentals2. Physical Activity vs. Exercise3. Benefits of Physical Activity4. Risks of Physical Activity5. Consult Your Healthcare Provider6. Aerobic Activity7. Target Heart Rate8. Walking9. Muscle-Strengthening & Weight-Lifting Exercises10. Core Strength Training11. Flexibility Exercises12. Preventing Exercise Injuries13. Sports Fitness14. Footwear for Exercising15. Exercise to Burn Calories16. Women: Fit vs. Thin17. Avoiding Dehydration18. Finding Time for Physical Activity19. Boost Your Immunity with Exercise20. Physical Activity During Pregnancy21. Physical Activity & Heart Disease22. Osteoporosis & Bone Health23. Exercising at Any Size24. Getting Support from Others25. Making Physical Activity a Way of Life26. Selecting a Fitness Facility27. Buying Home Exercise Equipment
  9. 9. Heart Health1. Would You Know a Heart Attack?2. Heart Attack: What Do You Do?3. Preventing Heart Disease4. Determine Your Heart Attack Risk5. Heart Disease Assessment Tests6. Heart Attacks & Traffic7. Know Your Blood Pressure8. Lifestyle Adjustments to Address High Blood Pressure9. Lower High Blood Pressure with DASH10. Find the Hidden Salt in Your Diet11. Salt: Know Your Limits12. Reducing Dietary Salt Quickly Lowers Blood Pressure13. Coffee & Blood Pressure14. Potassium Helps Lower Blood Pressure15. Know Your Cholesterol16. Cholesterol, Gender & Age17. Reducing High Cholesterol18. Treating High Cholesterol19. Heart-Friendly Eating20. Exercise & Your Heart21. The Heart Risks You Can Control22. Family Health History23. Preventing Heart Disease in Women
  10. 10. Hip & Knee Replacement1. Feelings & Outcomes2. Hemoglobin Levels & Surgery3. Spousal Support Affects Recovery4. Smoking & Surgery5. Post-Surgery Hip Dislocation Risk6. Age, Gender & Post-Surgery Rehab7. Patient Expectations & Joint Replacement Surgery8. Pain Meds & Hip or Knee Surgery9. Factors in Post-Surgery Hospital Stays10. Post-Surgery Feelings11. Factors in Post Hip Surgery Weight-Bearing12. Post-Surgery Hospital Discharge Plans13. Knee Surgery & Hip Movement14. Post-Hip-Surgery Precautions & Recovery15. Returning to Work After Knee Replacement16. Activities After Hip or Knee Surgery17. Elderly Hip Patients & Falls18. Obese Patients & Knee Replacement19. Reminders Increase Post-Op Follow-ups20. Most Knee-Replacement Patients Are Satisfied21. Patient Satisfaction22. The Power of Positive Thinking23. Pain Subsides24. High-Impact Activities After Knee Surgery25. Arthritis & Hip/Knee Recovery26. Most Progress After Knee Replacement
  11. 11. Uncategorized1. Determine Your Heart Attack Risk2. Characteristics of Successful Weight Loss3. Non-Meat Protein Sources4. Fitness Fundamentals5. Ear Infections6. Types of Headaches7. General Digestive Troubles: When to See a Doctor8. Reduce Your Cancer Risk9. Stress & Your Health10. Diabetes Epidemic on Overdrive11. Would You Know a Heart Attack?12. All Children Should Be Screened for Autism13. Managing Portions14. Biological Agents15. Women’s Heart Health16. Protecting Kids from Infection17. Fruits & Veggies vs. Cancer18. Target Heart Rate19. Testing for Prediabetes20. Respond Quickly to a Stroke21. Time to Rest22. Preventing Overuse of Antibiotics23. How Much Physical Activity?24. Lower High Blood Pressure with DASH25. Aging & Depression26. Strains & Sprains: When to Call the Doctor27. Preventing Stroke in Women28. Probiotics: What Are They Good For?29. Discussing Autism with Siblings30. Intensity of Physical Activity31. Use Dosing Cups Correctly32. Headache Triggers33. Colorectal Cancer Screening Frequency34. Early Warning Signs of Job Stress35. Consult Your Healthcare Provider36. Weight Loss for Women37. Preventing Infections from Food38. Preventing Dehydration39. Depression in Women40. Gender and Language Development41. Autism Transitions42. Know the Signs of Type 2 Diabetes43. Vacuuming for Asthma44. Vascular Depression
  12. 12. Stress1. Stress & Your Health2. Common Causes of Stress3. Signs of Stress4. Some Stress OK; Long Term, Not So5. Gender & Coping with Stress6. Stress & Ulcers7. Attitude & Stress8. Relax to De-Stress9. Take Care of Your Body to De-Stress10. Make Connections to Reduce Stress11. When to Seek Professional Help12. Alcohol & Stress13. Work: The Leading Cause of Stress14. What Is Job Stress?15. Conditions That Cause Job Stress16. Early Warning Signs of Job Stress17. Addressing Stress in the Workplace18. Job Stress & Cardiovascular Disease19. Job Stress & Musculoskeletal Disorders20. The Who & What of Caregiver Stress21. Effects of Caregiver Stress22. Stressed Caregivers Neglect Themselves23. Is Your Caregiver Role Too Stressful?24. Reducing Caregiver Stress25. PTSD26. Symptoms of PTSD27. Treatment of PTSD
  13. 13. Women’s Health & Wellness1. Life Expectancy2. Men & Women Are Different3. Women’s Nutritional Needs4. Women & Eating Disorders5. Vitamins for Women6. Importance of Folic Acid7. Weight Loss for Women8. Benefits of Physical Activity9. Risks of Over-Exercising10. Women & Cosmetic Surgery11. Women’s Body Image12. Screenings for Cancer13. Human Papillomavirus (HPV)14. Preventing Skin Cancer15. Women & Stress16. Women’s Workplace Issues17. Bone Health for Women18. Diabetes & Women’s Health19. Premenstrual Syndrome20. Smoking & Women’s Health21. Depression in Women22. Women & Chlamydia23. Women’s Heart Health24. Women & Alcohol25. Women & Sleep26. Screenings & Immunizations27. Domestic Violence & Abuse