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Unit 65 year 2 rog
Unit 65 year 2 rog
Unit 65 year 2 rog
Unit 65 year 2 rog
Unit 65 year 2 rog
Unit 65 year 2 rog
Unit 65 year 2 rog
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Unit 65 year 2 rog


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  • 1. Unit 65 – Uses and Principles of webanimationBanner adsMost of the time Banner ads take you to a completely different website, it takes up halfthe page and also the colours they use on the banner relate tothe website. Another reason for a banner is to promote productsthey sell on the website it attracts people’s attention as soon asthey look on the website. It says numbers one to four and they take you to differentbanners each one will be a different page. Another thing about banners is they keep thelogo on the centre the reason they do this is to remind people what website there on.Animated interface element Here is a drop down menu; this will help you find what you need on the website for example if you needed trainers, on the drop down menu it would say ‘men’s trainers’ the reason the website use this is because it’s easier to find things. When you hover over ‘men’s’ it goes dark grey the reason they do this is to let the person browsing know what they’re about to look at.The reason Jd are making this so big is because they don’t have to put loads of otherthings all over the website they can just have one big drop down menu then they canpromote other things on the website.Linear and interactive animation This is an animated picture, it goes from one slide up to three slides and it doesn’t stop playing so the slides keep changing from slide to slide, the reason they do this is to promote different things on the website, this is called a linear animationand it is also interactive as they can be clicked onto go to the product on the bannerslide.
  • 2. Instruction Instruction is quiet simple; all you have to do on a website is follow what they say as you can see on the imagine. You don’t really get these programs it’s mainly for people that need to learn the how to use the program, this is an interactive program because your actually doing it yourself but still following. Using this program is quiet easy it’s like having something on repeat instead of using videos.PromotionInformationInformation on a website is basically telling you something you needed to know, as youcan see by the imagine the JD Sport website is telling the people what they have on thewebsite and also showing what brands they do. The reason they do this is because it’s alot easier for the person using thewebsite to find what they need andalso it doesn’t take up a lot ofspace on the page if they didn’t dothis things would be everywhere soit fills up the whole page but withthis it’s like a hidden link andonce you click it then it shows youall this.Entertainment
  • 3. The website is entertainment because it provides millions of different videos of anything you want to watch. YouTube is very useful because you can catch up on TV programs, latest music, and just other important things, it’s not made just for random things, for example if you neededhelp fixing your phone someone on YouTube would upload a video showing how to do it.YouTube is also interactive because it lets you start and stop.Task 2: Investigate The development of animationAnimated cartoons; an animated cartoon is a way of viewing a cartoon as a movingimage so that you can see the characters of it in different situationsThey are mainly known for being TV shows which children watch and also there arechannels devoted to showing them like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeondynamic hypertext mark-up language (dHTML);(Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language) is a programme that helps created smallanimations and dynamic menus on web pages. The DHTML code is made up ofHtml,CSS and Java script. On this program there is a limit so you can only have yourspeed at a certain limit.extensible hypertext mark-up language (XHTML);"Extensible Hypertext Mark-up Language." The evolution of HTML has essentially stopped. Instead,HTML is being replaced by a new language, called XHTML. XHTML is in many ways similar to HTML,but is designed to work with the new extensible Markup Language, or XML, that will soon serve asthe core language for designing all sorts of new Web applications, in which XHTML will be only oneof many "languages." But, XHTML is designed to work with these other language, so that differentdocuments, in different languages, can be easily mixed togetherJava appletsApplet is java program that can be fixed into HTML pages. Java applets run on the java enables webbrowsers such as Mozilla and internet explorer. Applet is designed to run remotely on the client
  • 4. browser, so there are some restrictions on it. Applet cant access system resources on the localcomputer. Applets are used to make the web site more dynamic and entertainingTask 3: Investigate Animation Techniquesthe optical illusion of motion (persistenceof vision);Persistence of vision is like a trick on the eye because yousee one thing, and then you look away and you can see it,this is the basics of animation because there is so manytechniques to show persistence of vision. A good exampleof this is the picture you can see in the right hand cornerbecause you look at this for a certain amount of time andthen look somewhere else and you can see this image for a certain amount of time.Claymation;stop motion;Stop-frame is the techniques used to make stop motion animations, this is done by taking pictures ofyour characters in the scene and then changing theirpositions slightly and taking another picture andrepeating this until the sequence is completed. Thistechnique is used in the animation world today, forexample Wallace and grommet is put tighter usingthe stop frame generation (frame rate, frames, key frames, onion skinning,tweening)Frame rate is where separate images are put together to make like a one minute video of whateveryou took. Once you’ve put this together its like avideo clip but it’s the pictures you’ve took puttogether so it makes it looks like a short film. You canused different software for this and one of them isiMovie you can get this off iMacsTask 4: Investigate Digital Animation
  • 5. vector animationVector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes orpolygon, which are all based on mathematical expressions, torepresent images in computer graphics. "Vector", in thiscontext, implies more than a straight line.raster (bitmap) animation;In computer graphics, a raster graphics image, or bitmap, is adot matrix data structure representing a generally rectangulargrid of pixels, or points of colour, viewable via a monitor, paper,or other display medium. Raster images are stored in imagefiles with varying.compression (file size, download speeds);Here is a lossy compression, as you can see the nest qualitypicture is 90 and the worst quality picture is 1 you can see a big difference between these imagesand as you can see the file size of ‘quality level: 1’ is only ‘923 bytes’ and the ‘quality level: 90’ filesize is ’10,582 bytes’ so as you can see its much bigger and much clearer to look at. If you lookcarefully you can see ‘quality level: 50’ it’s still a bitfuzzy compare to the first image, not many peopletend to use low quality images these days whenimages are took they are always took by professionalcameras so you never really get low quality photosno more.scalability;Scalability, simply, is about doing what you do in a bigger way. Scaling a web applicationis all about allowing more people to use your application. If you can’t figure out how to
  • 6. improve performance while scaling out, its okay. And as long as you can scale to handlelarger number of users its ok to have multiple single points of failures as well.file formats, e.g. .fla, .swf, .gif, .mng, .svgShock wave file is once you’ve done it on flash then you covert it to a ‘swf’ file. SWF filesare often generated from standard Flash (.FLA) files. Once the Flash animation iscomplete, it is saved as a SWF, which saves all the data in a portable, compressedformat. SWF files can be played within a Web browser that includes the Flash plug-in orusing the standalone Flash Player.Task 5FlashDirectorDirector is more of an animation platform for 3D Games, although originallybuilt foronline animation. The scripting language used is ‘Lingo’, which may motivate some touse this application over others. It supports vector graphics and also 3D interactivity (viashockwave 3D).Flash PlayerThe Adobe Flash Player is distributed by Macromedia, it is essential in order to run any.swf files in a web browser. The name ‘Player’ defines it allreally; it plays the files that arecreated by the authoring application. TheFlash Player was originally designed to display2‐dimensional vector animations, but has also become popular for creating Rich InternetApplications and streaming audio and video.