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Maximizing Publisher Site Monetization

Maximizing Publisher Site Monetization



Fundamental tips for setting up the right website infrastructure.

Fundamental tips for setting up the right website infrastructure.



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  • Fundamental tips to setting up the right website infrastructure Will enable efficient, effective work with your monetization partners Critical initial review we do with our partners
  • I work with my publisher monetization team to assess the quick changes that publishers in the Matomy network can implement to quickly ramp-up their ad revenue. It often amazes me to see how much added revenue publishers can generate using simple tactical moves and quick fixes to their website.Follow these best practices to quickly begin to uncover your true revenue potential.
  • Optimization be fore the optimizationSet yourself up for success
  • Be where their eyes are. Place your ads (and content wisely).Use your content & graphic blocks to drive your users eyes – expand their vision and interaction with your siteIn this diagram, the site layout does not take an active part in expanding the users interaction pane – see bottom right corner
  • Side-by-side, stacked placements deter users from your adsA common myth is that if you turn your page into a banner farm, you'll multiply your income by the number of new additional placements – FALSE!!! lowers your overall revenue, harms your user experience (most important)Side by side or stacked placements typically hurt one another's performance, causing the user to not click at all (but rather click the exit sign out of the browser). Need a calculated balance of ads and distribution of them on the site
  • Be where the demand is – banner sizes are not the place to be creative – they are limitedIAB standard sizes will let you be available to demandEven within these sizes – performance (rates) vary so much – if only placing few placements, better they are the highest performing!! Speak to us
  • Above- vs. below-the-foldBanner placements need to be elegantly woven around your content – not slapped don at the end as an afterthought.Below-the-fold – ads are rarely seen – not seen, cant make you moneyAdvertisers are smarter – move in the industry towards deeper targeting, many target only ATF placements
  • After we’ve got the basic layout – can start to be creative with the “special formats”Add high-engagement banners – not for all imps necessarilyRespect user experience - Utilize ad server targeting capabilities (day part, frequency) x. Morning coffee placement – capture highly engaged users with a single viewing of a strong placementTargeting different day parts based on user profiles may enable you to add high yielding ad placements that complement your changing visitors at different parts of the day.x. Consider targeting your late-night male users following-up on their sports scores with lucrative premium offers on a layer placement targeted specifically to them.
  • Seller’s market – there are more DEMAND than supply currently  publishers are getting premiums for their traffic. Enjoy while it lastsHighly engaged audience, premium campaigns
  • Large player rates are sometimes 10x those of standard banners Pub’s challenge is relevant and rotating content that users want to see
  • Increase reader engagement & improve user experienceReduce chances of losing readers coming to a dead-end. Users will stick around longer, browse more pages, and return to your site more often. Improve monetizationGenerate direct revenue stream from high quality third-party content. Increase exposure and traffic with traffic exchangeDrive valuable traffic and exposure by recommending your content to top sites in our extensive network of publishers. High CTRIndustry leading technology and personalization delivers more relevant content recommendations resulting in better user experience and more revenue.OverviewWe're rolling out a new publisher monetization solution dubbed "Content Promotion" which is similar to the content recommendation service that outbrain and taboola offers. Our main differentiator to publishers will be a unique mobile content recommendation offering that will help better monetize their traffic. We have a superior technology and audience targeting with personalization. We'll also be rolling out a page by page real time bidding system in Q1 which will give advertisers the ability to bid on specific content and publishers the ability to get higher CPC based on targeted advertiser interest in trending content. Additionally, this further strengthens Matomy's overall value proposition of a comprehensive suite of publisher monetization solutions.  Summary of differentiators:-Better technology for more accurate recommendations and personalization (better user experience)-Traffic exchange program -Mobile integration (top tier pubs initially)-Real time bidding (Q1)
  • Your ad network is the gateway for you to tens of thousands of advertisers – all verticalsYou must be ready/open to receiving their full benefitBenefits of an ad network:Dedicated account managerNot plug-and-play solution, customized service“Someone working for you”working to ensure top monetization – dedicated budgets
  • Important to know user interaction trends of users and banners they see – convert within 1-4/8 imps, 12+ = little interaction (branding)Remnant traffic often means very late impressions that, by nature, will not yield high performance. Therefore, don’t judge a performance-based network only by its backfill rates (cpm vs. fill). When you are planning your monetization strategy know that ad networks are not just for backfill, they can handle more than just your leftovers.High value to give in early imps – must separate buys to 2 tags, early and late imps, get 2 results required (high rates, fill)
  • Remnant = service, 100% fill (some networks able to give)Early Imps = high rates, booking strong buys2 different behaviors and working methods by your monetization team. The secret is to combine - When you combine, the benefits spill from 1 buy to the other – halo effect
  • User experience – Allow your monetization experts to test many demand verticals to see which ones perform better on your specific users and give you the highest value for every impression. You may think that your users want to see Gucci and Rolex campaigns, often they will interact more, and therefore generate more, with direct response campaigns such as: online games, lead generation and mobile applications. Note about Brand Safety = Control = Highlight to your partners what verticals are a no-go so that your brand-safety and user experience requirements are met while increasing your ad revenue. Brand Safety – respect your users, control creatives on your site Don’t be over-restrictive – often the verticals your users like (and therefore click!) are not intuitive
  • Ad networks = 1 tag for ROW, full fillAd server capabilities = enables you to go more micro and target - User behavior by day part/surf location People accessing your website behave differently according to:Day/NightTablet/Work computerHomepage/Interior page Dig deep to find the goldYour ad network account managers will work with you to find different ways to earn more money from key lucrative placements.EBAY Example - target the new mom shopping for the latest baby gadget deep inside your portal in a specific placement and relevant time targeting with a campaign placed and targeted specifically to her.- Campaign not relevant for entire ebay portal (too expensive). But targeted to a relevant page within, got STRONG results & dedicated campagin budgets and exclusive high rates
  • Starter kit of essential best practices in monetizing traffic; adhering to the fundamentals can lead to a positive effect on your monthly revenue. Next step – find a monetization partner that will work with you to create development plans for big ad revenue impactIf you didn’t write the notes, here is a brochure, you can scan it and download the full PDF with more tips and share with your friends

Maximizing Publisher Site Monetization Maximizing Publisher Site Monetization Presentation Transcript

  • TIPS & INSIGHTS: Maximizing Publisher Site Monetization Shir Ross, Manager of Publisher Network
  • Generating more from your website Rebuilding your webpage Flooding it with ads Disrupting user experience
  • Follow critical steps to set up your ads Site Layout Utilizing your Ad Network | User Experience |
  • What they See is What you Get www.uservision.co.uk
  • Avoid Banner Farms
  • Stick to the Standard 728X90 468X60 300X600 160X600 120X600 300X250
  • “Show me the Money!” +200% eCPM
  • Add Special Formats Wisely
  • Fast Forward to Video $1.3B in video ad spending in H1 2013 (6% of $20B total) 69% of marketers to expand video budgets in next 12 months It’s a sellers market = High CPMs *IAB Study, 2013
  • Fast Forward to Video BE THERE! • Get a player (your ad network should have) • Create video content • Sell your new real estate • *IAB Study, 2013 Pre/Mid/Post-rolls, small player, large player, etc.
  • Promote your Content Increase user engagement & site experience (avoid dead end) Increase site traffic Personalize your widget – internal, ads, traffic exchange, design
  • Working with your ad network Education Entertainment Finance Shopping News Software Games
  • Don’t Judge Based on Doggy-bag Traffic 1st Imp 4th Imp 12th Imp
  • ENJOY THE HALO EFFECT Customized Buying plans Guaranteed Early Imps + Exclusive campaign rates + Dedicated Advertiser budgets Filled Remnant Imps
  • Don’t Limit the Verticals
  • Dig Deep to Find the Gold Target by day part, site section, user group Ad special format for maximized yield
  • Thank You www.matomy.com Shir Ross, Manager of Publisher Network shir.r@matomy.co m shirsaraross