Content Marketing 2.0: How Content Promotion Can REvitalize Your Brand


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Content worth sharing is essential in developing your site, capturing the attention of readers, and garnering return visitors. This session will teach you how to create engaging copy and become a contributor of unique-yet-relevant topics to your industry. Once written, a timely audit of that content can give new insight and help determine strategy and direction.

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Content Marketing 2.0: How Content Promotion Can REvitalize Your Brand

  1. 1. Pubcon Regional Austin, January 28, 2014 Content Marketing and Content Audits Daryl Colwell Vice President MediaWhiz © Presentation Copyright by Author, Licensed by Pubcon Inc. USB, Web, and CD Distribution © Copy and Copyright Pubcon 2014 - All Rights Reserved Pubcon ® and Pubconference ® are Registered Trademark of Pubcon Inc. INTENDED FOR PRIVATE USAGE OF PUBCON ATTENDEES - NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  2. 2. Content Marketing 2.0 How Content Promotion Can Revitalize Your Brand Daryl Colwell Matomy Media Group | @MatomyGroup
  3. 3. Agenda 1 2 Getting the Most from Content Marketing 3 Content Promotion 101 4 Content Promotion Industry Landscape 5 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Content Promotion 6 2 Content Marketing Basics Q&A | @MatomyGroup
  4. 4. About Me • Oversee business development • 12 years’ experience in performance marketing About My Company — Matomy Media Group • • • • Global performance marketing company Customer acquisition & lead generation Top-5 Affiliate Network, mThink, 2014 Services: Mobile, Social, Video Advertising, Display, Search, SEO, Email, Affiliate • Top-25 Digital Agency, Ad Age, 2012 3 | @MatomyGroup
  5. 5. What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing: • Establishes authority and provides useful information • Should be useful even to someone not interested in buying your product or service • Not disguised as independent editorial • Does not have to run in an editorial environment, like a third-party magazine • Provides value to the consumer. • Is honest and without hyperbole 4 | @MatomyGroup
  6. 6. Content Marketing — The Basics Basic Rules 1. Lead Generation: Your content should generate leads for your business. • Don’t create content just to have content. • Caveat: Don’t create content that is purely sales-driven. 2. Context: Your content needs to be placed in the right venues for the right audiences. 3. Have a Strategy: One-off efforts won’t cut it. Use an editorial calendar to plan content each quarter. 4. Timing: Plan publication of content around customer buying cycle. 5. Factor in Cost: Content marketing is expensive. It’s a long-term investment; not a short-term solution. 6. Make it Creative: Your content needs to bring something new to the consumer. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money. 5 | @MatomyGroup
  7. 7. Avoid these Mistakes Being Overly Promotional Taking It to the Extreme Takeaways Takeaways • Don't make tone obviously promotional • Visualize the info • Ensure imagery and graphics fit the content • Back an argument with convincing numbers • Use proportionate sentiment • Inform the consumer; don’t insult or offend them | @MatomyGroup
  8. 8. Avoid these Mistakes Bland Content Misguided Content Takeaways • Make your message interesting and distinctive • Don't just directly turn figures into stats • Use imagination and wit Takeaways • Content needs to fit your brand and that of third-party publisher • Tone and context are important | @MatomyGroup
  9. 9. Getting the Most from Content Marketing Rule #1: Never waste content without offering an “Ask” of some kind “Ask” is more than a “call to action” or intent. It’s a request for a specific action. • • • Mix of soft and hard sell Ask should be reasonable and related to the content Examples of an “Ask”: • Newsletter / blog subscriptions • Free appraisals / audits • White paper download | @MatomyGroup
  10. 10. Getting the Most from Content Marketing “If you’re not putting some kind of hook to future business into your efforts, you’re not content marketing.” – Chris Brogan, Jan. 22, 2013 Source: | @MatomyGroup
  11. 11. Getting the Most from Content Marketing Rule #2: Bridge the gap between appeal and consumer action Ask 3 important questions: • • • Where is my audience and where does it find content? What will trigger a consumer action from my content? What triggered my audiences interest in my content? | @MatomyGroup
  12. 12. Getting the Most from Content Marketing Rule #3: Appeal to a broad audience • Don’t just sell to a specific niche or vertical • Remember: your audience is your buyer • Educational content is great but only if it leads further down the sales funnel | @MatomyGroup
  13. 13. Content Promotion 101 Why Content Promotion? • Gives a broad distribution network to your brand’s content and thought leadership • 53% of marketers feel their content fails to resonate with readers • If people don’t see your brand’s content, did it serve a purpose? Source: The Content Standard, September 2013 | @MatomyGroup
  14. 14. Content Promotion 101 What is Content Promotion? • Content discovery and distribution system • Offers online readers content recommendations • Help your audience discover interesting and relevant content • Add a new revenue stream • Recommend content from high-quality third-party providers | @MatomyGroup
  15. 15. The Advertiser Advantage Audience Development • • Expand reach to relevant audiences interested in your brand Increase reach and engagement of your content through a CPC model Increased Brand Awareness • • Promote content on major publisher websites alongside industry thought leaders Grow brand awareness via a noninvasive, non-disruptive fashion | @MatomyGroup
  16. 16. The Publisher Advantage Content Monetization • • • Monetize your content via a “native” ad unit Increase overall page CPMs Generate additional revenue by offering high-quality content from other publishers and advertisers Reader Engagement • • Extend reach and lifetime value of your content Increase time on site by driving traffic to relevant recommended content | @MatomyGroup
  17. 17. Industry Landscape Native Advertising in 2014 | @MatomyGroup
  18. 18. Industry Landscape When it comes to the FTC’s regulation of native advertising the lines can be blurry. Here are a few ways to prevent getting caught in the crosshairs: 1. Don’t Preach. Make the whole approach to selling be about the experience. 2. Deliver the goods. Help your audience solve a problem. If there is no value in your ad, you will hear about via social media. 3. Talk to your audience. Open a channel for engagement, not advertising. | @MatomyGroup
  19. 19. Content Promotion In Action 18 | @MatomyGroup
  20. 20. Content Promotion Gone Wrong Overview • September Shape magazine native ad/article published under heading of “News” promoting its Shape Water Boosters product. • National Advertising Division determined Shape “blurred the line between advertising and editorial content in a way which could confuse consumers” 19 | @MatomyGroup
  21. 21. Content Promotion Best Practices 1. 2. The Sticky Factor — Protect your brand. Develop organic content that is relevant to your audience/customers and keeps your user stuck on your website. 3. Title/Headline — Keep the brand name out of it. Use questions that create intrigue and make the user want to click. 4. Headline Moderation – Keep the headline short but interesting. 5. 20 Use Really, Really Good Content — Blog Posts, Articles, Slideshows, Positive Reviews, Video Content, etc. Media Type — Include media type keywords in headline: [INFOGRAPHIC]; [VIDEO] | @MatomyGroup
  22. 22. QUESTIONS?
  23. 23. Stay Connected Daryl Colwell Senior Vice President Matomy Media Group E: | @MatomyGroup
  24. 24. Thank You