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  • 1. Presentation byAlex Varley Does measuring subtitle quality really make any difference?
  • 2. Welcome to the Future
  • 3. SubtitHAL 9000
  • 4. Automatic scanning result:Reading speed = 182 wpm91.87% accuracy
  • 5. This is your second offence.Your broadcast license willbe suspended for 20 hours.You will be automaticallyfined €40,000.
  • 6. Metrics are much better. Easy to Clear rules measure Easy to Easy toregulate understand Easy to see errors
  • 7. This type of approach works best for everyone but the viewer Viewer Regulator, supplier, broadcaster
  • 8. Different countries = different rules
  • 9. Everybody agrees on some rules Subtitles should be accurate Non-live subtitles should be synchronised Subtitles must not cover on-screen information
  • 10. Accuracy 100%-75%What does accuracy mean?
  • 11. Delay Time lag for live subtitles: 3-7 seconds Or delay the broadcast
  • 12. A live program is 1 hour ? 4 hours Before broadcast 96 hours 24 hours 72 hours
  • 13. Reading speed120 wpm – no limits 180 wpm used to be popular
  • 14. If you make everythingmeasurable then peoplefocus only on the metrics
  • 15. In Australia quality will be measured by:• Readability• Synchronisation• AccuracyThe key outcome is can the viewercomprehend the program?
  • 16. In Australia we recognise that:Live subtitling is where all of the errors andproblems usually occurSo live subtitles should be a last resort,Even for “Live” programs
  • 17. Live sport will have live scrolling subtitles
  • 18. News should have a mix of blockand scrolling subtitles.
  • 19. These all impact on quality of live subtitles Market Training pricing Preparation Regulation time Complexity of output
  • 20. As a regulator it is better to focus on:• Do viewers know what to expect?• Are quality errors repeated?• Is every supplier doing the same thing?• Are you acting consistently?• Do you work with suppliers to fix issues?• Is the market working?
  • 21. Punishing one-off errors is a waste of time
  • 22. But letting cowboys into the market meansthat everybody has to be a cowboy.
  • 23. Thanks to Chris Mikul who sits through the hours of regulator meetings and helped research this presentation.