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Medialets Data Spotlight
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Medialets Data Spotlight


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  • 1. Medialets Data Spotlight:Mobile Rich Media’s Momentum Q4 2010 PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2011
  • 2. There’s no shortage of data to substantiate the momentum of mobile. In the past week,technology research firm IDC reported that smartphone shipments increased 87%worldwide in fourth quarter, while a Q4 study from Advertisers’ Perceptions Inc., revealedthe majority of advertisers and agency executives are planning to increase ad budgets in2011. Meanwhile, Mary Meeker declared “Mobile Has Hit Critical Mass’ in her latestreport on the top 10 Mobile Trends. It’s an exciting time for mobile and that momentum carries through to Medialets, themost widely deployed rich media ad platform for mobile and connected devices.  
  • 3. Medialets Q4 2010 Growth Highlights •  Medialets premium inventory across iPhone, iPad and Android devices increased nearly 300% in fourth quarter 2010.•  Though Android continues to grow market share, iOS dominates for premium mobile inventory.•  While fragmentation is a reality for Android, it is actually a smaller set of Android devices that represent the vast majority of Android inventory across premium apps.•  In Q4 2010, Medialets premium iPad inventory tripled but is still outpaced by 330% growth in iPhone inventory.•  Top verticals in mobile rich media during Q4 2010 were Automotive, Restaurants, Entertainment and Finance.
  • 4. 1. Medialets Premium Mobile Inventory Quadruples in Q4 2010 A phenomenal 275% increase in Medialets inventory was fueled in part by the growth of Medialets-enabled apps, as publishers integrated the Medialets platform into their existing and new iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Today, more than 175 premium apps have integrated Medialets mobile rich media ad platform.   Another key factor was an overall jump in app usage as more consumers became hooked on the convenience of mobile weather, news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle and healthcare apps.
  • 5. 2. Android Subscribers Surge, but iOS Dominates in Premium Apps Though Android has exceeded iOS in US market share (see the recent report by comScore), Medialets iOS inventory growth outpaced that of Android in Q4 2010. 2011 will bring continued growth in premium Android app inventory but, for the time being, iOS dominates.
  • 6. 3. A Closer Look at Android: Device FragmentationWhile fragmentation continues to be atheme for Android devices, the reality isthat, for premium inventory, a smallerpercentage of devices represent a largershare of inventory.
  • 7. 3. A Closer Look at Android: Top 25 Devices    The Verizon Droid, the HTC EVO and Motorola’s Droid X round out the top 3 Android devices. Collectively, the devices below represent 89% of Android inventory.
  • 8. 3. A Closer Look at Android: By Carrier Verizon led the way for Android inventory in Q4 2010, notably before the Verizon iPhone became available.   Worth noting: Google TV represents only a small % of inventory in Q4 2010, but Connected TV will represent a greater share in 2011.
  • 9.  3. A Closer Look at Android: By Manufacturer Manufacturers HTC, Motorola and Samsung represented the vast majority of inventory in fourth quarter 2010.
  • 10. 4. iPhone iPad: iPhone Leads for iOS Meanwhile, both iPhone and iPad inventory continued their climb throughout the quarter, with a jump in December driven in no small part by new devices purchased over the holidays.   The distribution of iPhone to iPad inventory among Medialets-enabled apps aligns with the market data. [According to Apple, 7.33 million iPads were sold in Q4, but the iPad is still eclipsed by the 16.24 million iPhones sold in the same period.]
  • 11. 4. iPhone iPad: iOS Verison Breakout As shown by the chart below, the vast majority of iOS devices have the most recent version of the operating system.
  • 12. 5. Leading Verticals in Mobile Rich Media  Medialets also saw significant growth in rich media campaigns across a wide array of verticals. Automotive led the way with the largest volume of impressions in the fourth quarter of 2010, with Restaurants, Entertainment and Finance not far behind. Visit the Medialets Showcase to view rich media creative execution examples by vertical.
  • 13. 6. Looking Ahead2010 was largely a “coming out” year for mobile, as more advertisers,agencies and publishers embraced the emerging platform. The growth ofsmartphones and tablets, diversification of platforms and continuedsuccess of mobile rich media ad formats indicates that mobileadvertising will hit a great stride in the coming year. In January 2011, Medialets processed more than 120 billion analyticevents—50 terabytes of data—in support of the more than 175 premiumpublisher apps, ad networks and mediators that have enabled Medialetsrich media ad platform for their mobile properties.
  • 14. Medialets is the most widely deployed rich media advertising platform for mobile and connecteddevices, enabling the industry’s highest-impact rich media across the broadest array of premiumpublishers, ad networks and devices. Leading publishers like CNN, The Daily, Fandango, The NewYork Times, Pandora and The Weather Channel use Medialets to deliver and measure deeplyengaging rich media advertising for the worlds biggest brands. Advertisers and agencies chooseMedialets for our ability to enable exceptionally creative ads that take full advantage of nativedevice capabilities and drive double-digit engagement rates. Visit or followMedialets on Twitter @medialets.To learn more about this report or Medialets rich media platform for mobile,contact