Finnish Society on Media Education as a global innovation


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Presentation, 18th of June on the World Summit on Media for Children and Youth

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Finnish Society on Media Education as a global innovation

  1. 1. Finnish Society on Media Education as a global innovation Presentation, 18th of June on the World Summit on Media for Children and Youth Ms. Anniina Lundvall, coordinator FINLAND
  2. 2. Finland in a nutshell • Small country • ”The land of associations” • Technically advanced country • Easy to co-operate • Different viewpoints but same common task to improve media literacy in Finland
  3. 3. Basic information • FSME is a non-profit NGO • Established in 2005 by Finnish media researchers of media education • Funded by Ministry of Culture and Education • Works nationally and internationally • Operates in two languages (Finnish & Swedish)
  4. 4. What do we do? • Support and develop the field of research and practises concerning media education • Contribute to the public debate • Provide opportunities to share media educational experiences online and offline ( every year) • Inform about media education via newsletters, the social media and portal Staff: Two full-time coordinators + two trainees from Universities and Universities of Applied Sciencies
  5. 5. Short history of the society 2005 Finnish Society on Media Education was founded 2006 First media education seminar was organized at the University of Helsinki 2007 Project subsidy was granted to develop portal and to produce in Vaasa. Books ”Viewpoints to Media Education” and ” The Effects of Media in Children and Young” were published
  6. 6. More history… 2008 was developed properly Two seminars were held in Jyväskylä and in Tampere. Media Education Enviroment in Finland – review was published 2009 Statutory state aid was granted for the first time Educational events and seminars were held in Stockholm, Tallinn (+ 20 educational event in Finland) Publications on Media Literacy in Finland were published online and as printed paper copies
  7. 7. As strong as our members… • 42 community members and over 170 private members (teachers, youth workers, librarians, researchers, journalists...) – Media associations – Copyright associations – Educational associations and schools – Kindergarten – Youth Information and Guidance Centres – Newspapers – Associations for Child Welfare and Child Protection – Cultural associations (especially focused on film/movie) – Consumer, Communication and Film Classification Agencies/Boards – Finnish Library Association – Teacher Associations – National Broadcasting company YLE
  8. 8. ..and partners! • The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) (the national agency subordinate to the Ministry of Education) • Finnish Universities from Helsinki to Lapland • The Finnish Youth Research Society • Commercial media: different magazines and web publishers use content we that we produce • And many more…
  9. 9. Coordination tasks • Educa-fairs every January. FSME organizes a Media Literacy alley on the fair. 2010 10 members were involved in organizing the alley and together we reached thousands of visitors • Media Literacy now -seminar is held every year in different places around the country. FSME organizes it and give local actors the chance to present their activities in the exhibition area as well as in the program. We bring at least one international key note speaker to Finland every year • We help schools to get appropriate educators/lecturers through our network • We gather, organize and store materials from projects that have already ended • We administrate four different newsletters to inform about new materials and events that reach people all over the country
  10. 10. Activities in 2010 • The new 2.0-website is launched in September with a campaign in the social medias and on a blog • National Youth and Media -seminar, held in Helsinki the 16th of September (lectures also online on:
  11. 11. More activities • Media Barometer 2010: Media Use of Small Children (0-8 years) is published in December 2010. The study contains a questionnaire for parents of small children, qualitative experiments both in pre-schools and at homes and a questionnaire for 7-8-year-olds in school. • More than just child’s pl@y? – international invitation seminar for professionals in the field of early childhood media education in Helsinki November 1-2
  12. 12. • Works in three languages (Finnish, Swedish, English) • Contains news, events, materials, wiki, project descriptions, researches, a library, support for parents… • Gathers current, essential information and materials under one roof • Contents are mostly produced outside the FSME, but edited and published by the coordinators • 3000 Finnish users every month • Over 2000 subscribers of the newsletter (sent twice a month) • Active online community: Society-on-Media-Education/183908810850
  13. 13. More information about Finnish Media Education
  14. 14. Thank you!