Insafe - striving for a better internet


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A presentation by Insafe Netweok coordinator Janice Richarson in My Media Playground 15th February 2013 in Tampere, Finland

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Insafe - striving for a better internet

  1. 1. Striving for a better internet Janice Richardson 15 February 2013
  2. 2. INSAFE, since 200430 national centres:Awareness teamHelplineYouth participationHotline
  3. 3. A knowledge system to inform… Awareness centres INHOPE 31 Ministries Against illegal content of Education Youthparticipation Helplines EC Assessment platform
  4. 4. Insafe: almost 800 resources in 25 languages in 2012 Games and Websites and Offline Gadgets, leaflets video clips online tools etc. 277 208 155 154 Video for toddlers, Belgium Fun story for 5-7 yr olds Interactive ads, Greece Norway
  5. 5. Insafe reach to children, teens, parents, teachers Total: 5 million
  6. 6. What we know today about young peopleonline Children are going online earlier – 37% of 3 - 5 year olds online in the UK – OFCOM 2012  Their «online life» begins early: 23% of 5-7/43% of 8-11 yr olds on Facebook Online technology is shaping their learning modes e.g. zapping, multi-tasking… They want to discuss their online activities with us, but 60% say adult intervention aggravates problems Its never too early to focus on responsible use!
  7. 7. Five actions to address our concernsFamily discussion and good parentingCapacity building – literacy & citizenshipFocus on the positive – experience & contentYouth participation - to learn about emerging trends, test child-friendly solutions, empower through peer-to-peerShare resources, experience & strategies across countries to respond to the challenge
  8. 8. 4 spheres of influence in a child’s lifeFamily PeersTeachers Media
  9. 9. Problem Creation solving Social Media Responsible use Traditional DigitalInformation Communication
  10. 10. Creating resources – Content Research-based: keep pre-start & post-end points in mind Recoginsable colour/characters/design – encourage transmedia intertextuality Piloting – intensive, with widely diverse subjects Shared fun! But each to his own… parent info counts Blended solutions e.g. downloads + stickers
  11. 11. Delivering resources Get parents & teachers on your side! via f2f workshops, «privileged» info, professional publications etc. Hard copy publications more popular than online (Insafe av: 111 downloads/month/resource ≠ 1500 month by post) Visibility on portal and easy ordering procedure Input & accreditation from EU/international institutions Partner with dissemination capacity European Economic European Data & Social Committee Protection Supervisor
  12. 12. Reaching media SID Connect with respect! online rights & responsibilities 1
  13. 13. Children are great imitators. So let’s give them something great to imitate! For further information: